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#2 which song is better by Maroon 5.... Sugar or Lost Stars 4 years ago 87 votes 5 comments 0 likes
#1 which song is better by maroon 5 Maps or Animals 4 years ago 82 votes 37 comments 0 likes
#3 school D:< would you rrrather.... have a longer time in PE or have a longer time at lunch 4 years ago 138 votes 33 comments 0 likes
#3 writing utensils/instruments..... smelly markers or washable markers 4 years ago 86 votes 4 comments 0 likes
#2 writing utensils/instrument..... white board markers or permanent markers 4 years ago 93 votes 7 comments 0 likes
#1 :D writing instrument/utensil..... pen or pencil 4 years ago 123 votes 7 comments 0 likes
#2 school D:< would you rrrather.... take English class or take History class 4 years ago 119 votes 10 comments 0 likes
School D:< would you rrrather learn Spanish or learn German 4 years ago 192 votes 37 comments 0 likes
Would you rather comment who's your best friend on rrrather or comment how you met your best friend on rrrather 4 years ago 82 votes 114 comments 0 likes
#3 food fight >:D Would you rrrather... throw pizza or throw spaghetti 4 years ago 125 votes 23 comments 0 likes
#2 food fight >:D would you rrrather throw a pizza or throw a cheeseburger 4 years ago 100 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Food fight >:D would you rrrather.... eat a hamburger or eat a hotdog 4 years ago 113 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Who looks better? Jack Harries or Finn Harries 4 years ago 143 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Who looks better? Zac Efron or Dylan Efron 4 years ago 154 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Whos better looking? Liam Hemsworth or Chris Hemsworth 4 years ago 646 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which book is better?????????? The Adventures of Pinocchio or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 4 years ago 115 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Which one is better Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter 4 years ago 156 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What do you think about the government of US (comment about bs) or (comment about pros) 4 years ago 97 votes 47 comments 0 likes
Do u wanna..... date or nahh 4 years ago 171 votes 53 comments 0 likes
Should I.... tell the guy I have a crush on.... next valentines day? or next time I talk to him? 4 years ago 158 votes 55 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Pitbull or meet Flo Rida 4 years ago 75 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Is this a good pic? yes or noooo 4 years ago 96 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Enrique Iglesias or Ryan Tedder 4 years ago 64 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Do you like me? Heck Yea or nahh 4 years ago 93 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date a pretty person that is fake online or date an average person that isn't fake in real life. 4 years ago 94 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which one is better? Japan or China 4 years ago 149 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather comment or send me a private message????? 4 years ago 97 votes 49 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kiss someone who is 10 yrs younger than you or kiss someone who is 10 yrs older than you 4 years ago 142 votes 56 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Tyler Oakley or meet Pewdiepie 4 years ago 124 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet BeyoncĂ© or meet Nicki Minaj 4 years ago 128 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather meet Justin Timberlake or meet Ryan Tedder 4 years ago 100 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kiss a slimy frog or kiss a wild cat 4 years ago 123 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kiss your crush or Get a love note from your crush 4 years ago 185 votes 29 comments 0 likes

