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    I can loose it  
    Actually xboxcrazy it's 53% and 47% now jokes on you :>  
    I thought it said sex  
    Sox... It's looks like sex XD  
    I wast to have a boy I clicked the wrong one :(  
    Hell yeah! I'm 11 and spoiled  
    I don't have a daughter.  
    IM. 11 I DONT DRINK!!!  
    Datsmsooooo true  
    I like to think out the problem and think of a solution or think which is gonna be more painful or how can I solve it?  
    You can take the clothes off but you can't put anything on when your freezing the the tundra!!!!  
    Ewwwww i hate buffets  
    Ummmm it's said you still die: say your 90, you look young but your going to die still because it just makes you LOOK like your young  
    Toy story beats cars... BY ALOT. It's a classic  
    FINDING NEMO!!!! I'm gonna find you NEMO!!! OK, 1...2,,,  
    I'm a girl so hahahhahahahahahahaha I can't!!  
    I chose the wrong one  
    I've been afraid of drowning my whole life, I have Aquaphobia  
    Mine r bigger  
    ( . ( . )  
    School. ☺️  
    Notice it's says OR  
    It's where you put one bullet in a revolver and spin the cylinder. You put it to your head and pull the trigger. If it's not the bullet, you win. If it is, you die. It's a game of chance  
    Ummm. He said that wizards cannot turn themselfs into ninjas  
    Ummmm hr  
    Trees... TALK DIRTY TO MEH  
    XD LOL  
    This isn't a relationship question!  
    You could always look up the past history on the web but you can't see the future  
    But what if it's like I have bad news... The puppy died... I have good news....... what?..... The good news is that I have no more bads news for you!!  
    I hear bad news.. Then the good news cheers me up.  
    I'm a girl so if guys are attracted to meh I'm fine :)  
    Hey at least I'm gettin Somthin' ;)  
    It's best to save it, if you have sex before marriage it's not as good ;)  
    Ok yeah make a deal with satan, then we can all get ice cream with my best buddy vampir3!!  
    I want to choose  
    Ummm just shave it off likerlyy  
    Lol NOBODY likes to be the seeker "NOT ME"!  
    I like to call so i can hear der voice :D  
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