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    people can be born with aids man 1 year ago  
    already am ;) 1 year ago  
    wow a few stitches oh no 1 year ago  
    i would get to sing all those great songs! 1 year ago  
    tongue wrestling 1 year ago  
    a nice simple average d cup would do nicely 1 year ago  
    smirnoff is vodka, bacardi is vomit 1 year ago  
    NOOOOPE 1 year ago  
    best of both worlds 1 year ago +1
    paul rudd could do better 1 year ago  
    thats that black walking dead crazy b*tch 1 year ago  
    i mean anything with an aux cord floats my boat 1 year ago  
    do it religiously anyway 1 year ago +1
    it would be interesting 1 year ago  
    kidz r dum N E Way 1 year ago +1
    dont have one 1 year ago  
    i think my dogs into that sorts thing 1 year ago  
    idk how their pubes work 1 year ago  
    kinky 1 year ago  
    at least she could make a living off it 1 year ago  
    nothin to hide here 1 year ago  
    i picked randomly cuz they are both girls anyway 1 year ago +1
    lol why is this split 1 year ago  

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