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I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck, I just wanna go... CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK! or F*** F*** F*** F*** F*** 2 years ago 54 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: touched a tarantula I have! or I haven't! 2 years ago 67 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Do ballet or Do tap 2 years ago 44 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Sin(gerine) over cos(gerine) = Tangerine! (Starts laughing hysterically) or Ha. Ha. Very Funny. You're a nerd. 2 years ago 62 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Cutest puppy? This one or This one 2 years ago 100 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Best Porche? This one or This one 2 years ago 92 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Liked a rrrather question I have! or Nope, not me! 2 years ago 87 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Bungee jump or Climb a mountain 2 years ago 83 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Tried to catch a frog/ Caught a frog I have! or I haven't! 2 years ago 92 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be: A cucumber or A head of lettuce 2 years ago 81 votes 12 comments 0 likes
How many profile views do you have? Over 50 :) or Under 50 :( 2 years ago 76 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Broken a bone I have! or I haven't! 2 years ago 103 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Hit the SNOOZE button I have! or I have never! 2 years ago 92 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Been on a cruise I have! or I have never! 2 years ago 99 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Posted a dirty question on rrrather Guilty look or Innocent look 2 years ago 70 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Watched Moana Can't say I have. or Yeah? Well, I can say I have! 2 years ago 74 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Been to Mexico Never been. or I have! 2 years ago 74 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Ridden on a motorcycle. Nope, never have. or Hell yeah. 2 years ago 78 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Never have I ever: Been on a roof Can't say I have! or I've checked it off the list. 2 years ago 74 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Taco or Waffle 2 years ago 70 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This optical illusion or This optical illusion 2 years ago 75 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Play Dancing Line or Play Word Cookies 2 years ago 55 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This pleasing series of circles or These dots 2 years ago 66 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you consider yourself a Male or Female 2 years ago 124 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather A or B 2 years ago 79 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This pair of Jordans or This pair of Jordans 2 years ago 77 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who is worse? Caillou or Dora 2 years ago 93 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This apple or This apple 2 years ago 86 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This kid or This kid 2 years ago 79 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Best math joke? Haha or HeeHee 2 years ago 74 votes 9 comments 0 likes
College? Ohio State or Michigan 2 years ago 66 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Better logo? This one or This one 2 years ago 78 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which Jaguar do you think of first? The animal or The car 2 years ago 90 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which golfer? Henrik Stenson or Matt Kuchar 2 years ago 220 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which golfer? Justin Rose or Bubba Watson 2 years ago 149 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which golfer? Louis Oosthuizen or Rory McIlroy 2 years ago 152 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which golfer? Phil Mickelson or Sergio Garcia 2 years ago 175 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which golfer Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson 2 years ago 160 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which golfer? Rickie Fowler or Jason Day 2 years ago 171 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Pick a beach couple This happy couple or This funny couple 2 years ago 663 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather give birth to This baby