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    I am a guy! Hahah!  
    I love Europe, but I hate the EU.  
    I ain't no jew. +26
    Poor people aren't loved.  
    If God doesn't exist, who gaves us Rock n' Roll? +1
    Because sometimes you gotta pass the time.  
    Both were sh*t but Bush was sh*ttier, yet more badass, still gay though.  
    My grandma isn't annoying♥  
    Is the stranger a hot lady with a beautiful voice and eyes filled with godessness and interests for kinky stuff?  
    The 50's were some great years. Fuk modern generation! +1
    She's still my wife, soo a threesome maybe? :)  
    Neither of these are a problem. People just love arguing over stupid sh*t. +1
    Too many mafia families in Italy :/  
    Are they Aryan race?  
    Fuk transgenders!! Don't be picky!  
    Can I have a girlfriend instead?  
    Volkswagen pls.  
    I'm a pirate.  
    Can I eat it, having it lying on top of a girls underwear? I am into kinky stuff....  
    True love is my dream!  
    Australia has big ass spiders and snakes!  
    Would make a better story and pherphaps a movie.  
    I would choose IQ, but I can handle drama better xD  
    I would choose camping but Hotel beds are so perfect for kinky sex.  
    I'd rather have the enemy win than have myself loose.  
    In Jesus we trust.  
    Obama sucks!  
    Female doctors are always such sweethearts and kind♥  
    I'm old school.  
    I could just write to communicate.  
    Never bring shame to your name!  
    Does the zombie apocalypse happen when I wake up?  
    Can I be a fat redneck piece of white trash?  
    I don't have a crush -_-  
    German Sheperd!!!  
    I am a guy and I'm pretty sure my sould mate is not a "him". I am straight asf.  
    Do I have to kill them?  
    Gays go to hell. God hates fags!  
    Democracy doesn't work if the people doesn't know their own good.  
    Did anyone get raped/hurt/disabled/killed in order for me to get that money?  
    Does porn count?  
    too many stupid laws.  
    I don't have siblings.  
    Can I drink it straight from the tit or do I get it in a bottle?  
    Eternal life means you get to see evryone you love, die.  
    God bless Robert E. Lee.  
    Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me!  
    Can I wish for objects that are of great value which can make me earn a lot of money?  
    Mermaid sex!!  
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