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Why do I feel like you're staring at me through the computer screen? I'm Gongrida. The full out Christina *wink wink* I like food.

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Would you rather Take over the world with manipulative eye control or Take over the world with skills with guns and the skill of getting your own way. 4 years ago 72 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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I'm going to watch it after I finish this season of Toradora! :) 4 years ago  
Sorry, Jurassic World just seems more entertaining. But I will definitely watch Ted 2 for Amanda Seyfried :) 4 years ago +3
Ayeeee! ;) 4 years ago  
You should really make one ;) 4 years ago  
Hash, this is AppleJaxxx as PinkApple. :D 4 years ago  
Hi GreenApple. I'm PinkApple 4 years ago  
I mean :/ xD not the wink face. 4 years ago  
Suit yourself. -sips tea-. 4 years ago +1
Don't be so sad, usmanc. You can join us too. (coming from AppleJaxxx). 4 years ago +1
Ugh, tough one. Misclick, but my baby Zac all the way, 4 years ago +1
Rapunzel is prettier than Aurora. Aurora is just asleep half the time, I don't even feel sorry for her. Her story is poorly written, IMO. 4 years ago +2
Eleanor sounds like an 80 year old's 67 year old daughter's name. 4 years ago +1
Isla Fisher ;) 4 years ago +1
Bulldogs are ugly asf 4 years ago +2
God > food 4 years ago +6*t. It's not really an offensive word xD 4 years ago +1
Iggy asked me to xD 4 years ago +1
AppleJaxxx :) I'm a girl, AppleCup is a boy. 4 years ago +1
I'm AppleJaxxx though, well that's my main account xD 4 years ago +1
It'd take me back surprise though :/ 4 years ago +1
Hey, I love being a girl. Being pampered, spoiled, dressed, (have to go through periods though, but it's worth it), never bullied that much, funnier than most, can be very beautiful without stripping naked etc. It's a fun life for a girl. :) 4 years ago +1
I hate being alone. 4 years ago +1
Be doing chop chop on dem peeps. 4 years ago +1
I joined Iggy ;) 4 years ago +1
A life is more money than 100,000 dollars is. 4 years ago +1
YUKKI! i made myself a recruit :) I'm PinkAppleHawk now. 4 years ago +2
Salty ;) 4 years ago +1
Awh yes, I'm PinkAppleHawk :) Nice to meet you dear fellow member. 4 years ago +1
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