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    Makes me feel like I'm not a total mess.  
    Money sucks without someone you love to share it with. What the hell am I saying?! +1
    Yup. The money.  
    ah love  
    Atleast I have a choice  
    Star Trek anyone? +1
    Tesla, the father of the electrical conductor.  
    Alex, cos you one ugly mutha  
    Books are better than movies. You have a detailed story and the best special effects, your imagination.  
    A good buffet, not one of those corner multi-national chinese places. I'm thinking Golden Corral +4
    I think you did a question similar to this, alexw. It was "Would you rather, Be an oompa Loompa or inbred, like me?" +3
    For being the owner of this site, these questions are just terrible.  
    Dude, no!!!  
    Damn alexw, this is worse than mine questions you don't approve.  
    A Republican totally made this question.  
    gingers aren't human  
    steal all the moneys!!!  
    Live like a pirate, cos pirates live free...  
    What about Carl's Jr.? "Without us, some guys would starve" lol  
    An amazing piece of architecture. Its a testament of Roman cruelty and design. +1
    Can my masseuse also be a prostitute?  
    The elevator part...its stuck in my head and will never go away!  
    Relocate half the population to re-terraformed Mars.  
    How do we know this universe isn't someones boundless imagination like Steven King's Dark Tower series?  
    Star Wars is for retarded, unimaginative, dong sucking, sh*t eating gnomes who clusterf*ck cows while playing Minecraft.  
    I like dogs, not atomic farts.  
    Somebodys got to thin the herd.  
    IH8 wine +1
    mmmm, not bad  
    "Do what must be done, Lord Vader."  
    From the lady guard +1
    More people did not need to die in the holocaust.  
    Lucas has lost his way, he can't write sh*t anymore. I'd rather see something new than repost rerererereleased movies.  
    His beard...really? That is how you base your conclusion?  
    itunes is crap, give me coffee!!!!  
    damn you hitler, you're everywhere.  
    I am Lord Razzle! Obey!!!!  
    Screw the Royals, I got an Xbox!!!!  
    Rather...what? Bang?  
    No on being Jabba the Hutt and no on being Edward.  
    Ladies like the suit.  
    Be fat, work out, get trim and still be smart. +1
    the pictures say it all.  
    Ah the sea, so beautiful...  
    Plato's teachings have confused and added doctrines to Christianity since the second century, thereby deviating from Christ's original teachings. Hell fire, immortality of the soul and even viewing God as a trinity; lies now widely regarded as "Christian doctrines" are taught in churches today even though these doctrines are of pagan religious origin. Thanks Plato.  
    The reality is, this question is reversed. +96
    Already am lol  
    Hell yeah floor chicken!!!!!  
    I'd rather be funny, outward beauty is skin deep.  
    I sleep pretty will at night.  
    I'd bet the internets.  
    Some guy asked me I wanted a Muslim instead of a Mormon in office. Republicans are paranoid racists who are stuck in a 1950's ideology. And Barack isn't a Muslim.  
    Let there be SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +2
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