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Do you wanna build a snowman FUCK YEAH or Go to hell 3 years ago 116 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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if i die no one would care but if i didnt save my brother or sis i would end up hating myself for the rest of my life 3 years ago  
i could write a book about the bermuda triangle and about all of it's secrets and become rich :) 3 years ago  
Ahm retard they are the same amount of money 3 years ago  
exactly we should take care of our country before others 3 years ago  
and i would wish my grandfather was alive 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
where you spin a barrel of a 6 shooter gun and point the gun at your head and pull the trigger hoping you are lucky enough to not have the bullet in the chamber that fires 3 years ago  
im sorry for your lost 3 years ago  
no regrets i could fix all my mistakes :) 3 years ago  
i would love to know the date so the day before i can spend as much as i want to and know that i wouldnt have to pay it back because i would be dead the next day 3 years ago  
no it would mean each 2 years equal 1 year in regular human years or as some say it 1 year you aged 3 years ago  
exactly 3 years ago  
exactly 3 years ago  
how is this still in the 50/50 section 4 years ago  
wat if 13 is counting as a kid then you can still have sex and have fun lol and no work 4 years ago  
if 13 then yes i can still have sex but with a condom boo yah 4 years ago  
smartest means i would be soo smart i could get anygirl i want to date because i would be so smart i would know how to make them fall in love with me ha 4 years ago  
weird just means your unique so yeah i would rather be unique than completely average 4 years ago  
same here i win totally 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
im bi and im a dude and dang jacob is hot 4 years ago  
same question different percentages same question on the page right before this one 4 years ago +5
im already bi so 4 years ago  
me to so it is pretty obvious 4 years ago  
i hang out with a lot of girls because im bi so yeah 4 years ago +1
if i die i die it would be my time to go 4 years ago  
im 12 woot woot i dont work 4 years ago  
sex isnt everything true love is you can have true love without sex but not finding true love is sad 4 years ago  
neither i dont want that stuff 4 years ago  
it is where you put a single bullet into a chamber of a revolver then spin the chamber slap it shut and point the gun at your head hoping the bullet is not at the top and you dont die 4 years ago  
exactly i would end up going suicide 4 years ago  
i would relive the best times of my life fix my mistakes and have a blast 4 years ago  
tattoos are awsome 4 years ago  
hey but it didnt say you could be half your height and be really strong 4 years ago  
time equals i live longer and have like an extra life 4 years ago  
ikr i would want to know when i die so i know to spend my time wisly and have a blast before i'm in my grave dead 4 years ago  
ikr i am athiest i dont believe in god nor devil so big bang 4 years ago  
yeah but then you would no when a girl is going to break up with you and for me a few times when a girl i really liked broke up with me i cried so much so defiantly fly 4 years ago  
ikr 4 years ago  
i would be killed back then i dont wanna die 4 years ago  
no one at my wedding means no one cares im getting married if no one shows up at my funeral that means no one liked me or cared about me :( 4 years ago  

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