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Eyebrow piercing? Yes..? or No.. 7 years ago 535 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Criminal minds or Svu Law and order 7 years ago 303 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Whos better.. Mac miller or Wiz khalifa 7 years ago 1,062 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Whos better Panic at the disco or Fall out boy 7 years ago 330 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Hotter.. Rupert grint or Daniel Radcliffe 7 years ago 278 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Who's better looking? Weight. Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato 7 years ago 348 votes 5 comments 0 likes
City or Town City or Town 7 years ago 449 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Peanut butter Crunchy or Creamy 7 years ago 1,694 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which dog... German Shepherd? or Husky? 7 years ago 1,217 votes 33 comments 1 like
Monroe piercing.. Yes? or No? 7 years ago 520 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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nigahiga is so much more funnier 6 years ago +7
SLENDER AINT EVEN SCARy 6 years ago +1
there both ugly lol 6 years ago +5
religion is stupid lol 6 years ago +5
and they find a cure at the end of the movie 6 years ago +1
i am legend is only in new york 6 years ago  
there both hot gtfo 6 years ago +1
ha ha ha with romney wed loose so much more 6 years ago +4
i never liked the beatles 6 years ago  
GO BAMA 6 years ago +3
cold weather and dead leaves is the best time of year 6 years ago +1
GO BAMA 6 years ago +3
freaking kings and queens is the stupidest thing 6 years ago  
blame it on fixing my nose piercing woo to the wins 6 years ago  
leather should never be worn above the stfu 6 years ago +1
um 6 years ago  
yes it will screw the flag up but that would be a pretty cool addition ^_^ 6 years ago +1
at least ill know that time is moving and my butt wont become numb 6 years ago  
bring on the motorcycle 6 years ago +4
ugh massages 24/7 yes 6 years ago +3
american football 6 years ago +1
only faggots eat pancakes 6 years ago  
zelda sucks lol 6 years ago  
never been to europa park 6 years ago +1
so hungry think i might die 6 years ago  
both but id rather have old cartoon network i mean wtf is freaking regular show and adventure time 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
the spike guys jaw chewdcvkwdcnewdc its gross 6 years ago +2
what 6 years ago +8
both, i live down south, it gets hot 6 years ago  
best friends woops 6 years ago  
what 6 years ago  
cats are butts 6 years ago +3
no nails.. on my toes ;D 6 years ago +8
DOUG 6 years ago  
make her dress like an appropriate slut c;;;;;;;; 6 years ago +1
Says the one who chose Mondonna, lol, just go. 6 years ago  
what about frog eggs? same thing. and i can ask the same question for the egg nymeria, eggs cant fall out of the freaking sky. 6 years ago  
old? hes 25. 6 years ago  
being "tan" makes everyone look literally 20% uglier 6 years ago +3
lol i could be hatefully remembered by 1 person.. but ill be remembered c: 6 years ago  
kidneys look like beans omg 6 years ago +12
sharks and its less painful under water.. 6 years ago  
there was a nasty spider in my kitchen today 6 years ago +1
KIMBO SLICE MAN 6 years ago  
in the middle of both 6 years ago  
chewing strawberry+citrus now xoxo 6 years ago +3
its impossible for an egg to be made without a chicken. people don't be dumb. a chicken HAD to produce it. 6 years ago  
wolves are my favorite animal lol 6 years ago +3
lady gaga is f**king annoying and completely over rated 6 years ago +7
he was cuter as edward but i liked him better as cedric.. i still picked edward though 6 years ago  
wow both creepy af 6 years ago  
simon because simon 6 years ago  
anyone but romney 6 years ago  
SAYS WHO, YOU? I agree. the big bang is sort of iffy to buttttttttttt 6 years ago  
obamas hip 6 years ago  
