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Would you rather be in the German military in WW2 or in The Soviet Military In WW2 2 years ago 41 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stop The Holocaust or The Blitz 2 years ago 24 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Fight in The Battle of Stalingrad or The Invasion of Normandy 2 years ago 23 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Lost in A Forest Warfare in world war 2 or Be Surrounded With your team in a trench in World war 1 ByGermans 2 years ago 30 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be in World War 1 or Be in World War 2 2 years ago 38 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Stop The German Invasion of France or The German Invasion of USSR 2 years ago 79 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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Meh Too Long 2 years ago +2
Gummy Snake Yum! 2 years ago  
Never said it is Gummy worms 2 years ago  
i'm 16! 2 years ago  
Your a Wizard Ivan aka Me 2 years ago  
**** Facebook 2 years ago  
lets make a deal pay me 1Billion i give you 1Million 2 years ago  
Shades Swag 2 years ago +1
WHAT DA **** 2 years ago  
WHY CANT BE BOTH? 2 years ago  
i'm a boy 2 years ago  
i will make the wind Fly away! 2 years ago  
Chainsaw Time 2 years ago +3
i like pizza hmmm 2 years ago  
VODKA! 2 years ago  
i will make my own Canyon aka The 2ND grand Canyon 2 years ago  
BATTLEFIELD!!!!!! 2 years ago  
a bull's Butt 2 years ago +1
NEITHER! 2 years ago  
Foody 2 years ago  
Kill me LORD 2 years ago  
What is Deal or no Deal? 2 years ago +3
Do you worse MONTERS 2 years ago +2
i'm a boy so no! 2 years ago  
I'LL BE BACK 2 years ago  
PIKACHU! 2 years ago  
Gotta catch em all 2 years ago  
Ready your garlic and Stake lets kil some f**king vampires 2 years ago  
i aint gay 2 years ago  
Me gonna be jedi hmm 2 years ago  
i don't drink 2 years ago  
i wanna BE A MILLIONAIRE 2 years ago  
My Best friend is a hot girl so yeah 2 years ago  
Imma make my game 2 years ago  
Never eat DA DOG! 2 years ago  
WHAT DF is that! 2 years ago  
Just do it Don't let your dream be dream 2 years ago  
NEVER NOTICE ME! 2 years ago  
What the **** if minute to win it? 2 years ago  
i'm a boy 2 years ago  
What the fu 2 years ago  
WRONG CHOICE 2 years ago  
She could be a KILLER 2 years ago  
lord kill me 2 years ago  
I hate American! 2 years ago  
I am a boy 2 years ago  
RUSSIA oh mother Russia! 2 years ago  
I am Epic 2 years ago  
Nukes MUAHAHAHAHAHAA 2 years ago  
No zombie apocalypse 2 years ago  
oh **** i didn't see the real thing 2 years ago  
I don't wanna burn alive 2 years ago  
SKIP 2 years ago  
Don't do drugs kids 2 years ago  
the gift is cash 2 years ago  
Computer 4 life 2 years ago  
doggy doggy 2 years ago  
NO GAYS! 2 years ago  
Selfie :) 2 years ago  
The law is OBEY ME my Minions! 2 years ago  
I don't have a sister or brother! 2 years ago  
I will find Luke skywalker 2 years ago  
NO CRIMERAVE 2 years ago  
Earth is my life 2 years ago  
DIVORCE! 2 years ago  
Rip the beaver 2 years ago  
Marry me you can never LEAVE ME 2 years ago  
i wish for more WISHES 2 years ago  
Nuke ziem 2 years ago  
i will marry an Tank 2 years ago  
MAGIC! 2 years ago  
FEAR ME! 2 years ago  
Fly away! 2 years ago  
YOLO! 2 years ago  
i will make The animal Empire! 2 years ago  
akuna matata 2 years ago  
Nu zombies 2 years ago  
Save the puppies 2 years ago  
I'll get money and pay them 1million instead 2 years ago  
Not gay RUSSIA! 2 years ago  
SAVE ME LORD! 2 years ago  
he Lie 2 years ago  
I'm a boy! 2 years ago  
OBAMAcare 2 years ago  
me not satanic 2 years ago  
HATE THE OBAMA 2 years ago  
Putiners? 2 years ago  
WHO GIVES this! 2 years ago  
RY63WFR 2 years ago  
RIP AMERICA! 2 years ago  
Who gives a **** i'm russian! 2 years ago  
I like bushes 2 years ago  
Wait Should it be queen/King IMMA BOY!!>!> 2 years ago  
Cute! 2 years ago  
4 ever alone 2 years ago +2
be funny thus make your self stupid 2 years ago  
There goes america 2 years ago  
Again i'm a boy! 2 years ago  
I'm a Boy! 2 years ago  
Video games Thus i'm russian too! 2 years ago  
DIVORCE! 2 years ago  
MAUAYAHAHAHA 2 years ago  
SAME! 2 years ago  
Grow The TENSIONS 2 years ago  
Love me! 2 years ago  
Love is all! 2 years ago  
Respect me! 2 years ago  
it always Happen 2 years ago  
hehehehe 2 years ago  
i'm boy so yeah 2 years ago  
I'm EVIL! 2 years ago  
Love her all you want 2 years ago  
I'M A Freeking boy! 2 years ago  
The Hater Train 2 years ago  
i don't have a Best friend xD 2 years ago  
always Press Buttons i always PRESS TEH BUTTONS 2 years ago  
Tge Kissess! 2 years ago  
OOPS I PRESSED I THOUGH its girls 2 years ago  
Patience! 2 years ago  
Legally i'm a boy 2 years ago  
hate bieber 2 years ago  
There goes America 2 years ago  
Waaaaa 2 years ago  
oops wrong button 2 years ago  
No cheats ofcourse 2 years ago  
Sex all you WANT! 2 years ago  
i'm a boy! 2 years ago  
atleast i'm alive 2 years ago  
EWWW 2 years ago  
dis are boys 2 years ago  
my friends love me 2 years ago  
imma kick does germans in the ass! 2 years ago +1
i love my life 2 years ago  
i'm a boy! 2 years ago  
I will find another one 2 years ago  
I will live forever! 2 years ago  
i hate em both imma boy! 2 years ago  
atleast i got a good relationship 2 years ago  
I don't want them to make fun of me 2 years ago  

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