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    what would I do with 10 cars? I say that with 11 cars in GTA 5 CEO mode  
    I'd make the most of my 25 years  
    I've never seen either  
    i dont want kids  
    and look like a idiot  
    love traveling  
    showers are the best  
    ok so idiots are the ones who express ideas? ok  
    virgin for life  
    you assume they can?  
    F uck dating  
    i know what's coming falling of the Empire State building  
    it'd be cool just to have an android. I'd be like Krillan from Dbz. I'd even call her 28  
    f ucking loser  
    I like my privacy  
    The office was classic  
    Women aren't attracted to me as is and thank god for that because I do not need that  
    I've worked outside before  
    it's just laundry  
    I am never having kids, no matter what  
    I feel like they would make you their leader regardless  
    i feel like the drunk driver would be entertaining  
    I'd say Miami so I could fish in the ocean  
    you f ucking idiot  
    there's this new thing called history class  
    I owned a PS3 and liked it  
    I'm gonna get hated for this but I've never seen that  
    I am just not a silent person  
    Watching bad movie with your friends is fun  
    don't do much thinking huh?  
    at ultrasound so I can help my wife get the nursery ready  
    well, you're quite stupid  
    I don't like our president  
    I suck at both singing and dancing but all I have to do is write to communicate  
    I want to meet bob barker  
    neither. waste of time  
    f uck vampires  
    living alone is the best. Besides it doesn't say you are totally alone, you just live alone  
    cuz adoption is not a thing  
    I'm a guy so only once choice  
    ok I did not need to see this. Someone needs to grow up  
    it's double pay  
    night. less people to piss me off  
    don't make me vomit  
    the devil would screw you first chance he got  
    I will never do it but that's just me  
    you are a idiot. Stay in the basment  
    the hunger games are tumor inducing  
    looks don't matter  
    shallow, vain fool  
    I pays bills and stuff  
    f uck the jedi  
    I wish i could pick both. I like me some booze  
    How well can Justin Beiber fans actually fight? they're all underage girls  
    I'd able to forget so many stupid comments I've seen on these  
    I can't stand our elected officals  
    yeah hell no  
    have you any pride?  
    no longer matters +1
    I'll be honest, f uck both these places  
    how stupid do I have to be? Like just a little slow or Kim Kardishain stupid?  
    I've had less issues with Android  
    I'll see to it that I have have my first kiss. I have more important things  
    I can't sleep in a hot room  
    people have survived Cancer before, it's not the most deadly thing out there  
    I'd feel like I deserved it by working through it  
    Drowning would be terrible  
    he would already know  
    I look forward to sleeping after a long day  
    so f ucking what?  
    ignorant people tend to be stupid  
    Ok first of all, the frist three comments under mine need to grow up and not communicate with anyone, ever. Second, I'm going with the boy who lived  
    if it's my favorite song then yeah I'll listein to it 50 songs  
    no sh*t Sherlock. They play characters  
    too bad you'll never really know  
    I don't want to find anyone. I could stand being poor and alone  
    I promised my dad I would never smoke  
    i just feel as though the crocs will make for a better story  
    that's not how life works  
    need money for college  
    those who said no doesn't know how life works  
    I can find another job  
    it'd only be a few hours  
    being the oldest is the best  
    that's bullsh*t. I love being the oldest  
    I really don't like society  
    i ain't getting married. F uck that life  
    I picked Anarchy without paying attention  
    if you hate your job then what's the point? You spend a majority of your life at work, why would you stya at a job you hated?  
    yeah but how many people can say their town was rnamed after them?  
    I want to meet the gods, hook up with Aphrodite. That was a joke, just in case  
    I'd do anything for my boys  
    That's what happenes when you shave. Then you shave again  
    I'm a guy  
    I have a serious coffee addiction  
    we have soccer in America as well. I swear it's like no one does research anymore  
    not really  
    it is a sport, sh*t for brains. You clearly should just stay inside  
    werewolves are awesome  
    fare thee well dovakiin  
    i dont like big cities  
    I'll just befriend them again  
    physical pain is brief  
    i always play solo  
    not the best way to word that  
    f ucking love meat  
    f uck love  
    i need my computer for college  
    well that's only one pleasure you're mssing out on  
    how are we assholes cause you're deaf?  
    other people tend to get in the way +1
    cause you like not amounting to anything?  