What 6 years ago  
Depends 6 years ago  
Katy perrys a better singer but rhianna has better songs 6 years ago +2
Oh come on if we all had a choice between an apple or fries I think most of us will choose fries, I know I would 6 years ago +5
the obvious one, these question are stupid 6 years ago +1
lmao is it sad that i chose parents.. . . .. . . ? 6 years ago +3
girls are annoying 6 years ago  
piano ;-; 6 years ago  
plane = see the WORLD 6 years ago +1
neither there both ugly as f*ck, their music sucks majorly, and their just horrible. 6 years ago +4
itchy eyes bother the crap out of me 6 years ago +2
some people need to do, plus, the worlds to populated. 6 years ago +5
fasting is the most stupidest thing. im mean honestly, why would you put your body through that. 6 years ago +1
lmao no, not exactly 6 years ago  
moneyyyyyyyyyyyyy 6 years ago  
beyonces actually good 6 years ago +1
the height, ya ,no 6 years ago  
zombiesssssss 6 years ago +3
omg to many of these questions im gonna punch someone 6 years ago +1
................................... 6 years ago  
I dont like pain aw 6 years ago  
ONE DIRECTION MY GOD 6 years ago  
LOL thank you 6 years ago  
lmfao, shes 12 6 years ago  
already have an annoying younger sister 6 years ago  
you can still move them some where else if they were immortal 6 years ago  
lmao doesn't mean i'm racist? , did i ever say the people of china? no. but i absolutely hate a lot of the stuff they do there 6 years ago  
lmao ive always wanted to, i want to just for the fun of it 6 years ago  
100% fake, its a board, come one people 6 years ago +7
lmao, ya, im a girl, i use this pick for everything, and im not planing on changing it, thank you c: 6 years ago  
who would honestly buy a monster truck.. where would they drive it?? 6 years ago  
lol no, i skipped.. 6 years ago  
I. know. what. it. is. , idk wtf your asking. im saying i have an iphone 3gs. 6 years ago  
honey is also ugly and gross 6 years ago  
just use a small amount.. 6 years ago  
CHING CHONG CHANG 6 years ago  
chinas, or asia in particular, sucks, and i think its gross. my opinion. 6 years ago +1
i like it in the middlee of the day 6 years ago  
call a f*cking exterminator, or animal control, duh 6 years ago  
Slack at a boring job.. sounds like school, lol. no. i want to do something 6 years ago +5
neither both disgusting, i chose mcdonalds 6 years ago  
minecraft sucks 6 years ago +3
ew.. ;-; 6 years ago  
most of the time 6 years ago  
i like giving more then receiving.. 6 years ago +2
neitherrrrrrrr 6 years ago +3
doesnt make her a whore for commenting. 6 years ago +2
but the question is.. for how long??? 6 years ago +8
et 6 years ago  
all i wear is pants, shorts make me feel naked omg 6 years ago +4
Rugrats aw c: 6 years ago  
i have the nascar game for the ps2, pretty cooool 6 years ago  
f*cking ugly but his voice is so much better now omg 6 years ago  
hair wax..??? ew.. 6 years ago +1
lol my sister 6 years ago  
Iphone 3gs 6 years ago  
? 6 years ago  
i know i chose pee-wee 6 years ago +1
bees are ugly and gross 6 years ago +2
the loch ness monster was probably here before, but i believe it became extinct, like the dinosaurs c; 6 years ago +4
the beatles suck 6 years ago +3
the wanted arent THAT good.. , i do like glad you came.. so far.. thats the only song i like.. , but 1D is perfect i love them c: 6 years ago +2
i barely use my phone.. i only use it for music, c; 6 years ago  
ew, um, no aids for me sorry 6 years ago +1
die human 6 years ago +1
um, well has to do with bushes, spiders, screaming, crying, and just no lmfao 6 years ago  
eh 6 years ago  
if you crawl on the stairs you wont fall that hard c; 6 years ago  
you people are sick, ew 6 years ago +6
always wax 6 years ago +1
i hate taylor 6 years ago +1
neither 6 years ago +2
smack the kid 6 years ago +6
your toe would be gone, a second in freezing water wont do anything 6 years ago +4
have to find to people.. in a crowd of people.. ok 6 years ago +2
