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If you had the option would you rather travel to The Pokemon world or The world of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 years ago 179 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Embrace the Cage! Yes or OMG why!!! 4 years ago 109 votes 1 comment 0 likes
You travel to the Pokemon universe would rather your first Pokemon be a Starter Pokemon or The Grand and Holy Magikarp!!!! 5 years ago 144 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Depends, which Robin? Grayson would for sure win. 4 years ago  
It kind of is, religion in Europe is fading. And it seems that the rest of the world is following in their example. 4 years ago +3
It wouldn't be far from the truth haha 4 years ago  
Though she has other powers her main power is ineffective against Iron man and he has fought stronger and faster opponents. 4 years ago +1
So like find god physically? Or in the sense of becoming religious? 4 years ago  
I miss read the question. 4 years ago  
Ok, if they choose to wear it and want then no. But if they are forced to, which in several countries they are, then yes it is oppressive. 4 years ago  
I'm terrified of bugs so I'll take my chance in the tundra 4 years ago +1
Drinking is a vital part of early development in human civilization, it is also less harmful than smoking. 4 years ago  
Thought it said favorite... 4 years ago  
I actually agree with this law. Free speech shouldn't be used to hurt or discriminate against others. 4 years ago +3
Actually, if its only one child then get rid of superstitions. They cause quite a bit of harm in the world. 4 years ago  
Not really dangerous as long as they aren't hungery. Snakes are actually docile, they make great pets too. 4 years ago  
Really sex is simple. Death is something few understand in its entirety. 4 years ago +3
This show is amazing. I think it was more planned out and though both shows are deep Steven Universe is more so. 4 years ago +1
Already planning on it 4 years ago  
Give respect, get respect 4 years ago +2
My karp powers would make me unstoppable 4 years ago  
I think possibly 50 4 years ago  
Women are beginning to be treated equally in some parts of the world, men are sadly far more privileged. 4 years ago  
Tough question. I chose this for the possible immortality. 4 years ago +5
Both are good 4 years ago +3
Immune system of a crocodile, the strength of a gorrila, the hearing of a cat, the healling power of a starfish, and the immortality of a gallopigose tortoise. 4 years ago  
Though heterosexualality is not the normal, it is just the most widely excepted. Historically bisexuality is the most prevalent sexual orientation. 4 years ago +2
Guns prevent crimes more than they cause them. 4 years ago  
Franklin Richards is an Omega level mutant and Raven is basically a goddess at full power. 4 years ago  
Though it is very situation based, there are some instances where verbal harassment should be met with a physical response. 4 years ago  
I would with out a doubt abuse the power. I would try to help the world and improve lives though. 4 years ago  
Uncle Grandpa can't be killed. He exists where ever and how ever he wants. 4 years ago +5
Why not be both? 4 years ago  
Asexual 4 years ago  
Without taxes there would be no governments. Which would be fun but unstable. 4 years ago +1
Oh wait, I thought the question was chose based on race/gender/religion or not make the choice based of those characteristics... 4 years ago  
Divorce is needed if there is going to be marriage, otherwise you are legally bound to a person regardless of what they do. 4 years ago  
It would be so fun but... its probably best it us illegal 4 years ago  
Really both are important to people. The relative importance is more based on what each individual needs in a given relationship, be it friendship for romance. 4 years ago  
But like because of superpowers 4 years ago  
Energy manipulation/absorption, flight, and heightened reflexes. Those would be be my three powers. 4 years ago  
Damn miss clicked. Would love to rule earth 4 years ago +1
This would change from issue to issue on who could voice their opinion but overall the unitelligent have a tendency to speak the loudest. 4 years ago +1
