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I've been gone for a while, but im back permanently. LIVERPOOL FC (>‿◠)✌

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    boxing day sounds nice.  
    i cant even explain how many people made a question about a chauffeur .  
    my penis hair ?  
    lame . +1
    if i have fortune i can buy something else . +1
    faillll ...  
    dont care heard the news . +1
    beautiful +1
    noooooooooodles .  
    noodle time .  
    at least subway is healthier .  
    what if im jacking off bro . +1
    well i dont want my igloo to melt when the sun comes outb. ( not including antartica ) +1
    what if we already live in them both . +1
    i already live in a tepee . +1
    one sense a week for sure .  
    if i have a child right now it will ruin everything i want to do +1
    cause it sucks .  
    ni hao !  
    Ching Chong Wang .  
    rrrr im a pirate . +1
    5 dollar , 5 dollar , 5 dollar foot long any any any .  
    subway eat fresh .  
    nothing's in my history forreal but youtube, rrrather, and facebook .  
    i need my vision .  
    cmon 50 to 50 . cray  
    im already both sooooo .....  
    Gangnam Style overrated !  
    SuitJamas baby ...................................  
    wow ok .  
    What is this "garbeg" you speak of? +217
    umm not enough information .  
    how do you know . +2
    beer .  
    Not Finland .  
    dude you are in finland why do you care ? +3
    but look who won .  
    awwww but look who won Obama .  
    awww but obama won mad bro ?  
    awww but look who won Obama u mad bro ?  
    that is Obama .  
    racist .  
    that is Obama he use to smoke but he stopped .  
    ill just move out of Haiti  
    what if my celebrity is the president .  
    i can give obama my perspectives . +1
    pooty .  
    both will get me sh*t . +2
    Obama killed Osama see what I did there .  
    since obama is the president obama and he is black like me . +4
    USA all the way . +1
    bush was one of the worst presidents we ever had Obama is just cleaning up the sh*t that he left behind .  
    if youre the queen you dont have to do anything but sit . haha .  
    slutty unicorns .  
    what if they guarantee me both +41
    yes i have a big boner i know .  
    My spouse will be rich and hot problem solved . +67
    Well my relationship is cuter but .... lol . +1
    you cray cray dude .  
    Possibly .  
    Laughter .  
    minecraft trolololololololllololo  
    athletic dogs are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    there are always gonna be problems .  
    celebrity is my crush .  
    why isnt there a both option ?  
    who cares ?  
    if i go back in time im bringing technology with me .  
    listen there would be more deaths idiots .  
    we already have a chance of instant death .  
    I hate small little rascals .  
    this is easy no brainer .  
    it has to be really good .  
    celebrity is my crush  
    you dont want me to rule the world i will make it worse lol .  
    famous .  
    big bang .  
    fail .  
    download illegally .  
    this changed alot of answers .  
    wow but the rewind button has a pause button .  
    everyone wins the damn lottery.  
    cruise you do nothing on a plane but sleep  
    47% are Mac owners .  
    i download illegal anyway  
    jesus i love you .  
    f*** yeah controlling my dreams .  
    parents . +2
    f*** jusin bieber .  
    i already have great vision .  
    chi wong wong !  
    i dont care ....  
    both are sh*t .  
    f*** you Romney liar .  
    stealing is a sin .  
    why not both .  
    only child .  
    why not both .  
    die either way .  
    lottery .  
    yolo is stupid .  
    ewwww f*** season .  
    im already hot and smart sooo......  
    im both .  
    i dont want to please my family ewwww i please myself . +3
    im having a wedding haha i win .  
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