ever since i went canoeing with my mom and sister and a bunch of other people a while ago, never again omfg 6 years ago +1
it could be a really light kick 6 years ago  
if i wont feel anything then BRING IT ON 6 years ago +2
if the strangers did something horribly wrong 6 years ago +5
submarines scare me 6 years ago +2
some people/things smell like sh** 6 years ago +2
Ron is my man 6 years ago +5
suck 6 years ago +7
LEO BABY MMMM 6 years ago +7
aha 6 years ago +3
eggs are disgusting :x 6 years ago  
just drive? 6 years ago  
futurama sucks and its gay 6 years ago +1
mcdonalds french fries are beautiful 6 years ago +1
just, why 6 years ago +3
i never heard of either of these 6 years ago  
i dont eat oranges 6 years ago +1
EVERYONE? aha, ew, no 6 years ago  
i love blockbuster, brings memories 6 years ago +1
just, i like public schools better, more freedom 6 years ago  
mustang WOO 6 years ago  
aer lingus sounds gross, id do us airways.. but look it up first, and my flights 3 hours ^_^ 6 years ago  
AHA AHA AHA 6 years ago +5
eminem of course 6 years ago +1
never been on us airways, but jetblue awesome.. , and holy sh** your going to boston?!, i now love you because i was born there and go there every somewhere omfgggggg 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago +3
religion is stupid 6 years ago +7
not excatly, im aware of people having green eyes, but more people have blue 6 years ago  
jet blue has tv 6 years ago  
it could be like a second over cooked aha 6 years ago +3
mike tyson looks scary and huge 6 years ago +1
thats your opinion 6 years ago  
drake by far omfg, but love game by tyga is 6 years ago  
mcdonalds is perfect, fattening and greasy, but perfect 6 years ago +2
LOL, im a girl, whoa id rather go for a guy with a mustang ;D 6 years ago +1
i want a mustang omfg 6 years ago +1
ew 6 years ago +1
..? 6 years ago +3
id rather a keyboard 6 years ago +7
true 6 years ago  
your all idiots, most of pro life are guys to, not having abortion will only make more problems 6 years ago  
lol they suck to and im not a fan of the color pink c: 6 years ago  
shark attacks are rare 6 years ago  
aha i win 6 years ago  
its funnier 6 years ago  
lol older music sucks, 6 years ago  
ya, and i hate it WOO 6 years ago  
haha i wasnt born here BITCH! 6 years ago  
f**k florida 6 years ago +7
neither WOO 6 years ago  
like 2389463 people died this week from guns, we need gun control 6 years ago +1
LMAO GTFO 6 years ago  
you'll get smushed flat, not to pieces 6 years ago  
are you stupid 6 years ago  
idk first i can think of 6 years ago  
im laughing omfg, im a girl 6 years ago  
i will!!! :D 6 years ago  
im not gross. i say it all the time. 6 years ago  
what. 6 years ago  
thats sad.. 6 years ago  
mmhm!! 6 years ago  
oooo but i know a few sexy guys with mustaches 6 years ago  
the 2nd one isnt really funny.. 6 years ago +5
some people on who wants to be a millionare are freakin stupid its funny omg 6 years ago +7
clubs look more fun 6 years ago +3
exams = for fags 6 years ago +5
hw is for fags 6 years ago +7
lmao, dogs will and can eat more then just rodents 6 years ago +3
im laughing at your stupidity cause you said it wasnt cruel, 6 years ago +2
i bet 6 years ago  
beards make you look homeless 6 years ago  
the hunger games is the best movie in the world, f***ing peeta is my man 6 years ago +3
your freakin blind 6 years ago +1
still makes it a cruel sport. 6 years ago  
gtfo this site. 6 years ago +1
both are cruel af, 6 years ago  
and who goes in private schools? gross 6 years ago  
dude, 1 million can get you both. 6 years ago  
NO F**KS GIVEN. 6 years ago  
wtf, spongebob is still hip 6 years ago  
nadal.. if he shaves his f*ggot head 6 years ago +2
and its cuter 6 years ago  
THEY BOTH ARE 6 years ago  
pajamas are freaking comfortable 6 years ago +4
be forced to footbind.. then when im older remove my feet, WOO 6 years ago  
i like keyboards 6 years ago  
im a girl so.. skipped.. but lol @ the people who chose young sl*t, i mean are you serious 6 years ago +5
