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If you was about to do it with your crush and she told you that she was born a man, would you rather Ignore the fact or Run for ur life 3 years ago 3,943 votes 59 comments 0 likes

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"Gangstas" are uneducated and filthy versions of mobsters/mafia 2 years ago +1
A little mistake can get someone innocent on a death row plus the justice system is absolute garbage 2 years ago +1
I'm not American so I don't need any... 2 years ago  
F*** off with your propoganda 2 years ago  
fnat is like fifa, same sh*t and same overrated game 2 years ago  
she looks real nice but she sounds insane 2 years ago  
Those pathetic twats would never kill me 2 years ago  
The world is full of ignorant Christians who love to force religion upon their children anyway 2 years ago  
Miranda? Don't you mean Michael Jackson? 2 years ago  
Coming from an American autistic virgin. I'm confident that "Eminem" is not a movie. 2 years ago  
You have to be a full-time roadman to be respected 2 years ago  
98% of you people are dying with dust on your virgin dicks 2 years ago  
Bee movie is my favourite anime of all time 2 years ago  
Just over half of voters are socialists 2 years ago  
*cough* pedophile *cough* 2 years ago +1
Cliché American blonde vs Blonde with hideous jaw 2 years ago  
The other one looks too geeky 2 years ago  
Scarface Forrest Gump Pulp Fiction Godfather Part 1 Boyz n the hood 2 years ago  
Eminem? You mean 8 mile or am I the retard? 2 years ago  
I really doubt that anyone can be in love with a brony *cough* mentally challenged faggot *cough* 2 years ago  
If he was Christian then he wouldn't want to constantly bomb innocent people and call people "terrorists" because of their ethnicity 3 years ago +4
Frank's "comedy" movies were not even a bit funny 3 years ago  
Let's not pretend who the real villain is *cough* USA *cough* 3 years ago +3
I'm certain that it's a fact 3 years ago  
"Magic bullet" theory makes less cents than a homeless man in a Jewish community. The guy who apparently shot JFK with an inaccurate rifle, claimed to be a patsy and was killed before explaining everything. 3 years ago  
The majority of racism and violence is done by whites 3 years ago +2
9/11 was a false flag 3 years ago  
Stop lying 3 years ago  
Definitely cocaine and hookers 3 years ago  
It's quite obvious that Jewpiter is the one with rings 3 years ago +1
Yeah blame the muslims when there is 0 proof of them actually doing it 3 years ago  
None 3 years ago  
You spelt "hand egg" wrong 3 years ago  
More money more problems 3 years ago  
Bros before hoes 3 years ago  
None (USA sucks) 3 years ago  
if jesus did exist, he'd be black or asian 3 years ago +2
If you chose the president then you probably wouldn't mind having dinner with Hitler 3 years ago  
Anywhere than USA is good 3 years ago  
With a water gun 3 years ago  
Atleast there's no sharks in the sky 3 years ago  
Pants and underwear are the same things 3 years ago  
How could a plane cause a steel building to completly collapse to the ground? 3 years ago +1
Wether we are alone or not, it's equally scary 3 years ago  
Religion is for idiots, but the big bang couldn't happen for no reason 3 years ago  
Flying is better than being invisible forever 3 years ago  
There is as much proof for God as there is for Pokemon living on our planet 3 years ago +3
Bugatti is overrated 3 years ago  
People who voted for option A have failed me. 3 years ago  
USA should be nuked 3 years ago  
I'd rather shoot myself than live in USA 3 years ago  
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