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    In private. If you're in front of people and propose then they feel like they have to say yes. Then you find out they ran and now they look like an asshole, but if you do it in private, they have time to actually think and decide whether they wanna commit or not.  
    Bumblebee is that you?!  
    Spend the day with Morgan Freeman AKA the voice of God.  
    If you're a religious person that respect everyone believes in different things, you're cool. If you try and push your religion down other people's throats, I hope you die in the most painful way.  
    Women's tennis literally sounds like porn. Put on some women's tennis and just listen.  
    Don't make me choose!!!! ;~;  
    The force can literally let you fly and gives you telekinesis, telepathy, and the ability to crush things with a small movement and your mind. Plus, you get a free sword. +1
    Religion literally starts so many problems and it's stupid.  
    Beginning of every Lil Wayne song: YUNG MOOLAH BABY!! stfu. -_-  
    I got the skill to pay the bills.  
    Your style makes you who you are.  
    Call me Darth Maul.  
    Literally become a rapper.  
    At the gym, people sound like their having sex while working out.  
    Germany literally outlawed Nazism. America still thinks the Confederate flag and KKK are part of it's "culture". America's stupid. Germany is genuinely sorry. +1
    This is why we should discipline our children.  
    Honestly, I'd rather have a girl.  
    Deal or No Deal models are fly  
    I use them after I've beaten the story mode for fun in GTA.  
    Words mean they still care enough to argue. Silence means they have nothing else to say because they no longer give a sh*t. +1
    In reality tho, death is the best option..  
    I am a shy geek. Get le at me  
    Think of all the drunk 18 year old drivers.  
    Google literally has slides in their offices!!!  
    If he was a drug addict and unemployed, he's on his own, but at the same time, my kids won't be like this sooooooo.........  
    Can you imagine playing dodgeball with people you hate and you change the ball to the size of a frickin buick?  
    Less permanent damage  
    I'd try it straight from the source. ;]  
    Riding around in a frickin plane.  
    I do that anyway. :) Don't like it, don't talk to me.  
    I prefer female doctors because they seem more friendly than male doctors.  
    Who wants to watch some awesome dude win, when we can watch a douchebag fail?  
    Misclick. ;~;  
    I would where sweatpants to my wedding. I hate wearing a suit.  
    No one has ever dies from standing in line  
    I mean, some people that want abortions were raped, and others don't think they're ready for kids. Still others find out the baby they're having has like a 5% chance of survival anyway.  
    Get that Fullmetal Alchemist style prosthetic arm and win all the fights.  
    So...just don't watch porn for a while.  
    Start up a video game company, buy Mega Man & Sonic, & make awesome games. Sonic Boom would be gone.  
    You might be able to escape a lion, but not even Michael Phelps is outswimming a shark.  
    I still dress the same way I did when I was 10: Baggy ass clothes.  
    Pigs are so cute.  
    I love big fluffy dogs. :3  
    Hakuna Matata is the problem free philosophy. YOLO is an excuse to be stupid.  
    Dr. Pepper is the best.  
    I still dress the way I did when I was 10.  
    Dark Knight Rises is hilarious because of Bane and they way they mixed his voice.  
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