burps dont smell. but either one you better f***ing say excuse me lmao 6 years ago +2
neither BAM 6 years ago  
nutella looks like sh*t 6 years ago +2
@guns 6 years ago  
flying a plane would be wicked omfg 6 years ago  
killing animals isnt fun, its cruel, animals should hunt humans. yup. 6 years ago +10
a gas station exploding sounds lame just because its a gas station.. idk.. seeing a bridge.. like the one in sann fransico .. i think that be pretty cool to see collapse c: 6 years ago +3
chain saw f ya 6 years ago  
that made no sense 6 years ago +6
aw cosmos are cute, jade vine are ugly 6 years ago  
millions of people have blue eyes, and you can tell the pics edited, no one has green eyes 6 years ago +2
im straight and shes gross, BRING ON THE DOG BUTT 6 years ago +3
Sonny moores freakin hot 6 years ago  
wtf will course 6 years ago +2
im pretty sure youll die faster getting run over by a steam roller.. 6 years ago  
not a big fan of vanilla 6 years ago +2
they both are horrible NOW, but before like when nick had drake and josh, jimmy neutron exc. the only good thing on nick is spongebob 6 years ago +6
neither lmfao sucks 6 years ago +7
i have a corn snake c: 6 years ago  
Thats disgusting. 6 years ago +1
ill always adopt 6 years ago +2
zombies girl* 6 years ago +3
penguins 6 years ago  
of 6 years ago  
because 6 years ago  
me 6 years ago  
i never really liked mj 6 years ago +1
ill be a muslim for a day, aha 6 years ago  
umbrella, f u sun 6 years ago  
ew, or nail filers 6 years ago +1
with 5000000 you can get both 6 years ago +4
madagascar 6 years ago +1
COURSINGS CRUEL F U 6 years ago +2
united kingdom has the princess queen king thing, to me, thats really dumb 6 years ago +2
neither 6 years ago +3
flies are annoying af, ill just all the exterminator for the spider 6 years ago  
im not against gays but there some people in the world, who need to be put to death, have a private marriage 6 years ago +7
Leo 6 years ago  
i wanna go to new york but omfg the mountains but still new york 6 years ago  
grand theft auto could be a racing game.. 6 years ago  
what. 6 years ago +3
but it doesnt say BAM 6 years ago +1
sunset = pink, blue, purple, colorful freakin skys omg 6 years ago +2
jokes are jokes who cares, 6 years ago +4
i agree with kimberly 6 years ago +1
lmao not really, im a girl, id rather get the right then the left, xD 6 years ago +1
stars are gay 6 years ago +3
MARIO 6 years ago +1
neither are funny 6 years ago +6
meow 6 years ago  
COME AT ME SHARK 6 years ago +6
my siblings wouldnt last 1 day, 6 years ago  
JOSH HUTCHERSON 6 years ago  
who ever says no, you are 100% stupid. 6 years ago +9
dam.. lose, lose situation. no more pizza for either. 6 years ago +2
i seen 1 and 2, most stupidest, nastiest movie ever. 6 years ago  
i wanna punch the guy on the right for being so ugly omfg 6 years ago  
I have an iphone 3gs, i love it 6 years ago +1
sparkles are lame 6 years ago +2
but you know you have 5 days then 2 days off c; 6 years ago  
I REGRET NOTHING. 6 years ago +4
a little bit is fine but so much people people it like by there eyebrow im like ew wtf are you doing 6 years ago  
its not the lipstick is ugly, its that the outfits they wear it with.. just.. no lmao 6 years ago  
water 6 years ago +2
this made no sense 6 years ago +1
panther, cant see them at night : D 6 years ago  
and people are annoying 6 years ago +3
im gonna work with animals hopefully c: 6 years ago +2
both ugly, but vans 6 years ago +1
bring on the shed 6 years ago +2
snow 6 years ago  
ew, the feet in those heels, 6 years ago +4
ew, short, 6 years ago  
lipstick looks weird on most people 6 years ago +2
to me, eye shadow is to much and ugly 6 years ago +3
omg french manicure 6 years ago +1
donuts are nasty af 6 years ago +1
if not, then the long and straight down 6 years ago  
wait, if it what out of these 2 dresses then the 2nd one 6 years ago  
the black one, its gross looking, i dont like the sparkles, ew 6 years ago  
dont wear make up c: 6 years ago +2
