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Would you rather have a... (Round 1 ) Jolteon or Sylveon 1 year ago 28 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a (JUST BC VAPOREON IS WATER AND BEATS FIRE IT DOES NOT MEAN IT HAS TO WIN) Round 1 Vaporeon or Flareon 1 year ago 26 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Zapdos or Raikou 1 year ago 24 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be.. Articuno or suicune 1 year ago 23 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be. (Read desc if you dont know who) Moltres or Entei 1 year ago 23 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be.. officer Jenny or Nurse Joy 1 year ago 24 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have... Mewtwo X (WHy) or Mewtwo Y (Why) 1 year ago 25 votes 4 comments 0 likes

Pokemonpokemon123 has posted the following comments:

scammerrr 1 year ago  
no friends 1 year ago  
Alone = alone right now like me 1 year ago  
my Boyfriend is a personal chef heyy 1 year ago  
When your loved one may have 100000 dollars 1 year ago  
AGH NOINE 1 year ago  
get another BETTER job 1 year ago  
The young one will always get the blame.. plus maybe you can drive a car 1 year ago  
i can be a goof 1 year ago  
You are so dumb Your FAVOURITE Song NOT WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY GOD READ 1 year ago  
wel its faster 1 year ago  
i wish i had my first kiss :( 1 year ago  
i hate football and it said A stupid FOOTBALL player not stupid 1 year ago +1
G-Ghosts 1 year ago  
i slepe at day 1 year ago  
wrong one then 1 year ago  
i dont 1 year ago  
1 kid plz 1 year ago  
WRONG ONE 1 year ago  
the king of pop is michael 1 year ago  
Their speed etc 1 year ago  
i have no car plus i can use a bus 1 year ago  
i dont use a mac 1 year ago  
I NEVER USED A MAC 1 year ago  
im a girl 1 year ago  
i hope its leg.. well unless not lose it.. well still there is one arm i dont use 1 year ago  
i dont like burgers 1 year ago  
i hate dancing D: 1 year ago  
its better then nothing sometimes 1 year ago  
I wanna change clothes and shower :;( 1 year ago  
you wont feel any pain 1 year ago  
So you hate your youngself? you should be ashamed and whoever liked this 1 year ago  
Its better adopting then having anyway 1 year ago  
wth 1 year ago  
i hate being old and i want to die in early ages well, not in kids I WAANNA ENJOY MY TIME BEING A KIDE GOD DAMN IT 1 year ago  
im a tomboy 1 year ago  
Then why choose the embarrasing one 1 year ago  
average is not bad at all 1 year ago +1
i love the sun well while swimming 1 year ago  
i have lots of bad attention.. and it.. i am used to it 6 years... and i dont like it 1 year ago  
no friends 1 year ago  
19 is normal 1 year ago  
LOL CHEERS 1 year ago  
ew coffee 1 year ago  
LOl you can write them 1 year ago  
YOU CAN PAY HONEY And if we ever divorce ill steal it or kill hi XD 1 year ago  
picnic on les beach 1 year ago  
im afraid im not a big fan of ICEE cream heck you might get a brain freeze 1 year ago  
its not too bad... 1 year ago  
Which is faster? 1 year ago  
my whole lifeeee 1 year ago  
i can boss myself to fart while if i have another boss he might dare me too uh... 1 year ago  
i clicked near bc of the pool 1 year ago  
ill just be sad then a bit happy 1 year ago  
you cna just create a hot tub by adding some bubble stuff which do bubbles and heat it plus i dont wanna burn 1 year ago  
why be a billionaire where there is no internet cmon 1 year ago  
i live with a stuffy nose.. im used to it but i cnat taiste anything WHY i can only sometimes breathe 1 year ago  
being poor aND LOVED the ones who love you give you money ;3 1 year ago  
can drug deaer just sell drugs? 1 year ago  
then why did you pick it oh and maybe your work is sitting on a computer 1 year ago  
Im successful but i have no friends 1 year ago  
being homeless = no house no family no one Live with no family= no family and no friends but a house 1 year ago  
whats wrong bout being gay 1 year ago  