Karpman (basically aquaman but with the added power of magikarp). I could be apart of a superhero team. 4 years ago  
Can't ban alcohol that's already been tried and it failed. Pigs are too intelligent to eat anyway. 4 years ago  
Always a useful skill 4 years ago  
Practice, start off slow anf focus on breathing. After some time doing this increase your speed. 4 years ago  
This is a win-win for me. If I'm right then cool, if I'm wrong I shall consume the devil and begin my rein as supreme deity. 4 years ago +1
Its kind of fun 4 years ago  
I prefer the books for Eragon but the movie was ok. D&D was a fun movie all around though. 4 years ago  
Money would be less needed with this anyway. And a would lead to a short life. 4 years ago +1
I am not qualified for surgery. But giving birth would be interesting... 4 years ago  
He is rich and I'm pretty quiet so he might not notice me. 4 years ago  
I once got hit by a car that was not moving. (I was racing someone in a car dealership and turned to gloat, still running, hitting a car). 4 years ago  
Already addicted to caffine. 4 years ago  
I bought all tye buildings through out my play through and used the rent to save the kingdom. 4 years ago +1
Would we have both? 4 years ago  
Though each would be interesting. 4 years ago +1
Foxy or Bonnie 4 years ago  
Actually, homosexuallity has been observed in many species. The list includes chimps, dolphins, penguins, and sheep. This does not make that animal useless because all animals contribute to the balance of their respective ecosystems. 4 years ago +2
As long as there is wifi XD 4 years ago  
Some specie no longer exist in the wild, zoos keep them from extinction. 4 years ago +1
You guys know sakura is stronger than captain america and faster plus she has chakra/magic. It's not a fair fight for cap. 4 years ago +1
The new leader is the mighty Karp. 4 years ago  
I have strange thoughts... 4 years ago +1
Alexander changed the way power was viewed, without him there would be no Rome which means no real European powers would have formed. 4 years ago  
It would make it safer for prostitutes. 4 years ago +6
Anime + this power = heaven 4 years ago  
It depends on how they do the jokes or their own personal experiences. But overall I would say no. 4 years ago  
I prefer the older aliens but the newer ones were overpowered in comparison. 4 years ago  
Actually, I can't stand living alone so maybe A. 4 years ago  
Alien 3 and Predator 2 4 years ago +1
I don't need my fins all I do is splash anyway. 4 years ago  
Wolf, salad, and pizza. 4 years ago  
I am Groot. 4 years ago  
Less powerful but more versatile. Plus who wants to be so overwhelmingly powerful? 4 years ago  
Painless, if done right. 4 years ago  
Greatest question ever! 4 years ago +3
Though either would be facinating. 4 years ago  
Chief did more by himself. 4 years ago  
Though the blue ring of hope would be awesome to. 4 years ago  
Rarewolf27 that Karp is fine XD 4 years ago  
Really cool question! 4 years ago +3
Really cool question! 4 years ago +1
I enjoy My Little Pony. It's a good show. 4 years ago +4
Disliked it 4 years ago +1
I mean Superman is more powerful but Goku is a coller person and would be more fun to hang out with. 4 years ago +1
I dislike the Punisher from the comics. I would like to see a good reboot. 4 years ago  
Otakus unite! We're here, we're otakus and we would rrrather be watching anime! XD 4 years ago +1
Furries are cool people. I know a few and they are nice. 4 years ago +2
Love is the way to all hearts! 4 years ago  
Karp of the year. XD 4 years ago  
Should all restaurants offer a vegan option or not. Or something along those lines could be asked. 4 years ago  
Actually movies can have nudity at the pg level as long as it isn't sexual. Most pg movies don't feature this because Americans view all nudity as sexual anymore. 4 years ago  
Add me, I could be a talking fish or that guy who goes to investigate the noise in horror movies. 4 years ago +1
I'm a ninja Karp from outer space! 4 years ago  
To be happy! That's the purpose of life. 4 years ago +2
It makes the menu look larger, so it's like stuffing your pants. XD 4 years ago  
I didn't but now I'm starting to... 4 years ago  
Death is nothing compared to a life of pain and fear. 4 years ago +2
