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    It is legal in a few months in the U.S.  
    Hello Mr. Trump.  
    I'm a dude  
    I'm 13, so yeah... 23 or 3.  
    "Whats is a Hobbitses? Are they yummy? Are they scrumptious?" -Gollum. P.S. I get to live in the Shire!!!  
    Let people live their own lives without trying to tell them what they can and can't do. +1
    I agree, like anyone would turn down free money.  
    Always summer = NO SCHOOL  
    Knowledge is power  
    Buy respect  
    Never get fired  
    Both me and my best friend are male...  
    U prob get just as much $ex as option B  
    Doesn't say how much memory. Last 3 seconds.  
    I'm a guy, so... Girlfriend.  
    Go Hermione!  
    For a boy I already have long hair, so...  
    I don't wear jeans.  
    It's 2016, so I'll put it off til Trump is officially the president. GO TRUMP!  
    I'm #1!  
    I'm a guy  
    I'm reading this in 2016, next year it will be legal in the U.S.  
    If I was a genius, I'd cure cancer  
    No work involved...  
    Woulda picked A, but, yknow, Twilight.  
    "Best friend"  
    Crocs might attack, piranhas WILL  
    I already am  
    F hitler  
    I am money  
    Studying Ancient Greece in school, so I'd like to see the Parthenon  
    I'll sell my house and live in my car  
    First question I've ever not answered...  
    My yacht is an aircraft carrier, where I store my private jet  
    I live underground, as I am a gremlin...  
    If u give up ur computer, u can still have ur phone, iPad, tablet etc.  
    At least you're following your dreams...  
    I am an extremely weird person already, so I choose to be weird.  
    Obviously take the sure money  
    I was born on Christmas so, same thing...  
    Says computer, not phones, tablets, iPads etc.  
    You can already control your dreams, it's called lucid dreaming...  
    Hella no  
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