i dont think he can just take my clothes off 1 year ago  
time to squash my enemies 1 year ago  
Excuse me but i have a real christmas tree and im almost the smartes in school.. hey keep your opinion to youslf 1 year ago  
The forest is creepy 1 year ago  
aybe if you go on a blind date it can be a a killer 1 year ago  
no school 1 year ago  
I have a laptop no computer birch 1 year ago  
im ugly either way 1 year ago  
ill just be kindof homeless and play for oney 1 year ago  
i never rest 1 year ago  
wrong one im carsick 1 year ago  
i can be naked and fart and burp and dance on the food 1 year ago  
i would rather kill @skyeh sorry 1 year ago  
most. 1 year ago  
i already do :C 1 year ago  
i have none :C 1 year ago  
Dogs are loyal 1 year ago  
since when? 1 year ago  
boy cuts are stretchier 1 year ago  
im visiting greece 1 year ago  
with great talent you can get money 1 year ago  
At least i9t never runs out 1 year ago  
you might not survive in somewhere tight 1 year ago  
have everything-have love lol 1 year ago  
i can see part of the city already 1 year ago  
Time to go on that rollercoaster i couldnt go wheni was shorter! 1 year ago  
This haunted house can was haunted it doews not have to be haunted now 1 year ago  
You can be peace to hunger 1 year ago  
Basically my life and im thin 1 year ago  
i wish... i really do have no friends 1 year ago  
i dont wear makeup.. 1 year ago  
eww 100 years 1 year ago  
i use windows 7 and itsb better 1 year ago  
creepy but oh well 1 year ago  
i alays wedgie myself 1 year ago  
You cna just dig a 1 mm tall hole 1 year ago  
ALL IS TOO MUCH 1 year ago  
2016 plz ty 1 year ago  
Lemme sell em for 5 more dollars :3 1 year ago  
its faster 1 year ago  
dads have the most work 1 year ago  
that girl is creepy 1 year ago  
free cruise 1 year ago  
hey i congratulated 1 year ago  
with no religion hitler would be normal 1 year ago +1
my talent would be farting 1 year ago  
have 8n siblings? idont even want 1 1 year ago  
i can live a lone.. like i do 1 year ago  
im always inside 1 year ago  
i alreayd hate chicken 1 year ago  
Please no you destroyed choco 1 year ago  
My drea- to be the richest and flyyy 1 year ago  
I love parma ham 1 year ago  
summer break is only 1 month 1 year ago  
im too lazy 1 year ago  
does this have to do with hitler? cuz idk 1 year ago  
i have an androir box 1 year ago  
None but at least i dont have to walk 1000000000000000 m to the gym plus there wont be people watching you and looking at you fail lol 1 year ago  
Laundry-Puts clothes in box thingy , clib some stairs if you have too PUT in washing machine then let them dry.Dishes-Wash them,dry them,clean them and put them in their places... i think just climbinb some stairs wont hurt 1 year ago  
Maybe they are umconfourtable and maybe you dont have money to buy uniforms... with uniforms you might embarass yourself and ex say i love you to your ''crush'' when its really his twin looking the same 1 year ago  
come on he is 2 1 year ago  
you can always take off your clothes while in the tundra where is da clothes? 1 year ago  
A baby boy's future.. getting punished by teachers 1 year ago +1
internet is my life 1 year ago  
hawt 1 year ago  
Hate chicken! HATE 1 year ago  
Nicki XD 1 year ago  
if they are smart i wil read theeir smart mind 1 year ago  
i have no emotions pfft 1 year ago  
i love silence 1 year ago  
I will convince the police and if they disagree im afraid i kick em' or just go inseatd of him even tough i did nothing or both 1 year ago  
OMG I WOULD RATHER KILL WHO MADE THIS QUESTION but polar bears are more dangerous 1 year ago  
cats have 9lives not too get killed cuz if they are dead come on they are dead.. the 8 more lives would be for getting hurt not DYING? 1 year ago  
I sacrifice my friends faily etc and i choose to live only a second after them 1 year ago  
Why do people thing god aint real? WHY 1 year ago +1
You are basically immortal with heaven.. plus i hate living forever 1 year ago  