Ryuka has posted the following comments:

heck yea 4 years ago  
nice 4 years ago  
TRISTAN! x'D lol am I right?!? 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
with RedEagle, KindaPsycho, and of course Eternal 4 years ago  
yay and i can help people :3 right? 4 years ago  
give me a sec......//www.rrrather.com/view/117417#comment1975310 4 years ago  
guy saves girl > girl saves guy 4 years ago  
did u read my comment cause its just not an ordinary squad.... >:D u should be able to read it cause i listed ur name for one of the comments 4 years ago  
cool ur in my squad now..... 4 years ago  
its too late to apologize *dah dah dah* its too late...... 4 years ago  
LOVE ONE REPUBLIC xD i wanna go to a One Republic concert soooooo bad xD 4 years ago  
u gotta do it! 4 years ago  
ok 4 years ago  
RedEagle, KindaPsycho, Eternal and I are gonna be in a cool squad xD *throws money in the air* *song billionaire starts playing* 4 years ago +1
neighbor talks to land lord and I get kicked out *starts singing with my band* WHEN YOU SEE MY FACE HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL, HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL, WHEN YOU WALK MY WAY, HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL..... xD I practiced for this day 4 years ago  
me: I didn't do it my friend did it! xD stop farting her: im not *cute guy walks in, fart noises* guy: *looks disguised*........ xD 4 years ago +1
I like glasses :D im just gonna need thicker glasses 4 years ago  
OHHHHHHHHHH BURN! u want some ice with that burn guest? lol 4 years ago  
never say never to drugs...... xD also never say never being an a**hole 4 years ago  
*gangsta hand shake* 4 years ago  
*face palm* reoGirl I told u this already 4 years ago  
duh 4 years ago  
yoshi is da best! >:D beats everyone else in Super Mario Bros. My sis and i would go back to World one so we could just play the games with Yoshi 4 years ago  
why my little ponies?!? :O 4 years ago  
and whenever i think about legos i think about elemntary kids playing with it 4 years ago  
cookies ^.^ 4 years ago  
that would be interesting.... lol 4 years ago  
pika pika 4 years ago  
lets go Otakumon! 4 years ago  
that pic tho.... 4 years ago  
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4 years ago  
im on a school lap top B-) 4 years ago  
I use to write in pencils but then i had to write in pens in History class and then i used pens...... and then it feels weird to write in pencils cause it seems heavier than pens.... 4 years ago  
*high five* 4 years ago  
tell us u prob. wont tell us cause i was right on my guess already xD 4 years ago  
awesome 4 years ago  
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4 years ago  
imam show my pride in being dif. so I start talking about the song Animals 4 years ago  
*face palm* that was the other choice.... 4 years ago  
I like Animals better 4 years ago  
cool ur in KY.... 4 years ago  
agreed 4 years ago  
:) 4 years ago  
oh sorry :/ I hope everything goes well :D u deserve it 4 years ago  
I knew it! xD lol ur gf gonna be jelly 4 years ago  
>:3 woof woof 4 years ago  
im studying Spanish cause Im pretty sure I wont live in Germany for the rest of my life 4 years ago  
well then.... :'( 4 years ago  
yaaaaaaaaa 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
aww thanks :D 4 years ago  
..... PM me then chill 4 years ago  
aw thanks Eternal xD jk I know u don't think im one of ur top friends... 4 years ago  
how old? 4 years ago  
how old r u KindaPsycho? jw...about u and Eternal lol 4 years ago  
yea I like civilization da best so far 4 years ago  
kindergarten :D 4 years ago  
ya 4 years ago  
so that's what it feels like....ok 4 years ago  
thank u! 4 years ago  
:O ok 4 years ago  
u can b my friend tho :D PM me 4 years ago  
well don't say anything then. 4 years ago  
