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    that was stupid question +2
    Steve Tyler is on American Idol +2
    they're both pretty stupid shoes +29
    uhm hello? BMW  
    green's a better color  
    he would go to the bathroom and take a piss? +3
    Classics are the best ;) +2
    i heard Smornoff is better  
    Pokemon sucks! Final Fantasy rules!  
    who are they? +3
    how come no one likes Edward? +2
    Two and half men sucks +1
    heals hurt my feat  
    i want people remember me,but they didn't say who would hate you +1
    Wii sucks +1
    as long as i have someone that loves me :) +2
    hot dogs are weird to eat... +1
    water is pretty *tee-hee* pretty fish too :) +2
    you can clean the shirt +2
    no periods :) and i'll become a vegetarian vampire :) +10
    I have a true friend and were already losers :)  
    Nicki Minaj is weird... +2
    show is stupid anyways +4
    then that means Jacob will love me? lol :p +1
    i haven't owned a ps since 3 years ago  
    okay that tongue is a little TOO long +5
    i miss my long hair! +1
    i'd have longer time to do things +1
    Lamborghini's are faster ;)  
    i don't get Twitter.all your doing is uploading your status,and they'res no chat box +4
    I've always wanted to go to Australia! +1
    I love fifties music so...  
    love you daddy?  
    my dad would be more calm then my mom.My dad would tell me to got to my room,but my mom would curse me out while i'm crying on my bed in my room... +2
    i like british accents! +3
    they're the same people? +1
    they didn't say how far in you had to stick your finger in the acid... +8
    my dad's kinda weird so...and plus,i kinda like my mom better  
    whats the difference? they're both girls...but i would choose guys! +5
    i like Avatar but then i get to see Annikan...before he was Darth Vadar!  
    live like a hobit!  
    i want to be the one kicking then +3
    if my friends hated my truelove, i'd tell them that they must not be a true friend.If they were,they'd be happy for me.  
    never seen either so...  
    easy question! tigers are cuter... +3
    jedi! easy question...  
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