CAN IT BE PET 1 year ago  
Including your loved ones 1 year ago  
IM sorry but i know how to swim 1 year ago  
can they be pets : 1 year ago  
im alive lol 1 year ago  
If im dying you dying with me!.. 1 year ago  
you blind? it says heaven not hell 1 year ago  
OMG OMGONG LOL 1 year ago  
BURN WITH ME BURN 1 year ago  
Its hard/ but jesus wants us in peace.. what im saying he would rather have more people in the world.. Its easier said that done D: 1 year ago  
My life 1 year ago  
My dog would have been shut down or lived for a few more days but die painfully... i wish he could stay longer but not die in pain.. Hopefully i see hi in the ''rainbow bridge'' i couldn't stop crying i realy.. 1 year ago  
None but the killer might be yo mum who wont kill ya 1 year ago  
A celebrity--Oh poor jimmy..a good fan... okay what am i doing here Friends-Jimmy no.. i already miss you 1 year ago  
which is faster... 1 year ago  
Heavennn 1 year ago  
OMG IM GONNA DROWN! Actually no im just gonna get locked home 1 year ago  
If the murderer is released it might kill actually not might WILL kill more then 1 innocent 1 year ago  
i would rather suffer then maybe others suffer 1 year ago  
they ight kill my mother if i pick choice 2 1 year ago  
WHat if you get hit by a car? what if you get terrible sick? what if you get cancer what if etrc 1 year ago  
If you pick choice b actually why would you you dont need to know that stuff and we neeeeed super powers to beat up enemies XD 1 year ago  
Difference?? 1 year ago  
Are you duub im sorry but rrrather is this site's name btw you spelled it wrong. 1 year ago  
Kids can die 1 year ago  
LOL obiously 1 year ago  
same 1 year ago  
poor people hate gingers so i dont wanna be hated 1 year ago  
im planning to do that unless i found TRUE love 1 year ago  
Rich and smart there 1 year ago  
I see nutella 1 year ago  
You can survive being burned and being buried no one would hear you and you owuld die with less air and no food 1 year ago  
Thats me in church im afraid 1 year ago  
Like when my dog... WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY 1 year ago  
My loved one is a chauffeur XD 1 year ago  
climbing it is more safe 1 year ago  
Parma ham? hell yea! ham and salami? HELL YEA 1 year ago  
Money = sadness 1 year ago  
Im carsick glad there wasn't car ride in here 1 year ago  
im sorry i hate football 1 year ago  
My life 1 year ago  
Btw i might be rich 1 year ago  
WRONG ONE if i loose my keys ill call everyone ;3 1 year ago  
if you stay as a kid you dont need to go to school just go to schoool for 1 year and then just do whatebs u want 1 year ago  
We here have no tornadous,tsunamis and no snow )8) 1 year ago  
im sorry i love the electric but its always the same sound! i already play an acoustic and belieave me im in love 1 year ago  
man are always yelled at in school and woman are not lazy 1 year ago  
iving in a wheelchair aint too bad 1 year ago  
Lol your loved ones are now ded congrats 1 year ago  
My life.. 1 year ago  
its not so bad being in a wheelchair. 1 year ago  
i have no friends 1 year ago  
Oh you mean my cold? 1 year ago  
i already do 1 year ago  
My wish in life 1 year ago  
im 2nd XD 1 year ago  
Ahh quitness 1 year ago  
Pollution-garbage animal abuse- REAL things getting hurt 1 year ago  
1 million is a lot. and enough 1 year ago  
Ey son come home with me 1 year ago  
No school WOOOOOO 1 year ago  
i already have unlimited movies 1 year ago  
If you are a girl, choose disabled... Men love smart people then stupid people.. 1 year ago  
again i have no friends 1 year ago  
Better laughing then saying OH MY 1 year ago  
lpve ginger hair 1 year ago  
im already a nobody its better then being imp 1 year ago  
lol wth 1 year ago  
no no please. cats are cuter but lazy OHH HOW I MISS YOU MY DEAR GOLDEN RETRIEVER :( 1 year ago  
KILL EM WITH A GUN 1 year ago  
Fight me btw i have no friends :C 1 year ago  
SO you wont be nervous with more people watching you and nude.? 1 year ago  