lol I like A too 4 years ago  
agreed 4 years ago  
me too 4 years ago  
good 4 u 4 years ago  
nvm *face palm* 4 years ago  
ur comment previously.... 4 years ago  
lol u wish xD jk 4 years ago  
well then. 4 years ago  
yep :3 4 years ago  
hatersgonnahate 4 years ago  
I guess 4 years ago +1
good I don't either xD 4 years ago  
how? 4 years ago +1
im taking Spanish soooo 4 years ago  
I did? srry I noticed actually more people are from Germany than I thought 4 years ago  
lol ur in Germany I noticed...... B-) cool 4 years ago  
well then.... ur not even a member so fvck u 4 years ago  
ok then? 4 years ago  
I don't. just a little tho...mostly cuss words that I hear from a daily germans 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
yea I know now.... 4 years ago  
no habla espanol..... lol 4 years ago  
lol im not German I don't care lol I just live in Germany 4 years ago  
Food Inc...... 4 years ago  
nvm...... I thought u said KindaPyscho is ur best friend but u said that s/he was ur friend 4 years ago  
lol im joking..... 4 years ago  
oh ok well why are you talking about well dam then O.O 4 years ago  
...... 4 years ago  
wow. 4 years ago  
good.... 4 years ago  
that suq 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
yea u already told me xD 4 years ago  
and I guess u need to cause ur in Track! xD lol 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
yep *high five* u don't have to cuss >:( lol ^.^ 4 years ago  
THANK YOU! 4 years ago +1
really????????? :O 4 years ago  
I know lol 4 years ago  
cool who's mad? lol 4 years ago  
well in my PE class we work out for 15 or 20 min and then the rest of the time is usually games 4 years ago  
is it reoGirl? lol 4 years ago  
true. especially if u told me! don't tell me then.... 4 years ago  
well eat it then! 4 years ago  
I do too! :D 4 years ago  
I guess..... but I like PE cause I can play basketball...etc 4 years ago  
yep 4 years ago  
yea but do u know..... hahahaha 4 years ago  
cool 4 years ago  
ya 4 years ago  
well then..... 4 years ago  
am I rude? 4 years ago  
me too :D 4 years ago  
ok then.... 4 years ago  
well then... u don't have to chose a song! 4 years ago  
just answer the question! 4 years ago  
cool 4 years ago  
I knew that someone was gonna say that! immature people..... 4 years ago +1
*high five* 4 years ago  
cool 4 years ago  
im rude to you? :0 4 years ago  
yep same. He was the first one to talk to me on rrrather :D 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
lol. *high five* 4 years ago  
RedEagle :D 4 years ago +1
he's awesome! 4 years ago +1
yea 4 years ago  
I like history but not modern history.... But I don't like my history teacher 4 years ago  
cool. I never been in one but I wanna! 4 years ago  
same 4 years ago  
well then.... 4 years ago  
well have fun.....it was a question. either pizza or spaghetti or leave :D 4 years ago  
no way! *runs* 4 years ago  
simple in black and white its cool 4 years ago  
* smack* muah ha ha >:D 4 years ago  
yes I will! 4 years ago  
so what are you gonna do?!? >:D I will give you 10 seconds 4 years ago  
idk u can eat it or throw it ^.^ whichever makes you content 4 years ago +1
yea I only saw one of his tho...The one with Ed Sheeran sings Thinking Out Loud 4 years ago  
ok yea that would work....just adjust youre pic alittle and you will be PERFECT! 4 years ago  
then I can see RedEagle and see my grandparents! :D 4 years ago  
wasn't the guy in A in a vine vid? 4 years ago  
im not afraid not afraid to pick m&m m&m....xD 4 years ago  
I always do this cause I don't have friends :'( jk 4 years ago +1
NERF WAR! >:D 4 years ago  
more like killed.... 4 years ago  
and of course guns are legal in US.... Like in Texas. Esp. the south. People have their own guns. I know people from Texas that would always bring their guns with them when they were in Texas. D: don't shoot me! 4 years ago  
