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    Just make your crush your best friend, problem solved!  
    Technically there still could be since there are still BF/GF stuff  
    I would want to slap the shi t out of the person who made up this question  
    I'm going to Africa next summer to help the people  
    I'm not gay, but some of my best friends are. My opinion is it's great and should be aloud, the sexuality dosent affect YOU. But YOUR opinion is its terrible and there is no reason to call people Stupid Retards to prove your point.  
    Sisters before Misters  
    31% of people are selfish jerks  
    My worst enemy is a guy  
    I'll give my other money away  
    I have both when i took this  
    Either way you would die  
    No one knows or notices me anyway  
    I don't care for ice cream I like, about 2-3 favors that's it  
    Hotdogs, I'm pretty sure are what's not used on a pig.... Or something like that.  
    I HATE OREOS, who's with me?  
    I already do  
    It never said you would die, you could fall into water or so other substance  
    I'm already a loser. But I've got amazing friends  
    I'd be at home :)  
    You can become rich.  
    Anyone who has an older siblings wants to be the older one, it's terrible being younger. You get bossed around and most parents if you sibling I like the 'Perfect Child' want you to be like that.  
    You can fix your car. Harder to fix a house.  
    Wow okay no need to call us dumb! Yeah okay I don't think American Football is a hard 'sport' but it's not dumb that we think it is.  
    My parents (mainly father) would KILL me and the guy for doing it  
    Snowboarding dosent come in use where I live, surfing sorta does  
    No one said your dreams couldn't be 'True love'  
    I don't watch TV I listen to TV.  
    We all have our own opinions: mine is he's a bad president but that's mine. Not yours  
    If my sons happy I'm happy  
    I have 15/20 in one eye that is better than average is it goes up its bad  
    American girls are funny drunks. As I've seen from afar  
    What it means is parts to hard to find  
    I've had a nice teacher that was terrible at teaching, I had to ask my sister help on everything cause she couldn't teach.  
    No one ever said where, camping is, so anywhere we can pick.  
    I have never peed in the shower, sooo not starting now!  
    Be sick: Cold, Flu along that line not Cancer!  
    If I got dumped infront of my friends, he'd regret it so bad.  
    you get into college/get scholarships because of smarts, not popularity  
    I'm a girl! +1
    Like okay, you don't have to look weird to be weird.  
    Oops, read that wrong! Lose 100 that's what I want!  
    Uh... OR that's my choice  
    Stop pollution, cause helps us and animals  
    I pick OR  
    I'm not for the sparkle  
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