or This baby 2 years ago 92 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This mac and cheese or This mac and cheese 2 years ago 58 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Steph Curry or Kanye West 2 years ago 43 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This Ferrari or This Ferrari 2 years ago 156 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This Corvette or This Corvette 2 years ago 42 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which is right? Grey or Gray 2 years ago 82 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die a painful death with those you love or Die quickly with those you hate 2 years ago 75 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Sleep by yourself in a forest 60 miles away from your house or Sleep with three friends on top of Mt Fuji 2 years ago 252 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which upside down house would you rather live in? Here or Here 2 years ago 342 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Pick a "wat" meme This one's the best or Wat! No, this one's the best! 2 years ago 57 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather This Meme or That Meme 2 years ago 122 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Choose a meme This meme or That meme 2 years ago 55 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you Read over everything you write, even just a post, for an error or Skim it over / Not check it over at all 2 years ago 321 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which one is better Spidey Tournament or Zelda Weapons Tournament 2 years ago 48 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Better movie? Superman or Spiderman 2 years ago 226 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Discover a planet in the Milky Way or Discover a new continent on Earth 2 years ago 282 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kill a Jew, with that 'stache or Be a Jew, with that hair. 2 years ago 51 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Marry someone you hate. or Marry someone who hates you. 2 years ago 51 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have an extra eye like this guy or Have only one eye like this guy 2 years ago 47 votes 10 comments 0 likes

OptionNA has posted the following comments:

Trump 2 years ago  
When am I not? 2 years ago  
Hey let's not make fun of autism or cancer... 2 years ago +1
Yeah, mostly. 2 years ago  
Umm 2 years ago  
Oh. Dear. 2 years ago +2
Easy 2 years ago  
Trampoline 2 years ago  
Unless it's the current president 2 years ago  
You gain less weight 2 years ago  
Oh wait... 2 years ago  
At least I didn't murder anyone... 2 years ago  
Fun. But gross. But mostly fun. 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
Talk to the hand 2 years ago  
... 2 years ago  
lol good job 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
ilovefreedom minion. 2 years ago  
Been there, done that. Like, been to that exact town. Two weeks ago. 2 years ago +2
Because it's the best joke ever. 2 years ago  
I've tried... I've failed, but I've tried 2 years ago  
Yay! Welcome! 2 years ago  
Naw, it's fine... there's boys in my grade who would word it even worse than that 2 years ago  
It's just worded so weirdly 2 years ago  
Too dangerous 2 years ago  
HUH? 2 years ago  
Lol (Please refer to my previous question about the snooze button) 2 years ago  
Fun fact: The people who wrote my birth certificate screwed up and didn't put my gender! 2 years ago  
Just clicking no for every one 2 years ago +1
Looks good 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
Been to Africa 2 years ago  
Way easy 2 years ago  
Oh god no 2 years ago  
#thequestion 2 years ago  
Hmmm, I wonder. 2 years ago  
I wouldn't die. 2 years ago +1
http://media.supercheapauto.com.au/sports/images/zooms/42496901-zoom.jpg 2 years ago  
Still overrated... I mean, look at the bat! (It's a 2D corndog) 2 years ago  
Way less tiring. And actually fun. 2 years ago  
Been there done that. My mom is a genealogy nerd/freak. 2 years ago  
I knew it was an ilovefreedom question as soon as I read it. Racist and inconsiderate. 2 years ago  
Way quicker 2 years ago  
Whichever one is better. 2 years ago  
No missiles launched on me, only other people. 2 years ago  
He's on the 100 2 years ago  
Easy 2 years ago  
As long as I barely did anything wrong.. 2 years ago  
I'm anti fidget spinner. 2 years ago  
Misclick, both good tho. 2 years ago  
Yas!!!! 2 years ago  
It was me! Jk, I was second, lol. 2 years ago +1
Normally. 2 years ago  
What sport ISN'T overrated? 2 years ago +2