kinder eggs are popular in Germany..... I don't really like them tho. :/ 4 years ago  
it depends if they are good... 4 years ago  
good being a girl sometimes...especially in this situation xD 4 years ago +1
if it was a I would all be like "I thought you were my friend......" *dies* 4 years ago  
milk chocolate :D 4 years ago  
np :D 4 years ago  
nice... Good idea. 4 years ago  
watever 4 years ago  
I know believe me I know she comments that on almost everything lol. u know you would totally date her if she was bi and if she was single. 4 years ago  
ikr 4 years ago  
well im hurt too! D': 4 years ago  
yep .-. 4 years ago  
xD u know im joking right!? 4 years ago  
too bad ReoGirl isn't bi cause you guys would have been good together :D 4 years ago  
idk... I guess it just depends on the person and how loyal he is blah blah blah. i cant date until Nov. 25 anyways 4 years ago  
..... Then how am i gonna talk to Joker? 4 years ago  
ok so? xD 4 years ago  
yes please! xD 4 years ago  
i know not including you 4 years ago  
im a girl...soooo. but both is okay for me. but i like artistic guys better so we can draw together cause i suck at playing video games :/ 4 years ago  
hehehe >:D muah ha ha I was jk 4 years ago  
well get Joker back he's my buddy :'( and he doesn't flirt and we can go prank people! muah ha ha BURRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNN 4 years ago  
reoGirl is pretty :D takes good pics :) good job 4 years ago +1
I bet most of the people that said Germany only picked Germany cause its Germany.... MOST the people on here prob. doesn't even know me D: 4 years ago +1
Well I don't consider RedEagle as a bro but I consider Joker a bro cause you said you were Joker! >:D MUAH HA HA! XP 4 years ago  
D: I never called you a butthole! I just said your name! xD.... wait what? lol 4 years ago  
im alive 4 years ago  
nobody asked you! >:D muah ha ha 4 years ago  
YEP 4 years ago  
a**holes be like the ceiling duh *face palm* I know who does it all the time! Ethan. *cough cough* :D I said NOTHING! 4 years ago  
MARVEL duh 4 years ago  
B looks scary D: 4 years ago  
hahaha im a witness..... RedEagle does that all the time. 4 years ago  
staying alive?!? :/ *confused* 4 years ago  
u got some issues bro :l 4 years ago  
..... D: *more creeped out* 4 years ago  
wow ur author's note is...... really creepy... D: 4 years ago  
U under estimated my asianess -.- 4 years ago  
muah ha ha >:D DIE!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEEHEH 4 years ago  
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4 years ago  
Well then... U under estimate my electric fence skills. 4 years ago  
Then have a guard with barb wires >:D electric fence around ur stash 4 years ago  
I guess. YOLO anywys 4 years ago  
Mean wat? 4 years ago  
I know cause ur being a @$$hole right now xD 4 years ago  
.... I knew I shouldn't have told u..... 4 years ago  
Wait until people don't know what we are talking about comes on..... 4 years ago  
Good 4 years ago  
Lord please don't let me kill him 4 years ago  
F u. That's so messed up 4 years ago  
Ok just cause u know the answer doesn't mean u need to spoil it now! 4 years ago  
Shut up Ethan! 4 years ago  
That's messed up I need to change my answer 4 years ago  
*facepalm* never mind 4 years ago  
She might... Lol oh watever 4 years ago  
Yea she did on the votes 4 years ago  
Racist mofo 4 years ago  
ReoGirl beat you xD good job! 4 years ago  
Fine I guess. I don't know how to play on an Xbox D: 4 years ago  
Oh she likes you too? 4 years ago  
TogetHIM? 4 years ago  
How would I know? 4 years ago  
Same 4 years ago  
Well ReoGirl has cooler headphones (totally want those) but it depends who will play easy.... 4 years ago  
I like Africa when I visited as there was wild monkeys on top of the roofs soooo 4 years ago  
Caution I'm too awesome. 4 years ago  
Then u get a stash of survival food and hide your stash in ur room :) 4 years ago  
