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    that sucks, but I have done that before 6 years ago  
    Way better than those wannbe celebrities on Glee 6 years ago  
    Glee messes up every single song! 6 years ago +1
    I haven't either! 6 years ago +12
    you are a f*cking retard then! 6 years ago +1
    Spencer is my favorite 6 years ago +145
    if you meant that then you should pick skip! 6 years ago +1
    I love the black swan! 6 years ago  
    Well, they are twins! 6 years ago  
    I so agree 6 years ago +1
    uh the airforce can shoot you down, 6 years ago +3
    I so agree 6 years ago +2
    awesome suit! I'd want one, but in female version 6 years ago  
    IT'S CALLED A BATH IDIOTS! 6 years ago +3
    it says was! not is! Plus at least she wouldn't commit suicide because that would happen to the other one(Don't say it's mean admit that you would too!) 6 years ago +1
    brianp is right. Josh h. or Taylor L. is the sexiest 6 years ago  
    yeah, jb should die 6 years ago  
    I meant to click jb 6 years ago  
    Me to. By the way we aren't h8ters, we're just not dumbasses 6 years ago  
    but yet you pick, instead of skip 6 years ago +1
    nope! 6 years ago  
    presicely! 6 years ago  
    You are stupid. Example one, your spelling sucks; example two, you like star wars 6 years ago  
    LIAR! IT IS AWESOM SO SHUT UP! 6 years ago +1
    jerk! 6 years ago +1
    Uh, no ya don't! 6 years ago +1
    I haven't seen the movie or this guy. But edward looks like he showers more 6 years ago +550
    who is that guy? 6 years ago  
    the subject is different from actually reading a book 6 years ago  
    they have auto books to read them to you! 6 years ago  
    I so agree 6 years ago +2
    LAZY! 6 years ago +4
    But bieber is terrible. 6 years ago  
    Bill looks so ugly! And his fangs are turning yellow. I like my vampires to brush their teeth! :) 6 years ago +4
    for a game! That is retarded 6 years ago  
    who the hell would kill themselves over a game...this question is simple. Pull out assaisins creed and enjoy! : 6 years ago +1
    Twilight came from a dream, harry potter actually came from a person who doesn't believe in f'in sparkly gay boys! 6 years ago +2
    no the hunger games is in season. Twilight came from a dream, harry potter actually came from a person who doesn't believe in f'in sparkly gay boys! 6 years ago  
    I like Harry Potter too! And I am a girl, so drop the sexism! 6 years ago  
    you could always dump him, but if he's makin' you happy somehow, dump him after sex 6 years ago +4
    god does freaking exist! Read the bible you stupid aithiest! 6 years ago +3
    uh, if you wanted both you should have clicked skip and then comment 6 years ago +3
    War sucks, but i'd rather be blown to bits than starve to death. plus has anyone read the hunger games? Starving sucks! 6 years ago +1
    unless you've commited a crime, then your screwed 6 years ago  
    but it is still the truth 6 years ago +2
    yeah but if it's secret then obviously people don't want know stuff. That implies you are a loud mouth. I win this arguement. 6 years ago  
    U R STUPID THEN, RETARD! 6 years ago  
    he's still hot 6 years ago  
    no you have common sense 6 years ago  
    i am a girl 6 years ago +2
    He's hot and sexy 6 years ago  
    duh 6 years ago  
    he might be sexy 6 years ago +1
    I so agree 6 years ago  
    i picked it even though love doesn't exist 6 years ago  
    HP IS AMAZING 6 years ago  
    people do that when they see those stupid sad commercail 6 years ago +1
    i like spinach 6 years ago +2
    The new one looks awesome! 6 years ago +2
    I think a wrinkly butt is gross 6 years ago  
    fat people kill you with farts 6 years ago +7
    ronald looks like he'd rape me 6 years ago  
    there is a skip button in the corner 6 years ago  
    but their adorable! but I agree 6 years ago  
    knowladge is power 6 years ago  
    the military could shoot you down if you fly 6 years ago +5
    you stupid aithiest!!! 6 years ago +3
    I am catholic. yup. true story! :) 6 years ago  
    cool suit 6 years ago +326
    what if water turns cold? :( 6 years ago  

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