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    Rihanna has been a favorite forever. Nicki Minaj is too new.  
    How is this 50/50? DIGGING HOLES IS SO EASY. +4
    I love singing and can sing, but America's Got Talent gives you more options.  
    White wine tastes awful. Red Wine is way better. Not gonna say that wine in general is great, but red wine is definitely better. +2
    Target is my love. +1
    Switzerland has chocolate. End of story. +5
    Glee actually is funny. Degrassi just.. no. +1
    Wow you say this for everything, don't you? +5
    Well, my money would definitely be worth more now. So yea.  
    I'd prefer a person with talent and slight unattractiveness to a blonde crazy chick who should be in a home. +1
    California has beaches and beautiful people, as well as a huge entertainment industry. Texas has... immigrants. Enough said.  
    It's sad because I have a Wii, but I chose Xbox 360. Hmm.  
    Invisibility would be pretty fun on Halloween  
    Good looking people get everywhere in life. It's sad, but true. -___-  
    Sorry, but how do you "snow" like a boss? confused. XD I'd prefer surfing so I could have a reason to move to Cali.  
    Um.. this is a pretty obvious one.  
    Sorry, but dogs are too cute. The hamster looks like a dumbass anyway. +9
    Pencils piss me off. +2
    It's so hard to choose, I love both, but I'd have to go with the USA. With any other country, I would choose Australia, but the USA is just.. amazing.  
    Despite living only 2 hours away from Canada, I've already gone 22 hours just to see the awesomeness that is Australia. I held a koala. The only thing you can hold in Canada is snow. +4
    I'd probably be WITH the angry Lady Gaga Fans ;)  
    We could obviously kill one warlord. The Taliban is just huge. +1
    Golf is just too tedious. +1
    Already been surfing, loved it. Snow... sucks.  
    I could buy a new white shirt. Jeans aren't so cheap. +7
    I just want to see when the zombies are gonna kick my ass so I can prepare. Lol.  
    my dad's an asshole and my mom's an asshole so.. this is a hard question.  
    Who takes baths anymore.... lol. +3
    If you have bad teeth, it looks awful. You can always shave your head. +2
    At least Disney is still doing well. Atari... just no. +2
    GET ME OUT OF THE COLD!! The Northeast sucks. +1
    Pollution can wait a bit. Animal Abuse has gone far enough. Besides, if there is no animal abuse, animals won't be littering the streets. +3
    It's good to know that at least 75% of people have intelligence. +6
    Only 62% of 22,654 people voted for movies. We have 7 billion people on this earth, so there is hope. +4
    I'd rather be the most popular. Just because you are the smartest in the school doesn't mean you are smartest in the world.  
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