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In a life-or-death fight, would you rather put your money on... ...lion? or ...bear? 7 years ago 541 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... have wonderful love life your whole life but never achieve anything in life? or achieve your most wanted dream (doing a dream job) but never have gf/bf and no luck in love your whole life? 7 years ago 3,964 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather learn to fly a helicopter (of your choice)? or fly a plane (of your choice)? 7 years ago 570 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have... World peace? or World domination? 7 years ago 593 votes 13 comments 0 likes
If unwanted child is on the way, would you rather... give birth/ your gf gives birth and raise a child? or abort a child/ your gf aborts or give child for adoption? 7 years ago 68,495 votes 657 comments 1 like
Would you rather (without any equipment)... cross over Niagara falls on a rope any way you want? or swim under 30-meter long rock (only a meter below the surface)? 7 years ago 328,291 votes 2,434 comments 11 likes
Would you rather vote for... Paris Hilton? or Senator Palpatine? 7 years ago 865 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather all the politicians in the world be... just as honest, generous, caring, nice, smart, hardworking, selfless as you are? or ...rather not? 7 years ago 615 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... ...have no need to sleep (but you can if you want to) till the rest of your life? or ...have no need to eat & drink (but you can if you want to) till the rest of your life? 7 years ago 817 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... ... get 10 000 $ for sure? or ... get 50 000 $ only if more people voted for option A (other option) of this question at the time 7 years ago 293,612 votes 4,061 comments 5 likes
Would you rather have the power... make anybody you want fall in love with you? or stop loving anybody you want? 7 years ago 106,000 votes 621 comments 2 likes
Would you rahter... ...become a dictator, start a war and be resposible for millions of deaths and ruined lives? or your whole life as a miserable homeless person? 7 years ago 757 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stayed in a hotel owned by... ...this guy? or ...this guy? 7 years ago 2,877 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... own a small company with decent profit? or be a director in a big company with big salary but have no share in it? 7 years ago 763 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get revenge on someone who wronged you badly without any consequences for you. or be able to forgive after some time. 7 years ago 842 votes 14 comments 0 likes

Pero has posted the following comments:

i deserve that money 6 years ago  
I'm glad somebody recognized it!! 6 years ago  
I already asked this question, but i will assume you didn't know 6 years ago +2
If i could be a general, definitely war 6 years ago  
then better let 9999 people go with you then die alone 6 years ago  
This is more a psychologial problem, there is no definite answer unless you know other people's behaviour. 6 years ago  
One day we will have better theory, Science requires patience. 6 years ago  
Yea, but not 10%. More like 0.00000001% 6 years ago +5
hehe interesting experiment 7 years ago +4
Sith for the win! 7 years ago +3
It also says: "Without any equipment." 7 years ago  
Donating organs after death I would do, but this not.. 7 years ago  
Altruists, where are you? 7 years ago  
Well, couldn't I just use the power immediately for complete understanding? On the other hand, what use is the complete understanding if you are just about to die from cancer in ten minutes? The path from understanding to power seems far more difficult to me. 7 years ago  
Ah, this reminds me of a quote of one senator: "A Jedi gains power through understanding. A Sith gains understanding through power." Great question. 7 years ago +1
Oh, no, not at all. But i thought that these two options are nearer to each other than any of it is to the third option. 7 years ago  
I am not content with the human race anyway; good question btw 7 years ago +3
I really wonder what would you choose if faced this choice FOR REAL. 7 years ago +11
You suffer eternal agony if you can't switch off the god mode. 7 years ago +4
Not really. You are not all-powerfull, only indestructible. You still have to work hard to achieve goals, but you are sure nothing will happen to you. 7 years ago +7
What would i even do at Royal feast? 7 years ago +7
Why did so many people choose communism? Stalin killed 20 mil. of his own people, far more than hitler in his camps. Hitler was killing targeted groups while Stalin was killing everyone. 7 years ago +3
Well it says OVER FALLS- so if you fall you will fall all down the waterfall; and i really wonder how could they help you without any equipment 7 years ago  