knee high, my opinion, are not cute, unless you have the right outift 6 years ago +1
beyonces like 96% better her music is perfect, 6 years ago +2
love the snow, but cant ski omg 6 years ago +5
this questions really dumb, if you go to school, your gonna know what the day is 6 years ago +6
heat pisses me off, and its nasty, you sweat, and you smell , and i like the cold 6 years ago +6
pool, the beach you get f***ing attacked by waves, i like almost died 3 times (not literally 6 years ago +7
lol no it just says tv 6 years ago  
kill people in the tree 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago +1
i thought adidas was for old people 6 years ago +1
fly, survive 2012 : D 6 years ago +2
men will never know what child birth feels like and women wouldnt know what being kicked in the balls feels like 6 years ago +6
not necasarily 6 years ago +3
911, they made new york ugly 6 years ago  
hide in a tree the whole time, 6 years ago +4
the hunger games is one of the best movies i have ever seen in my life omfg, new favorite movie... other then harry potter omfg 6 years ago +2
f flying, rather be smart honestly 6 years ago  
she ha 6 years ago  
EW FAG 6 years ago +1
wtf is e t f 6 years ago +2
EW SCREAMO 6 years ago +5
AH Jesse 6 years ago +1
oh 6 years ago  
HAHA i know 6 years ago  
angry birds sucks 6 years ago +4
disney sucks now 6 years ago +1
what 6 years ago  
adam sandler,3 6 years ago +1
fiats are ugly as crap 6 years ago +2
already got freakin 2 laptops and a desktop 6 years ago  
DOGGY MCFOGGY 6 years ago +5
what 6 years ago +1
ew 6 years ago +2
what 6 years ago  
dieing from dehydration lasts a week. id rather die then drink piss sorry. 6 years ago +3
nose plugs, ear plugs, eye plugs, mouth plugs, the hour better go by fast. 6 years ago +4
lol you are a nobody, you go on this site c; 6 years ago +6
hopefully its good stuff.. ha 6 years ago  
i couldnt live without my arms 6 years ago +8
cold showers are healthy, and i do it anyway, and lol daylight savings time woop 6 years ago  
omfg 6 years ago  
youtube 6 years ago  
disney.com 6 years ago  
nikolodeon.com 6 years ago  
netflix 6 years ago  
tv on the computer 6 years ago  
i actually wish i had nightmares.. idk.. there fun xD 6 years ago +2
thats pointless, youll be naked 6 years ago +3
3 pairs of cute shoes c; 6 years ago  
use your fingers HA, 6 years ago +2
make out with the sexiest hobo on earth 6 years ago +9
Stfu wh0rebag 6 years ago  
BRING ON THE SLUG, you can cook them 6 years ago +2
oh thats so gross 6 years ago +3
never liked michael jackson 6 years ago  
piano. 6 years ago  
no big time rush is, get it right omg 6 years ago  
one direction is cute c: 6 years ago +1
omfg the script hands down, but niall (blonde one in one direction) is really cute and zayn has perfect eyes 6 years ago +1
if jesse shaves his head. 6 years ago  
ah ok 6 years ago  
derek is ugly af, roshon is omfg cute 6 years ago +3
both suck omfg 6 years ago +26
choice. 6 years ago +7
snow 6 years ago +1
AHA, no, not 12. 6 years ago  
omfg, its real. all has happened before. most likely. 6 years ago +3
this is so gay 6 years ago +5
ZAYNS EYES, harrys ugly af 6 years ago  
idk what it is BUT YES 6 years ago +4
um what 6 years ago  
paper, idk how to explain it, I love librarys ha 6 years ago +11
oh ya ;D 6 years ago  
There both ugly BUT OMFG CODY SIMPSON IS WTF 6 years ago  
zayns eyes are beautiful 6 years ago +1
an american elephant is an african elephant wtf 6 years ago +2
this is annoying 6 years ago +3
sabor f ya 6 years ago  
there is to many of these questions being asked omfg 6 years ago +4
ew 6 years ago  
to hard cant choose 6 years ago  
kit kats are so gross 6 years ago  
both beautiful but, tiger 6 years ago  
458 6 years ago +1
hes the youngest wolf in the 2nd movie.. ? but ya c: 6 years ago  
the guy on the right was arrested for publicly masturbating... 6 years ago +3
lol nope 6 years ago  
i have, it was one of the WORST games i have ever played. 6 years ago  
