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    then thier not my friends 2 years ago  
    regret my choice cause ill have a nuclear fakllout and zombie shelter 2 years ago  
    that van be amputated 2 years ago  
    in a hazmat suit with an owygentank 2 years ago +1
    youll die only eating meat 2 years ago  
    hah stupid question 2 years ago  
    uh what question is this it's just yur preferance 2 years ago  
    miclick cause you can change locks 2 years ago  
    uless ur trans or somthin you probably like ur gender 2 years ago  
    embarrassing = awkward 2 years ago  
    that lady is hhot doe 2 years ago  
    yes, but did u no that male and female are equally smart, but men / women are better than each other inn different catagories 2 years ago  
    ill get a good job 2 years ago +1
    yeah go find a gf 2 years ago  
    i can be defence 2 years ago  
    all prepped and guns blazin 2 years ago +1
    plastic surgery 2 years ago  
    plastic surgery people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    damn dats cewl hate snakes anywats 2 years ago  
    i always wear long pant plus im a nered not very sporty 2 years ago  
    when no one's looking 2 years ago  
    eels are good plus i can cook it 2 years ago +1
    assuming im a girl 2 years ago  
    brains have health benefit btw 2 years ago  
    use morphine 2 years ago +1
    good sso i wont be late for school and not get a concussion lol 2 years ago +1
    society people 2 years ago  
    we can make better prostetic legs than arms 2 years ago  
    (misclick) mermaid gf fck yeah 2 years ago  
    what about the latest youtube vids 2 years ago  
    both are f***in amazin 2 years ago  
    not really happy, but true 2 years ago  
    lolz 2 years ago  
    you have ur wife doe 2 years ago  
    use morphine 2 years ago  
    so fking wierd 2 years ago  
    thank you! 2 years ago  
    microsoft's founder if you have a pc (personal computer) you should know him if you dont you need to spend more time gaining knowledege 2 years ago  
    they never said anything about that 2 years ago  
    true, but u live in Alaska so you don't know what its like sometimes in big cities 2 years ago  
    true 2 years ago  
    their is something called IVF (in vitro fertilization) 2 years ago  

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