People would stare at me anyways. 2 years ago  
Hey, I'm younger than him, so I'll beat him eventually 2 years ago  
Phone, baby, door, tap, laundry 2 years ago  
You cussed! Success! 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
Well, the international Jew kabals don't exist... lol 2 years ago  
Have you read the article I sent you? 2 years ago  
The only good you is a dead you. (Sorry, I had too) 2 years ago +1
There are white Jews. What I think she's trying to nicely point out to you is that you managed to be racist and anti Semitic in one question. Who's cucked again? 2 years ago +1
You've been listening to too much ilovefreedom 2 years ago +1
Why would the Jews lie? 2 years ago  
Or you could convert... 2 years ago  
If you eat pigs, you can eat dogs. 2 years ago +1
I got out a week ago- Indiana has early summer breaks; some schools got out in May 2 years ago +1
I'm not THAT immoral. 2 years ago  
What source are you using? 2 years ago  
Why would the allies have bombed the supply lines? It's not Germans who are bad, it's Nazis. And the Jews aren't begging for attention. After the civil rights movement, everyone is making sure anything they say couldn't even have the slightest hint of accidental racism. But they protested for a cause. They drew attention to themselves because they needed help, and people to support them. Jews are also raising awareness. There aren't many Jews in the world, and we need help so that nothing like the Holocaust will ever happen again, to any race or religion. 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
The Nazis gave them no food 2 years ago  
They buried bodies, burnt all files... and I'm pretty sure six million includes gentiles, such as those in the resistance 2 years ago  
You are so messed up... the Holocaust was not a fake. Six million people died, and you can't say that every single one died of typhus. They're skinny because they starved. Not everyone even made it to the gas chambers. And also, have you even read the diary of Anne Frank? Or do you think it's a work of fiction? Have you been to the Holocaust museum, or do you think that's another hoax. Look, just because you're an anti Semitic you know what doesn't mean that you need to deny any time when the Jews were victims, or when they did good. I get that I may be showboating my Jewish faith, but I just want to let you know that, though you may post these rude questions without a second thought, not everyone scrolls to the next question unbothered. You're making enemies. 2 years ago  
Too much pressure 2 years ago +1
Less grey 2 years ago  
At least the Jews didn't kill six million people... 2 years ago  
Mkay 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
Oh okay 2 years ago  
I think B is an airport...... 2 years ago  
Why I have lost all respect for Daveed Diggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=punrsuK62fM 2 years ago +1
Am I the only one who DOESN'T like anime? 2 years ago +2
Tough 2 years ago +1
Since option a couldn't stop himself from getting nailed to a wooden cross by commoners, I think I'll choose B. That, and I'm Jewish. (ilovefreedom, no antisemitic comments please... we all know you want to...) 2 years ago +9
lol good question 2 years ago +1
IKR 2 years ago +2
At least I know how they did B 2 years ago +1
Way better XD 2 years ago  
AmericanJedi 2 years ago  
I have a small family.. half of them who stand around naked all the time. (I have a weird family) 2 years ago +1
I like the second options picture better tho. 2 years ago  
Jew 2 years ago  
That'd mean it was a cool city. :) 2 years ago +1
What's super monkey ball..... 2 years ago  
If Trump's in there. 2 years ago  
Easier to hack. (mwahahaha) 2 years ago  
Nope 2 years ago  
Sure 2 years ago +1
Sure 2 years ago  
If it pays well enough... 2 years ago  
Sure! Just drive away! 2 years ago  
I was actually thinking abou that today. Telekinesis! Lol 2 years ago +1
Me too. 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
Nah, that's my little sister. If someone talks about a basketball... or a football... or a golf ball... 2 years ago  
Doesn't associate with Dora. 2 years ago +1
Yes, yes it is. 2 years ago  
The picture tho... 2 years ago  
Always here to help! XD 2 years ago +1
B makes an eye doctor appointment go more quickly. :D 2 years ago  
I love cherries and their pie. 2 years ago  
I do 2 years ago  
Eight 2 years ago  
Thanks 2 years ago  
I'm Jewish. Problem solved. 2 years ago +1
Sure 2 years ago  
I'd get too dizzy 2 years ago  
I have both, but I like fidget cubes better. 2 years ago  
I've actually never had a burrito in my life. 2 years ago  