Call me Karp. 4 years ago  
Welcome back! 4 years ago  
If he can only use flight and super strength he has no chance against the Flash. Flash is one of the most powerful heroes in all of DC. Superman is strong but his power comes from all of his superpowers; super speed, super hearing, super strength, heat vision(beams), etc. 4 years ago +3
Without the school experience some jobs won't hire you. 4 years ago +2
Fear my Magikarp army! 4 years ago  
Fear my Magikarp army! 4 years ago +1
Thor is fastenough and strong enough to hold his own against Superman but the deciding factor, for me, is magic. Superman loses his invincibliblity when around magic, Thor can use magic and his hammer is magical so one hit and superman is dead. 4 years ago +3
I think my brain broke trying to choose... 4 years ago  
Canada is cuter since he is always with his bear. 4 years ago +2
I would love to see how this works... Though if it is the original FMA and not Brotherhood I could see how the ending could lead to the crossover... 4 years ago  
If would be lonely with humanity gone but in a few millennia I'm sure a new species will evolve to entertain me. (I am the immortal Magikarp!) 4 years ago +1
I like NaLi but I got to go with NaLu. 4 years ago +1
Little Caesar's is the best! And Pizza Hut is too greasy. 4 years ago  
I misclicked. I'm pretty sure this one is true. 4 years ago +2
Superman's strength is above base level hulk and red hulk. 4 years ago  
This question is amazing! It really made me think. 4 years ago +2
Ironman fought and beat the hulk at one point and that wasn't even in his best armor. 4 years ago  
My beliefs are similar but are more thought out and fitted more to my newer experiences. 4 years ago  
It also unlocks the hidden potential within a person. 4 years ago +1
Is this asking which we would rather have irl? 4 years ago +1
Her strength and speed is on par with Superman and her lasso is unbreakable. Hulk is actually more of a threat to Superman than her, her weapons and abilities render Hulk unable to fight at all. 4 years ago +1
It desensitized people to violence, Lessing it's affect on a person. But I don't think that causes violence, just a lessened reaction. 4 years ago  
I like this one because it makes Foxy a hero, go Foxy! 4 years ago  
Thor's Hammer 4 years ago  
I am right now. XD 4 years ago  
Unless it's a good arc. That arc in fairy tail was really good! 4 years ago  
That hair tho. 4 years ago +1
The moral choice or the smart choice. 4 years ago +2
They would have because they did. That original timeline would exist solely for the new to exist. 4 years ago  
It's just a weird way to say fullmetal since it is full of emotion. 4 years ago  
I was looking at this like say everyone was playing Marco Polo but always had there eyes opened and got out of the pool then it's still a game but just tag instead of Marco Polo... So I guess I chose wrong.... 4 years ago +1
I want Death the Kid's hair color, black with white stripes. 4 years ago  
I really don't know much about either though. It would be cool to see a description because this is a really cool series. 4 years ago +3
Darn it I chose too fast. A unicorn has all kinds of cool powers and would be easier to hide as. 4 years ago  
Anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
Take action and try to reform the brother. 4 years ago  
Damn the picture fooled me. I dislike GTA. 4 years ago  
I don't like the Punisher. 4 years ago  
This may be the single hardest question I have ever seen! 4 years ago  
Does necromancy count as one power or a collection of powers? 4 years ago +1
Feelsmetal Alchemist is in my top 10 favorite anime of all time. 4 years ago  
Yay! I'm in the user tournament! 4 years ago +1
I'm so forgetful, the best thing I could tell them is I'm from America. Everything else is a mystery even to me. 4 years ago  
I'm kind of curious if I have gained any amount of renown. 4 years ago +1
The Compensator, I saw it on a video once and loved it! 4 years ago  
Really the Trojans, especially Hector, were very sympathetic characters. If you read Hecabe you will see even more of the Trojan side. 4 years ago +3
Biased question is biased. 4 years ago +4
I would almost be too smart. 4 years ago  