I watch italian stiff and never understand.. well almost never 1 year ago  
i hate showr9ing D: 1 year ago  
Homeless-Get help and be a normal person or just get invited to a house.. plus maybe someone your friend your family etc is rich.. 1 year ago  
Eveyrthing will cost no money 1 year ago  
How much more 1 year ago  
i have no siblings :3 1 year ago  
Do i count as an object D: 1 year ago  
I already have a mother anf father to drive me around **** 1 year ago  
video i would just cry!!!! :WATCHES VIDEO: I MISS YOU MY POOR DOG 1 year ago  
When you have no snow 1 year ago  
FREEDOM 1 year ago  
i have no friesnds :( and if i change into a killer welp donald trumo your ded 1 year ago  
i HATE minecraft. im so lonely 1 year ago  
Oops.. wrong one 1 year ago  
life.. 1 year ago  
i dont wanna die of coldness D: 1 year ago  
if you can speak you can hear/// 1 year ago  
Thieves get caught. people who beg are in need 1 year ago  
Heaven is cool so i dont reallt mind 1 year ago  
10 percent LOL 1 year ago  
none i only drink water no fun of me plz 1 year ago  
oops wrong one 1 year ago  
its not our faults bad drivers exist and theat well they are bad 1 year ago  
Bad drivers.. their problem 1 year ago  
i love dogss 1 year ago  
im a kid but k 1 year ago  
Toshiba plz 1 year ago  
micheal 1 year ago  
overdressed what if some coffee fell on you? 1 year ago  
Mermaids are asically real with the mermaid tails 1 year ago  
what are these 1 year ago  
who uses amazon? not me 1 year ago  
EYY BFF ARE YOU MY BFF? YES! YOU LIER! I HAVE NO best friends sniff 1 year ago  
That monkey is creepy 1 year ago  
An ipod.. IMMA FAIL EXAMS SNIFF 1 year ago  
So your saying that if you get teleportation you can fly.. try teleporting yourself in the sky you will all flat on your face 1 year ago  
You can learn how to talk all languages you cant learn by a teacher to talk to animals 1 year ago  
Animals? language? PFFY 1 year ago  
Its not like we even have starbucks here ;; 1 year ago  
GET A GUN EVERYONE 1 year ago  
if you were caught cheating you will get slapped hard and if you see your significant other cheating you can beat the heck out of him 1 year ago  
i accidently picked D: i didn;t read the question How could you guest from australia? 1 year ago  
None but ill vote i guess 1 year ago  
double seriously 1 year ago  
If your immortal where are your family? 1 year ago  
Smart and hot there 1 year ago  
i dont wanna be 200 years old :C 1 year ago  
time srsly 1 year ago +1
if you look at the cause you will see yourself. and if you watch closely you ight know your age 1 year ago  
Fly my life :( 1 year ago  
my true love may have 100000000000000000 dollars 8) 1 year ago  
Maye a celebrity is my crush dummy dum dum 1 year ago  
I hope there is a good reason for it 1 year ago  
i did some questions and it says it will be bla bal bla 2 days will it tell me? i hope you understood X>X 1 year ago  
Also blaziken can beat other stuff and im not even gonna explain. 1 year ago  
Just because delphox could kill blaziken does not mean you have to vote for who beats who.. 1 year ago  
Thanks :D 1 year ago  
I wish :sniff: 1 year ago  
pokemooon 1 year ago  
Yea yea.. porygon and porygon x IS NOT THE SAME THING 1 year ago  
Greninja 1 year ago +2
Just like you 1 year ago  
chikorita is underated 1 year ago  
Blaziken can beat ice.. and fenekkin can not beat dark... god 1 year ago  
At leats 30 percent care. 1 year ago +1
Which means it is worse..?. seriously... 1 year ago  
when swinub looks like a ground type.. 1 year ago +2
ADORABLE 1 year ago  
phanphy is sooo bad 1 year ago  
He was my starter 1 year ago  
Dont say s** please there are kids like me 1 year ago  
I DONT WANNA BLAST 1 year ago +1
RAICHUUU 1 year ago  
what do you think? come on 1 year ago  
Agua jet GOO 1 year ago  
By the way why have **X in this.. children look away!! 1 year ago  
Parasect is creapy 1 year ago +1
if you pick kakuna it will only learn harden however if you have a weedle when it evolves it will have more moves then just harden 1 year ago +1