AND putting a comma in your is the least of my worries and idc 6 years ago  
your dumb to, ya, most come from "whores", but a lot come from just having sex to. and again most cancers are curable. AND, i type fast, so, gtfo 6 years ago  
with a pet dinosaur f ya 6 years ago +7
im both c: 6 years ago  
your all dumb, most cnacers are curable, no aids, stds are curable 6 years ago +4
omG adam lamberts hot 6 years ago +3
i win c: 6 years ago  
rarely 6 years ago  
lol aha no, but go pokemon 6 years ago  
i hope you realize i dont care c: 6 years ago +1
id be able to laugh my a$$ off 6 years ago +2
FEAR THE FUZZY! 6 years ago +4
kangarooos!! 6 years ago +2
eating without gaining wait = my dream 6 years ago +7
i already do the second one, except its a guy im dreaming about (imma girl ha) 6 years ago +1
if your the freaken smartest person in the world. your gonna get rich. 6 years ago +2
no 6 years ago  
normal day = sitting in my room on the computer 6 years ago +4
donuts are not good at all 6 years ago +2
what 6 years ago +6
hello polar bear 6 years ago +2
i keep thinking deby is demi omfg 6 years ago  
i have no idea who these people are stop making these questions omg anime sucks sorry, if its not anime then oh well it sucks 6 years ago +1
fred got a freakin tv show AND been in a movie, duh youtube star 6 years ago  
Both omfg cant chose 6 years ago  
i dont understand how zelda so popular, people say its then pokemon.. im like excuseeee me, zelda sucks major a$$ 6 years ago  
MY TIME TO BE A PRINCESS 6 years ago +1
proof jbs a f*g, look wtf hes wearing in that pic omG, and omg niall horan 6 years ago  
Both equal, but Zayns eyes are like super freaken pretty 6 years ago  
hunger = 1 month, water = 1 week (till death) 6 years ago +10
But what if there not "whoring" around. what if they cant afford it, 6 years ago  
TWINS 6 years ago  
makes me happy : D 6 years ago  
lmao 6 years ago  
omg no, id probably have a heart attack on the way down 6 years ago  
lol ya 6 years ago  
Again, it doesnt say 6 years ago  
aha ok 6 years ago  
wtf is with you and final destination, the movies scare me :x 6 years ago +3
omg ew no 6 years ago +1
what 6 years ago +3
ew 6 years ago +6
hit them with a cane 6 years ago +5
you dont gotta bang your toe that bad, id rather bang my toe then look like a retard ha 6 years ago +2
I actually want braces, and im getting them : D 6 years ago  
already am a vegi woo : D 6 years ago +2
ha i know 6 years ago  
im a girl, i win 6 years ago +4
paris hilton is so ugly 6 years ago +1
pet vs person.. easy.. PETS 6 years ago +3
challenge accepted, bring the sprouts. 6 years ago  
PRISON B*TCH 4 LIFE 6 years ago  
doesnt say the lightbulb cant be made out of chocolate.. or cake, ;D 6 years ago +6
i picked artist, but, HAHA youtube fame means nothing? look at fred!, the kid's been in a movie, and now has his own show! 6 years ago +1
cheetohssssssssss 6 years ago  
so gross 6 years ago +6
WHEELCHAIR 6 years ago  
bangss 6 years ago +2
cold showers are healthier. lmao, hour of sleep? no way 6 years ago  
rhinos. are. so. cute. 6 years ago +2
et 6 years ago +3
i love ferris wheels, but elevators scare the crap out of me 6 years ago +3
wax them 6 years ago +3
everybody farts so who cares. 6 years ago +9
honestly, justin bieber 6 years ago +4
btr are ugly af and they suck 6 years ago +4
btr sucks and there fags omg 6 years ago +3
Babies = no supplies, supplies = no babies, pick 6 years ago  
CRASH OMG 6 years ago +3
squids look gross.. 6 years ago  
neither.. 6 years ago +1
The obvious duh 6 years ago  
your friend already dead, lmao, free meat without struggle. and puppys are cute. 6 years ago +7
neither, 6 years ago +2
stfu 6 years ago +3
Thats not what it asked.. 6 years ago +14
it says cut, you can always use a nail filer 6 years ago +2
I hate them both, but justin WAY cuter 6 years ago +3
Your ruining it 6 years ago  
Josh 6 years ago  
It never said you have to live your whole life 6 years ago +4
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