Pizza Hut is too greasy. 4 years ago  
Hikaru gets all flustered at things like that so it would be cute. 4 years ago  
Because he is popular. 4 years ago +1
This really is only a question if you are a straight male or a gay female. 4 years ago +2
Alucard is amazing! Hellsing Ultimate is probably one of the best anime of all time! 4 years ago +2
I feel like his power is a little too unknown but he is supposedly more powerful than the wizards and elves so... 4 years ago  
Add magic to the world! 4 years ago  
This question really made me think. 4 years ago  
I'm in the ocean, make a spear and fish. 4 years ago +1
Chose the wrong one. 4 years ago  
I think they would go to purgatory. But I'm not Christian so I'm not really sure. 4 years ago +1
If people were naked more often then it would not be considered offensive. 4 years ago +3
I'm new, nice to meet you! 4 years ago +2
The Dessert Eagle sucks, too heavy with a powerful recoil. 4 years ago  
Though the early ps1 games for Digimon were amazing! 4 years ago  
It's needed just about everywhere. 4 years ago +4
I can't wait for both! 4 years ago  
If it's like an option on a movie or something similar then why not. 4 years ago  
That would be an awkward family diner... 4 years ago +4
Could I be stoned to the point of deafness? 4 years ago +1
I'm a brony. 4 years ago +2
Mako from Kill la Kill because Mako is amazing! 4 years ago  
It's really hard to choose. 4 years ago  
Everything is a dessert! 4 years ago  
Well if I understand the question, it's asking if people's sexuality or religion set them apart or was used to shame them more often. I could be wrong but based on European History I would say religion as being gay was so common in ancient history and up until the 13th or 14th century that no one of note ever really cared. 4 years ago +4
I would rather not get killed by tentacles and the second option is just nasty... 4 years ago  
Keep posting mlp questions, if you want to. They are awesome! 4 years ago  
The Samurai had better weapons. And a similar social standing. 4 years ago  
The need of the many over the need of the self. 4 years ago +1
A tough question. Though killing a innocent man is an unthinkable crime, a hundred billion dollars could do so much... So I will say would not do it. Simply because I have no need for so much money. 4 years ago  
Already am. 4 years ago +3
It would make it safer for prostitutes as they would be protected by the law as opposed to some pimp. 4 years ago +1
If my child wanted to/ felt safe to go back. 4 years ago +1
Immortality and da booty. 4 years ago +3
I could improve that world. 4 years ago  
It makes no sense but it's funny... 4 years ago +4
I love this question. 4 years ago  
The point of owning automatic guns is so that the people can protect their countries borders, it also protects them should that country try to take away there rights. 4 years ago +2
Why should the state pay to feed and care for a murder or rapist? 4 years ago  
It should be legal, it's a woman's choice if she wants the responsibility of having a baby. It could even be that having the baby could kill her. 4 years ago +2
I would just say attention seeking, the word whore is unneeded and disrespectful. 4 years ago +2
If he had time to plan out his attacks and could find the weaknesses of each character like he did with the Justice League. 4 years ago  
Wish for immortality, cause then I could do whatever. I could spend a few hundred years studying diseases and find cures etc. 4 years ago +1
Only in the colder months would we wear as much, really the amount of clothes worn today is silly for the environment we (being people in America and countries of similar climate) live in. 4 years ago +1
XD 4 years ago  
Wow! You guys think I'm perfect? Thank you! 4 years ago +4
Though as long as they are faithful it doesn't matter. 4 years ago +4
They were basically the same but as a lawman I could stay in town. 4 years ago  
Use my power to make criminals get antsy every time they brake the law. Haha! I will be the most mild hero ever! 4 years ago  
Rain by Mika. 4 years ago  
I would say that the weapons Kratos used would be able to kill Spawn because they are holy weapons. 4 years ago  
As long as a price of string. 4 years ago  
XD 4 years ago  