My starter vs basically a wurmple and pidgey... okay lets admit mega pidgeot is OP but.. wth is this 1 year ago +1
Galade mega galadae. 1 year ago  
Lunala looks better 1 year ago +1
If it sacrifices enjoy living with no pokemon btw have pokemon exist and have 1 pokemon.. i think 1 pokemon still means it exists... plus maybe you will have more then 1 pokemon with my choice who will love,sacrifice etc 1 year ago  
As pets? as helpers... much more 1 year ago  
wow.. 1 year ago  
I hate yu gi oh 1 year ago  
Lol 1 year ago  
Officer jenny 1 year ago  
Gardevoir is almost my friend... ;) 1 year ago  
Mega galadde 1 year ago  
AWWWWWWWWWW 1 year ago  
Arceus the god.. 1 year ago  
I KILLED A LEGEND :( 1 year ago  
Merw- Gen 1 but basicaslly arceus was shy...:3 1 year ago +1
Greninja is water type and OP 1 year ago  
Emboar is underrated and ire type one of my leats fave 1 year ago  
Slow but bettter 1 year ago  
Okay water is the best and i ACCIDENTLY chose sceptile and blaziken bc they are veryy coool and overated sawmpert but i. apart from i love the water types best.. he is part electrich soo hard too beat 1 year ago  
i hate fire types 1 year ago +1
I would be more better and its a higher chance of getting caught 1 year ago +1
the cute one 1 year ago +2
pikachu won bc he is a mascot 1 year ago  
WATER 1 year ago  
Water all de way 1 year ago  
Psychic is better 1 year ago +1
live with cute and awesome animal things who can even protect you or live in darkness.. 1 year ago +1
Does squirtle even learn bite? mine is a blastoise and never learned it 1 year ago  
NOOO WHY DONT DA:fFFKWJQ 1 year ago +1
i love squitrle :'( 1 year ago  
Whyme? 1 year ago  
Anything for pika 1 year ago +1
Poor squirte.. Hated bc of charmander 1 year ago +1
Butt 1 year ago  
Im neither ;3 1 year ago  
l-lame? Do you think im some kind of magikarp 1 year ago +1
On your butt to cool/heat you... OMG SAVE ME 1 year ago +2
i have to... UHHH 1 year ago  
Did he just? EYY MEGA PIDGEOT GUSTTTTTT 1 year ago  
omg :dies of laughter: 1 year ago  
Any legends goodbye 1 year ago  
There is already more water 1 year ago +1
Same thing 1 year ago  
Well at least i stroked it.. and it will last shorter 1 year ago  
10,10.. FRIKING 10 THOUSAND WTH 1 year ago  
i love the sight of a blizzard. 1 year ago  
Being stung D: 1 year ago  
greninja all de way 1 year ago  
My dream- too fly GOODBYEEE birch 1 year ago  
ew running 1 year ago +1
Ouch 1 year ago  
Fairies = any 100000000 pokemon of your choice think about it 1 year ago  
Like ash's pikachu 1 year ago  
Then why are you here in the pokemon would you rather questions?... 1 year ago  
Mickey? Ew 1 year ago +1
im at gen 2 :( but i know lots of pokemon and i see lucario in 4th gen so . 1 year ago  
The pun.. 1 year ago  
Wait the first time we saw pikachu it was the fat one? They look the same too me 1 year ago  
omg cruel 1 year ago  
Gary-Basically the mewtwo in the first movie all angry Ash-Dumb but funny 1 year ago  
charmander is overrated and squirtle was my starter im not a fan of fire types and biggest fan of water types 1 year ago  
Pokemon the best show on earth plus i never saw ed edd and eddd (get it why not eddy) 1 year ago  
what i dont get the point 1 year ago  
Waterrrrrr oh and majestic and never hypnotized a mum 1 year ago  
LUGIA BE WATER TYPE NOW but oh well 1 year ago  
oh come on cyndaquil is not too popular anyway 1 year ago  
Chikorita is underrated and so are grasss types no doubt bout' it 1 year ago  
Mega is different from normal houndoom 1 year ago  
Im not a big fan of houndoom 1 year ago  
Legend vs baby 1 year ago +1
Water 1 year ago  
Yo my uh man..? 1 year ago  
Mewtwo- Better but mew is cuter and is almost an eevee to me 1 year ago  
Be a pokemon president trainer 1 year ago  
Unown? you could do at leats entei LOL 1 year ago  
Whats with the legends vs basic pokemon? 1 year ago  
Wow.. and i taught chikorita was hated 1 year ago  

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