    I hear china has strict travel laws  
    smart person  
    I would hate both jobs  
    there's this new invention, it came out last week called. . . adoption  
    f uck dating  
    its called honor. I understand you don't have it but  
    they both let us down  
    what a loser  
    I love my country of America  
    no it's not, you idiot  
    i like to travel  
    i've drank two liters of coke  
    it's one inch off. Big f ucking deal  
    I don't f ucking care.  
    my parents are divroced  
    oh my god, it was just a question. Grow a pair or a back bone( depending on your gender) and grow up.  
    makes no sense  
    I'd get to face down a dragon. Hell yeah. Imagine telling that story in a bar  
    jokes on you, I ain't getting married  
    your too stupid to be a leader. Sit back down and let the adults take the reins  
    I'd end racism because most racist are f ucking stupid  
    to be honest both are  
    no we don't. Not of all us have crushes because they are pretty stupid  
    France so I can visit my aunt  
    I'd end up losing the pictures  
    I'm a thrill junkie  
    you do know everyone has to eat right? or does your brian just not work?  
    says the ignorant fool  
    I'm already poor but wake up everyday with a smile on my face like " f uck yeah I'm alive"  
    exactly what i was about to say  
    i dont feel like either one is a good option  
    those idiots collided with an iceberg  
    I played football for ten years and loved it  
    if i were a rich douchebag, I'd give anyone permission to kick my ass  
    war is needed. I'd rathe rhave war and kick the terrorists ass if it means everyone can be well fed  
    F uck love. I'd love to travel the world and make my dreams come ture and be happy  
    aliens want to reproduce with me? I'm gonna need a lot of beer. Not taking my chances with terrorists  
    do you have a life? no  
    I've eaten cookie dough since I was a kid. Healthy as a horse so f uck that doctor  
    i like being alone  
    I dont want kids anyway  
    I'll drink to that  
    he's not president,  
    people rally behind those they care about  
    so waste your time starting a family or pursue your passion  
    all men pee in the shower  
    i already plan on living long without love.  
    oh my god. . .these people.  
    I'm really wierd  
    text because it'd be so easy to turn it on them. Text them something like" yeah, I only dated you because I was paid off", text the person a picture of you giving the finger then never speak to the person again. It'd be funny  
    no amount of money is worth my nuts  
    Your stupidity killed my braincells  
    well, you're bitter  
    I ended up in the popular crowd in school due to football but was also able to fight into other crowds as well  
    nothing beats a good campfire  
    too bad  
    we're almost done with Obama, thank God  
    I already do both of these things cause I like being alone  
    says the pussy who doesn't have the balls to say s hit. ok  
    pollution is just bount to happen. F uck it. I'd rather save a animal from getting beat then worry about somehting I literally give zero f ucks about  
    that's not how life works  
    I'd rather my family have my back  
    i say what i think anyway  
    Because of Democracy some real idiots have gotten into office  
    both are f ucking stupid  
    I'd let my son live with me as long a she pulled his own weight. Better that then have him be a drug addicted failure  
    i feel like I'd jump off my roof no matter what  
    Few movies are good anymore  
    Stupid people will be the death of humanity  
    Either or  
    I'd die without my friends. I can find away around no computer  
    no sh*t  
    F uck dating. I'm staying single forever  
    Lions would be a cooler way to go out +1
    oh my god  
    all I need is $50,000  
    I hate stupid and lazy people. I'm better off alone  
    I'd outlaw stupidity. The orld would be a better place  
    you don't like, don't assiocate with it. Weird concept I know  
    my siblings are awesome  
    lazy fool  
    I wouldn't have to buy food  
    i live on earth and couldn't care less about space  
    but there's still mysteries. By the way, really stupid username you've got there. I lost brain cells  
    Why would I be in prison? If it was for somthing not that bad then I'd be able to handle it but if it was murder or somhting like that, I'll take my chances being homless. There's shelters  
    or montana  
    grow a backbone  
    i already plan to have a good job and not get married or raise a family. Being alone is the best  
    like my omment if you want to give this idiot the middle finger  
    I'd rather stay a man. Not into the whole gender change thing  
    I can stand not being able to act on my own under Just rule  
    i feel like being a beggar would make you grateful for everything  
    Odds are in my favor and I have a lot of dreams. I will roll those dice  
    I don't want to be stupid  
    no, that could not be further from the f ucking truth  
    i don't care for either  
    Being in the friend zone is actually pretty good  
    no its called failing. Everyone does it, including yourself  
    fails are funny  
    I hate dressing up. A t shirt and jeans work well in just about any real life situation  
    who have zero pride  
    considering I'm just gonna live a life that focuses on my career, f uck both choices  
    I feel like you'd achieve more by stopping the Holocaust  
    so be in politics or be able to call canidates out on their bull sh*t  
    my dreams are pretty f ucking weird so I'd live to revisit them  
    At least in WWIII we would all be on a level playing field  
    need the internet for college  
    F uck relationships.  
    you read my mind  
    Yeah. . . school is clearly a struggle for you as is thinking  
    I don't downlad Itunes music. I just use YouTube for music  
    considering the zombies would eventually die off faster then WWIII would end  
    smart people  
    morales and intelligence is unknown to you huh?  
    which is why you have no friends  
    so if case no one was aware, ther eis a new torture method being appiled all over the world. Terrorists groups from all over are kidnapping people, tying them to chairs and making watch copies of the movieTwilight. Not one has survived  
    what is wrong with you?  
    i dont think id want to remember +1
    the whole don't get tattoos was orringally for the Levitt tribe  
    i would use my immortality to do crazy stunts just to freak people out  
    to hell with looks. I dont want to be the village idiot  
    that is not true. That's just sterotyping  
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