And u weight less than I do D: 4 years ago  
I'm just really curious.... Why do u have sex as one of the tags? 4 years ago  
My mom and my sis would be making them it's better when it's homemade :) 4 years ago +1
Agreed 4 years ago  
But it's not xD deal with it lol I'm just playing 4 years ago  
He's 19?!? 4 years ago  
He does O.O 4 years ago +1
I liked The ERB for Justin Bieber and Beethoven... But the newer ones are sh*tty 4 years ago  
I don't really like Jenna Marbles sorry for lovers out there. I feel like she's trying to act real badass sadly I don't think she is 4 years ago  
Go back to my Asian roots lol 4 years ago  
Red Eagle , Eternal, meatballhere and Deathpool2002 let's do this guys :D 4 years ago +1
Good cause then all that talking was for nothing jk 4 years ago  
Fine u win. 4 years ago  
Yaaaaa :D SUCKERS that had to die! Jk (alittle bit) 4 years ago  
I'm 15 turning 16 in Nov which u should already know 4 years ago  
Hahaha wat a flirt XD I dibs myself tho ;) 4 years ago  
Wait I'm confused... I'm gonna die?!? D: 4 years ago  
I mean anime. But I wrote manga 4 years ago  
Why u like Japan u barely watch manga? 4 years ago  
I liked how I was the first in ur comments but then the last..... 4 years ago  
Baby ur so classic B-) 4 years ago  
Then I could go see Red Eagle :) 4 years ago  
Lol but Hawaii..... 4 years ago  
Yes I woul love to be alive and listen to these dumb butts 4 years ago  
Spaghetti 4 years ago  
Nope. I'm not gonna quit and lose 4 years ago  
No they're twins Finn is older by 2 min 4 years ago  
Ur just saying that cause u team prob lost! 4 years ago  
Heck ya UK will! My dads from Kentucky. So I will cheer UK in spirit. UK all the way sayin UK all the way 4 years ago  
I like chocolate covered apples 4 years ago  
Germany 4 years ago  
Yea 4 years ago  
True 4 years ago  
The guy who was Miley Cyrus bf in the movie Last Song etc 4 years ago  
Agreed 4 years ago +1
Don't have one for a reason 4 years ago  
I'm not going to! >:O 4 years ago  
Fine then! 4 years ago  
Finn is 2 min. earlier :D 4 years ago  
they r but they are still brothers 4 years ago +1
ok than 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
read the author's note.... 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
ikr >. 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
I think its okay as long as they don't force the kids too.... cause I pray at my school 4 years ago  
wait u can get rrrather stickers :O 4 years ago  
I live in Germany... It hails, snows, rains pretty much everything....Germany is very bipolar 4 years ago  
" hey guys....so today its gonna be sunny and all the kids can play outside and there will be rainbows and unicorns..." 4 years ago +5
if I took a selfie of the food im about to eat then people will think I don't eat healthy :/ 4 years ago  
wait who's pewdiepie? lol jk 4 years ago  
heck ya 4 years ago  
only some people kno me 4 years ago  
im joking.... I don't think I kno u 4 years ago +1
how bout me? 4 years ago  
EVIL MAGIC MUSHROOMS! >:O 4 years ago  
high blood pressure or diabetes...... 4 years ago  
kk ttyl 4 years ago  
Heidelberg an 1 hour drive from my house :D 4 years ago  
like a little drop 4 years ago  
yep 4 years ago  
I thought I pressed B :'( wahhhhhhh 4 years ago  
Then I can DEFIENTLY beat RedEagle at running >:D muah ha ha 4 years ago  
Katniss Everdeen! :O 4 years ago  
I remembered eating cookies and watching Samurai Jack in my dad's office also.... PowerPuffGirls! When Cartoon Network was awesome *sigh* 4 years ago +1
jake the dog and finn the human! 4 years ago  
classic 4 years ago  
One Republic is bae! 4 years ago  
yay! :D 4 years ago  
well I wont either 4 years ago  
no im JAPANESE! but 1/2 lol 4 years ago  
its my profile u don't even have ur face as a profile pic..... 4 years ago  
I got a pic :D 4 years ago  
ok I need to insert a pic of me from my computer tho 4 years ago  