Only in the movies. Stalin, for example, died in his bed. 7 years ago +2
it both sucks, somebody would beat you 7 years ago +3
the author of this question should take this as compliment 7 years ago +2
How dare you? 7 years ago +4
lol The construction of the question made me laugh :) 7 years ago  
fat girls can sometimes be so cute :) (but not extremely fat) 7 years ago +2
That was the point. 7 years ago +2
every human life should be equaly worthy, no matter the nationality 7 years ago +4
maybe i could redeem by dedicating my life to researching cure for cancer... 7 years ago +2
it is definitely far more useful 7 years ago +4
hehe creative question, i like it 7 years ago +8
you can still be hated if famous 7 years ago +2
both sound like fun 7 years ago +3
the irony would be to choose the tanneberg and then the ww2 comes and you have to fight again 7 years ago +3
just skip if you think a question is bad tasted 7 years ago +2
maybe he wanted to say he wouldn't know what he would be doing for homework so he would take a risk 7 years ago  
risks are not the only thing that make life worthwhile, you can enjoy life in many other ways 7 years ago +1
or maybe just die from internal bleeding after a day 7 years ago +1
what's wrong with the people? Don't you want to live? 7 years ago +2
hahaha i love this question 7 years ago +2
you're both very convincing... i don't know what to think now... 7 years ago +3
oh, damn... If only i had known that, I would have chose the first answer 7 years ago +2
i think it's better to be the youngest, you can learn from their mistakes and they can help you 7 years ago +2
it takes a huge amount of time and effort to cash your talent 7 years ago +2
Exactly! It seems gross questions are the most common on this site and these are the only i don't like 7 years ago +1
Quite the opposite... there are many educated dumb people. Being interesting is a social skill and it is much easier to learn than being smart 7 years ago +2
since i know none of them, what other criteria should i follow? 7 years ago +1
stealing is more serious, if people think i steal they won't trust me either 7 years ago +1
i think the author assumed you aren't convicted for being a thief, you are just known as thief 7 years ago +1
i assume you can ask any questions, not just "yes/no questions" 7 years ago +6
i don't care so much about appearance, maybe i could get used to new face 7 years ago +1
I would rather play sport until i find better job... 7 years ago  
i want to live, i have only one life... 7 years ago +8
Why? I think I made it very clear: Would you rather be able to live without sleep or food? 7 years ago +3
some questions just don't make any sense at all... 7 years ago +7
the first one would make the relationship almost impossible, the second one isn't even a problem 7 years ago +4
The first one would be like slow dying, but the second one would be very bad also 7 years ago +1
i just had to choose B 7 years ago +1
how could you die in the mid-air? 7 years ago +1
you would be surprised how quickly you would run out of it 7 years ago  
Definitely the first one, no doubt for me... 7 years ago  
erm... I live in Croatia, and the murder rate is less than many european countries. It is very stable and peaceful now, i assure you 7 years ago +2
All hail Supreme Chancellor Palpatine! 7 years ago  
the difference is too huge, i would take the chance 7 years ago  
low self-esteem brings more problems in the long run... 7 years ago  
isn't that obvious? in the first case he is guilty and in the second you are. You just avoided answering the question like a skilled politician 7 years ago  
it is much easier to be happy as a kid 7 years ago  
president job is far more interesting, but there is a chance you get shot 7 years ago +1
i guess very rich people would choose the second option 7 years ago  
star wars all the way 7 years ago  
yup, this is a hard one... flying would be wonderful but reading mind brings such a volcano of possibilites that i just have to choose it 7 years ago  
it all depends on circumstances... i guess i would take out the puppies since you could go to jail for killing baby 7 years ago  
it all depends on a type of work i do... 7 years ago  
you obviously don't know much about human nature 7 years ago +13
I guess one day we will know for sure... 7 years ago +1
Looking to the past it seems future was always better (execpt the middle age), so 2030 7 years ago  
My thought exactly. 7 years ago  
Never playing is for real losers. 7 years ago +5
I guess it should be "or" instead of "and". 7 years ago  
Why are so many questions of this type? Of course relationship is more fulfilling. 7 years ago +1
There are many better things you could believe in, why would i choose to believe in god? 7 years ago +5
Science is much based on math... 7 years ago +2
Already have the first one :) 7 years ago +3
Amy died much younger than Elvis, so i guess it would be more fair to revive her. 7 years ago  
always mind 7 years ago +2
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