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    The Bible says that Bats are Birds and that the World is a Flat Square  
    [citation needed] +1
    This is not what Evolution is. Evolution teaches that we came from a COMMON ANCESTOR which is not the same thing, besides, in your religion, you believe that man came from dirt and woman came from a rib. And who made God? Also, please work on your pathetic spelling.  
    Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Anne Frank  
    Love both  
    Then why did you pick Option B then?  
    Do you really know any politician to ever tell the truth?  
    No, this question is. They're not all made by the same person. This guy is clearly a Liberal like myself, however there are many right-wing questions on this site (Would you rather get killed by Jason Voorhees or vote Obama in the next election?) Don't make foolish assumptions.  
    It also says in the Bible you can't eat Shellfish, you can't eat Pig-meat, you can't wear clothes with mixed fabrics, you can't be uncircumcised and you can't work on the Sabbath. I assume you want all that outlawed too?  
    And? It also says on porn-sites not to enter if you are under 18 but I still pay a visit.  
    Sir, I am assuming you are a troll, is this correct?  
    I think Bananas are gross however if somebody wants to eat one, they have the right. Y'ALL KNOW THAT SHIT, MOTHERF*CKER!  
    Did you slam your head into the keyboard, sir? Why would God create so many Homosexuals only to dislike them? It's a bit like me writing a Book and saying that it's the worst book I've ever read. 76% are not stupid. If anybody here is stupid, YOU are. +1
    Who created God? Who created the Guy who created God? And who created Him? What materials did God use to create the Universe? How did he obtain them? Which God is he? Yahweh? Jehovah? Allah? Zeus? Thor? Apollo? Shrek? Is he a Good Deity deserving of worship? If so, then why do bad things happen to good people? Is the Bible the infallible word of God? If so, how to you explain the countless contradictions within it's text? Who the hell spells f*ck like that? So many questions, so little time.  
    Heaven is just a place where you worship God for eternity, it's pretty boring if you ask me, I'd rather stay on earth with my computer so I can waste my time on websites such as this.  
    Religious Fanatics are usually Greedy. +1
    You are very stupid. We did not come from a monkey. We came from a common ancestor which is not the same thing and even if we did come from a monkey then by that logic I could very simply refute your argument by saying "so your saying get some dust know it will turn into a man" or "so your saying get a rib know it will turn into a woman". Honestly, sometimes I really do feel like I have lost my faith in Humanity. +1
    I'd bring back Albert Einstein, Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, John F. Kennedy and Buddha  
    She'd forget +70
    I'm too close to my dad for that. If my Grandfather turned out to be Hitler then I'd have liked a different person all along (Not Hitler) so that's why I pick this one.  
    Hopefully the rest of his body will be alright  
    Shit! Wrong one?  
    I have no friends, so I guess I'm not eating anything!  
    Newton thought the world would end in 2060.  
    I'd be able to walk around naked and get away with it!  
    Heil Grammar!  
    The cow is cute  
    I would rather date Obama than either of these idiots  
    Both Religion and Atheism are like a Penis. It's fine to have one, It's fine to be proud of it, but don't shove it down people's throats (unless they want you to)! +2
    But I have no problem with you if you feel otherwise. Both Religion and Atheism are like a Penis +1
    Would you rather stamp on an egg or kill a chicken? +52
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