To be fair, slugs are sort of cute... 2 years ago  
YESSS 2 years ago  
HIPPO 2 years ago  
Crocodile? 2 years ago  
North Korea, Russia 2 years ago  
Unless I'm related to them. My relatives all seem to be evil. 2 years ago  
Does no one get that sin over cos is tan? 2 years ago  
Yeah sort of 2 years ago  
Nah, but I can make some of you want me to do another like this. 2 years ago  
Crocodile? 2 years ago  
Jagaurs aren't really my type of car. I'm more of a corvette person. I'll probably get a Tesla tho, because they are better for the environment. 2 years ago  
Oh my. I've bought a globe...does that count for every country? :) 2 years ago  
Nope. Too painful. 2 years ago  
No, but I've bought an Israeli flag. 2 years ago +1
Love pancakes. Don't like sausage or bacon, and I'm allergic to eggs. 2 years ago  
Meet... me 2 years ago  
You're a good guy, Onex. 2 years ago  
Easy. 2 years ago  
Sure 2 years ago  
Small is ok 2 years ago  
Come on, who wouldn't be?! 2 years ago  
Naw 2 years ago  
I know I won't be on it, but nice idea! :) 2 years ago  
Lol IKR 2 years ago  
Lit 2 years ago  
Yeah, one of my old teachers makes them annually. 2 years ago  
They're both cool tho. Nice question. 2 years ago  
Duh! 2 years ago +1
Ahhh 2 years ago  
But.. you just did! 2 years ago  
Okay. Will do 2 years ago  
Lol nope! 2 years ago  
I really like that picture though. 2 years ago  
Maybe the jeans are secretly gummy?... 2 years ago  
I'm not with anyone 2 years ago  
Can you answer this? 2 years ago  
My birth lol 2 years ago  
Jew hat! Yay!!!! 2 years ago  
Yep. 2 years ago  
Giants just call those helicopters. 2 years ago  
Duh! 2 years ago  
Yes, but there are so many I can't catch up. #LetAmerica'sFateBegin 2 years ago  
I don't trust anyone. 2 years ago +1
Oops. Sorry. 2 years ago  
Yeah :( 2 years ago  
Misclick I am Jewish so I dont pray either way. 2 years ago +1
Hitler's dead... 2 years ago  
Naw, seems sort of boring. 2 years ago  
Cuter, allergic to both tho. 2 years ago +1
Why three times....? 2 years ago +2
Poem. Everything else you can feel but not hear. 2 years ago +1
Yeah, the originals 2 years ago  
Definitely 2 years ago  
Cool! 2 years ago  
Same. Surprised it didn't get more votes. 2 years ago  
I like it if it's not too cheesy. 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
Not exactly the desired response... but okay! 2 years ago  
Same. My dad watches too much golf. It's his life, and he can't even play... 2 years ago  
Yeah, I don't like playing golf. I sort of suck... 2 years ago  
Yeah, he's a golfer that's actually not obnoxious or born super rich. 2 years ago  
Nah, gold is for winners. But I know what you meant. 2 years ago +1
Yeah.. golfers tend to look like that. 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
Okay 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
As long as it's not a trump hat. 2 years ago +1
Already don't have netflix. I can stream everything on and Ipad too. 2 years ago  
Of course! 2 years ago  
Fun Fact: Never been on a waterslide. I don't like roller coasters very much though. 2 years ago  
This isn't even... 2 years ago  
More stylish and harder to stain, but cloth seats are generally more comfortable. 2 years ago +1
IKR 2 years ago  
Easier to demolish. 2 years ago  
Not assisting Trump, thanks. 2 years ago  
Naw bruh, I'm not gonna argue about opinion. 2 years ago  
Alright, you eat your dog then. I'm happy with a burger thanks. I have a whole theory, but people might wanna read this comment without being bored. I don't want to argue. We all have different views. 2 years ago  
Cows taste better. 2 years ago  
Naw, I like you questions and comments. You're one of the users who is actually considerate and makes good questions. 2 years ago +1
It's different species. Humans are only one species. Races are not species, just like there are different dogs breeds. A poodle is not a species. A dog is. A Latino is not a species. A human is. And anyway, many animals have different intellectual levels, Ex. Dolphins are smarter than ladybugs. 2 years ago +2
As long as I don't do any killing. 2 years ago  
Ah well... 2 years ago  
Wait, but this question just cam true! I didn't, and I'm commenting! 2 years ago  
That looks AWESOME 2 years ago  
Meow 2 years ago  
I'd go someplace in Europe, maybe Scotland. 2 years ago  
New story? Or you could get stuck on the moon. 2 years ago  
Lol ok 2 years ago  
No... this isn't turning into vegan preaching, is it? 2 years ago +3
Naw, just saying. 2 years ago  
See! You just assumed that! 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
Heck yea! List's too long tho... 2 years ago +1
Duh! 2 years ago  
