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    Because I have a crush on reoGirl 3 years ago +3
    Definitely 3 years ago +1
    OH nothing much homie eagle 3 years ago +1
    Hey how's it going 3 years ago +1
    Don't wanna get my feathers wet 3 years ago  
    This one looks better red come on 3 years ago  
    I was gonna say that cawcaw! 3 years ago +1
    But I thought he was afraid of bald people 3 years ago +3
    http://i.imgur.com/ocntx9m.gif 4 years ago +2
    http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/CookieMonsterFamilyGuy.jpg 4 years ago +3
    A reminds me of my childhood rape D,: 4 years ago  
    :/ 4 years ago  
    We will win. All eagles comment and like this comment 4 years ago  
    No 4 years ago  
    I hope you know, most penguins live in hot areas of africa 4 years ago  
    Yea people are really "dragon" behind these days 4 years ago  
    Would you rather me not be in your army? Didn't think so 4 years ago  
    Yep 4 years ago +1
    :D how's life bro 4 years ago  
    Yep 4 years ago  
    Bluefalcon seems stealthy enough so reoGirl will be good with him 4 years ago +1
    But I will win 4 years ago  
    Although I kinda want to feel the pain of a Sim in B cause they sure like to complain alot 4 years ago +3
    :/ 4 years ago  
    "I was only trying to help" -siri 4 years ago +2
    Lol 4 years ago  
    I'll shake my tits for these suckers 4 years ago  
    Bluefalcon is my master 4 years ago +1
    Hmm interesting that you think that 4 years ago  
    I'll see you in hell ;) 4 years ago +1
    My dad is really strict and gets boring after a little but my mom knows how to PARTAYYYYY| 4 years ago  
    Is this AppleCupPhone or Applejaxxx? 4 years ago  
    I got rico, skipper, and private reporting for duty 4 years ago +1
    Let me go get the other 3 penguins 4 years ago  
    I say OrangeOstrich is on my team and bluefalcon 4 years ago  
    Lol I was gonna do OrangeOstrich, but you got it before me xD 4 years ago  
    You forgot to put my name 4 years ago  
    Not as long as I am here 4 years ago  
    I will dominate this war 4 years ago  
    I joined 4 years ago +1
    PurplePenguin will win the bird war for sure 4 years ago +2
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