so u want me to send u a pic of Germany?! cause if ur that person who thinks im German just cause I live in Germany ur wrong 4 years ago  
pics of wat or no belief? that im Asian?!? 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
but ur still #3awesomess 4 years ago  
whatever..... lol jk luv u lots #3awesomess......... 4 years ago  
yep u can drink when ur 14 or 15....... when i was 14 my grandpa came over to visit and instead of giving 3 glasses (my dad, mom and grandpa) they gave us 4 (one for me) my dad said no :'( lol but u can only drink at that age with adult supervision 4 years ago  
no tho i am at the legal age to drink in Germany...... 4 years ago  
whatever gosh 4 years ago  
true... and half American soooooooo 4 years ago  
well Im just gonna laugh at drunk Germans its amuzing 4 years ago  
srry gosh Idk 4 years ago  
rawr! 4 years ago  
lol ok then ur good :D 4 years ago  
whos Foo Fighters 4 years ago  
im Asian duh ^.^ but im not fat and I just read the authors note... But I only eat 3x a day.... Soooo 4 years ago +3
actually u can get arrested and Germans have the right to beat you up..... 4 years ago  
Eternal pick A! 4 years ago  
heck yea! >:D 4 years ago  
>:( i wasnt blessed to run..... 4 years ago  
yea man! of COURSE they are cool cause im cool ;) 4 years ago  
im half Japanese! it would suck 4 years ago  
im awesome in sports other than running :D good nor nahhh? :? 4 years ago  
then I could be a voice actor~! 4 years ago  
then I could write them down at the bottom of my paper and I can get A's on my tests >:D muah ha ha 4 years ago  
there's no prob. its also good if u have a friend that's a girl who can help u other than a girl u wanna hook up with 4 years ago  
Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!! B-) go to the beach everyday #thelife 4 years ago  
and I was like Baby, baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh like baby baby baby noooooooooooo like baby baby baby oh thought you always be mine mine....lol I remember when my sis and me would dance and sing together when we were bored and had nothing to do while my mom shopped for clothes..... good memories :D 4 years ago  
every other day... and the days I don't take a bath....I......take a shower :D time for me to take a bath....*in the bathroom* yay bubble bath~! :D 4 years ago  
I have one on my right cheek..... DIMPLE WAR!!!!!!!! >:D muah haha 4 years ago  
Time to watch a movie with my Penguin....Yay Happy Feet *watching the movie and starts to panic* NOOOOO wrong movie to watch with Mr.Penguin :'( 4 years ago  
eww my little ponies D: when will this weird crap ever stop D: no offense to girls that like this and bronies 4 years ago  
yo ur from Hawaii! cool I miss Hawaii 4 years ago  
two magazines both alike in dignity....... 4 years ago  
I want top bunk! I call top! X'D 4 years ago +1
hey do u need help organizing it? I will even put it in the bank *leaning my hand on the table casually stuffing my backpockets* 4 years ago  
even has proof B-) don't worry I gotchu 4 years ago  
yep :3 4 years ago  
ik I am >:D 4 years ago  
I love Japan cause im 1/2 Japanese buttttt I liked the dubbed themes better :) 4 years ago  
or do u?!? muah ha ha! >:D 4 years ago  
chill im jk hahahahaha X'D 4 years ago  
lol u don't Have to b Anastasia 4 years ago  
ok then. If im not in the conversation....I wont argue with u 4 years ago  
or should it be 50 SHADES OF GREY?!? >:D muah haha 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
i luv Yagumi Light he is like my anime bf 4 years ago  
I knew it! ur some creepy old pervert! run away~!!!!!!!! lol jk ;P 4 years ago  
Ik or u wouldn't put a question of her....well unless ur just a creep :D 4 years ago  
yep! >:D dang right I will 4 years ago  
I never asked u to tell me she was ur friend >:D hehehe 4 years ago  
so im gonna live in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