lol YAS 2 years ago  
They can listen to anything they want. 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
Whenever they ask. 2 years ago  
Don't really like rap 2 years ago  
Less chance of danger 2 years ago  
I AM a girl. Why do people always assume the users on rrrather are all guys?! 2 years ago  
Global Warming = More tornadoes 2 years ago  
Lol yep, brain fart. XD ur a car now! 2 years ago  
#Female 2 years ago  
Better view :) 2 years ago  
More convenient 2 years ago  
Lol sounds like me on a road trip when I see a rock "Look! A deer!" 2 years ago  
I'm from Indiana, not New Jersey. Wish I was from New Jersey tho. Indiana is low-key boring. 2 years ago  
I have a PAIL LIST! 2 years ago  
American Jedi = One of my favorite users. Him, qwerty17, and gmc26. Still room for more though! 2 years ago  
Lol I just like the name. 2 years ago  
Of course! 2 years ago  
Oh. :( 2 years ago  
GoldenMoon78? 2 years ago +1
gtc26? 2 years ago  
Yeah, but usually just on text or skype. 2 years ago +1
Whoa 2 years ago  
OMG when you look at the IPad pictures from six years ago when they were becoming a thing 2 years ago  
I hate calibri, and I don't know why. 2 years ago  
Chrome. Definitely. 2 years ago  
Lol, but nah, that's just my self portrait. 2 years ago  
No. The parents and/or kids and other family members have just as much a right. 2 years ago  
Yes, if you're skinny. 2 years ago  
I need one! 2 years ago  
Oh dear 2 years ago  
Uh oh... time to flee the USA lol... 2 years ago  
I just hate when people say something bad and they're like. "It's America. Free Speech." 2 years ago +3
Oh, ok. 2 years ago  
Half of the people in my family call it gray, the other half grey, so I wasn't sure. 2 years ago  
I'm still in school; but I got my summer stuff early... 2 years ago  
On every one 2 years ago  
Ouch... someone clicked option A lol 2 years ago  
So skilled, I must be. 2 years ago  
Same 2 years ago  
It doesn't hurt for very long... 2 years ago  
Mwahahahaha 2 years ago  
I'm sorry family... 2 years ago  
Lit 2 years ago  
Probably, but I don't know. I've met to many people... 2 years ago  
Only 269? Gonna make that 270... 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago +1
Have to go to the nurse = Miss Exam 2 years ago  
Nah, too many offensive users out there to risk it. 2 years ago  
American_Jedi 2 years ago  
True dat! 2 years ago  
1. This NEEDS to be a tournament 2. How about: How do people know what dinosaurs sounded like... it's not like they recorded them! 2 years ago +2
Super brave and heroic of you tho! 2 years ago +1
That would be me... 2 years ago  
I don't think so... 2 years ago  
Nope, but one of my questions is a 100% question anyhow. Usually I'm pretty annoyed at those, because they really aren't that fun, not to offend anyone who's made one. 2 years ago  
Yap... When I'm bored... 2 years ago +1
Give OptionNA ANY badge! 2 years ago  
I wish I was 2 years ago  
Oh wow 2 years ago  
Less lacy. 2 years ago +1
Looks don't matter. Actions do. 2 years ago  
Sure enough, you said sure. 2 years ago  
It's terrible... but, as immoral as this may be.... I NEED MY CHOCOLATE! 2 years ago  
Because there's only two options. 2 years ago  
Ice Cream isn't good without chocolate. 2 years ago  
Yay! Round 2! 2 years ago  
Peace! (yes, I know it sounds corny) 2 years ago  
Well, for breakfast, sandwiches, but any other time.... BURGERS! FRIES! 2 years ago +1
It probably is mostly fake anyway. 2 years ago +1
Hey, it gives you more comments, and gets you higher in the standings, so why complain? I'm just doing you a favor! 2 years ago  
Thanks! 2 years ago  
I love the Spidey Tournament! 2 years ago +1
Thanks! Yeah, I love the Spidey Tournament! Keep it up! 2 years ago  
Lol. Nice profile pic 2 years ago  
Wahoo! 2 years ago  
Not going to ask why.... 2 years ago  
They both look Toy Storyish to me.... 2 years ago +1
Neither is Rudolph. 2 years ago  
When I'm buying something... "That'd be Une dollars, please!" 2 years ago  
Eat, get money, buy food, repeat. 2 years ago  
I was bored... (Guilty Face) 2 years ago  
I love how this is in the relationships category... 2 years ago  
Why does this show a guy meditating? 2 years ago  
Yes, but finding true love doesn't stop you from finding 10,000,000. Plus my true love might be super rich.... 2 years ago  
I barely even PLAY video games... 2 years ago  
SURE! 2 years ago  
What if I don't like the picture.... 2 years ago  
Well... 2 years ago  
Because owning a lightsaber would TOTALLY be legal, right? 2 years ago  
Can I just like, NOT? 2 years ago  
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