Such picture, very fitting, wow. 4 years ago +1
Because I am Groot. 4 years ago  
Ah Sentry, the most powerful hero ever... Except maybe Dr. Manhattan. 4 years ago  
I chose this one because the other is too f***ed up... 4 years ago +2
Italy launched the age of thought into existence. Britain just did a lot with that... So it's kind of either until we look at da Vinci who was too cool for Italy to not win. 4 years ago +1
Family is more important than anything else. (Doesn't have to be blood family) 4 years ago +3
I don't need to try. I'm just weird... Damn it never mind, that is too cliche to say. I apologize. 4 years ago  
Yugioh! 4 years ago  
360 No Scope! Get Rekt m8! Shrek yourself before you rekt yourself! 4 years ago  
Though only if used for that reason. 4 years ago  
Ebola is not really dangerous. It only posses a threat to countries with out moderne medicine. For people in America to be that afraid of Ebola is silly. 4 years ago  
Dear Nation, Bruhh. That is is all. 4 years ago  
Name him And Role. 4 years ago +1
It's kind of fun. I wore a prom dress to my high school graduation. 4 years ago  
My dog has bad breath... 4 years ago  
If done well and not constantly then they are great but most games use jump scares as their only scare tactic. 4 years ago  
Unless you count the Supreme Karp! 4 years ago  
Wait, I change my answer. Kratos couldn't do anything to Frieza. 4 years ago  
Strange has battled creatures and gods that can alter all of existence and wins. 4 years ago +1
Sweden seems cool, it's one of the happiest countries in the world. 4 years ago  
My army of Magikarps will be unstoppable! XD 4 years ago +1
I'll eventually rise up and rule all of the underworld! 4 years ago  
At least everyone else would be logical. 4 years ago  
I mean a question like "is there air?" That would be silly... But I don't see why you can't ask it. 4 years ago  
No, I don't think so. 4 years ago  
The movie made me mad but the books are great! 4 years ago  
I vote Soul just cause he is cooler, but Trunks would destroy him. 4 years ago  
I would throw out my option but I don't have a wolf in this fight... 4 years ago  
Favorite villain is Harley or Poison Ivy and my favorite super hero is Batman. 4 years ago +2
Though Ricky is great! 4 years ago  
It's to stop horse theft, the ice cream cone law. 4 years ago  
I only know my own self-made form of martial arts. 4 years ago  
I'm bi and this just sounds amazing. 4 years ago +1
It has a great story with actual character development, for the main character at least, and lots of breasts... How can anything beat that? 4 years ago  
Being gay is illegal in several countries and is punished with death in a few. 5 years ago  
I would give it pg but if it has nudity in America it will probably get r. 5 years ago  
This way we can focus on helping the animals and saving the planet! :) 5 years ago  
Build a castle! 5 years ago  
You have the right kind of family! 5 years ago  
I then eat slender man and have the rake for dessert. Tasty! 5 years ago +1
All hail the Chief! 5 years ago  
I love Sgt. Frog! It's an awesome show! 5 years ago +1
I picked the wrong one. 5 years ago  
The Joker has swag... Besides he fights (and sometimes wins) against Batman and Batman beats everything else because he's Batman. 5 years ago +1
I like My Little Pony too. 5 years ago +2
Missed clicked. I think all life is equal, until that life does something to add or take value. Not meaning monitory value, it's more of a spiritual value. 5 years ago +2
Power currupts, absolute power currupts absolutely. 5 years ago  
To Mars! 5 years ago  
Being how a kryptonian is basically a god, especially if you take away the kryptonite weakness. 5 years ago  
Well the Samurai are more well rounded as far as combat goes but the legionnaires are more of a coordinated unit. I think given the Samurais better range, mobility, and weapons they would win. 5 years ago +1
I mean I'm immortal so... This way at least I do not have to wait 20 years. XD 5 years ago  
Beautiful. Doctor Who ftw! 5 years ago  
I was teaching young Martians to read, then that night I went back to Mount Olympus. Those were crazy times... 5 years ago  
CoD Black Ops Zombies. 5 years ago  
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