>:D http://memecrunch.com/meme/PAKO/middle-finger/image.png 4 years ago  
I was joking tho.....ewwww sex lol 4 years ago  
well u stop then! 4 years ago  
50 SHADES OF GREY!!!!!!!!! >:D muah ha ha!.... RedEagle, Eternal, meatballhere, Otakumon, and me! JK Eleanor and Parker the book 4 years ago  
karma gonna hit my friends ass! >:D 4 years ago +2
rainbow poptart kitty :D 4 years ago  
I believed in u :'( why not!? 4 years ago  
X'D hahahaha that's true...Tho. not from experience So u guys don't get the wrong image 4 years ago  
Im gonna live in Hawaii so...... 4 years ago  
bear hug from Smoky the Bear maybe he has Pyrophobia?!? 4 years ago  
? *confused face* 4 years ago  
lol B-) bad donkey :D 4 years ago  
shes my friend :D 4 years ago  
and I would hate for my 1 and only bestie be exactly like me because we wouldn't have really anything to talk about :/ 4 years ago  
my friends are always fighting (but we're joking) so I guess we're bad donkeys B-) 4 years ago  
onerepublic 4 years ago  
L'OREAL smells like old ladies 4 years ago  
chocolate :D 4 years ago  
Yagumi Light~!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
aw thanks! >:( yea some people say its stupid 4 years ago  
ur opinion.....not mines...just doing my job on Earth 4 years ago  
well I hope the people that I was being mean to doesn't think that 4 years ago  
ur #4 now cause meatballhere is #3 ;P 4 years ago  
oh thanks its stupid but I guess its good? :) 4 years ago  
nope she's #2awesomess ur #3awesomess 4 years ago  
nice to meet u too! u have some cool anime clips 4 years ago +1
so its a tie but..... she cool and she DOESNT flirt well atleast I think so ;) 4 years ago  
well im sorry but urs wasn't as good >:D sooooo u gotta say something nicer and then I will c if ur better B-) 4 years ago  
YEA MAN! 4 years ago  
sleep is like my life! lol I love to read, listen to music, draw, cook, bake, play basketball.....and........SLEEP! 4 years ago  
I looked up quizzes and some weird reason rrrather popped up 4 years ago  
aww thanks :D *sniff sniff*........ Eternal>RedEagle :D 4 years ago  
aww really! thanks bro :D I love u lots 4 years ago  
and of course me!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
Ryuka lol tho I don't talk to u :D 4 years ago +1
RedEagle X'D 4 years ago  
cool but at the same time not cool 4 years ago  
hahaha..... *Halloween* I dressed up as Sleeping Beauty....not really but u get the point 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
yasssssssssss! I would love to do it to freak my family and my friends out 4 years ago  
yay then I could be Misa Amane~! Only Death Note readers/ watchers would know lol 4 years ago +1
marvel is better than DC..........esp. Captain America tho he's not the "best" fighter..... 4 years ago  
this happens 1/2 the time 4 years ago  
I love the pic. in B 4 years ago +1
well ur still commenting. good 4 u then idk 4 years ago  
well ur the one that decided to comment stupidly.... this is gonna be interesting.... 4 years ago  
the second to the LAST time where I agree with u.... 4 years ago  
this is like the ONLY time were I kinda agree with you..... other than this nope 4 years ago  
well fvk off then 4 years ago  
cool 4 years ago  
whatever u didn't have to answer the freakin question it was ur decision 4 years ago  
that's why I was specifically saying US 4 years ago  
i dunno 4 years ago  
I pretty much eat everything with chopsticks im 1/2 Japanese. and my friends are all like...."how do u eat with chopsticks?!? 4 years ago  
1.... I don't like blood and crap popping out 4 years ago +2
i 4 years ago  
but even realistic anime is really dramatic 4 years ago  
screw my friends 4 years ago  
agreed. I like anime too! 4 years ago +1
my crush's name is................. 4 years ago  
Percy Jackson~! 4 years ago  
When I met Adam Levine........and then it ended :'( 4 years ago  
it depreciates when you ride the new car... because it wouldn't be new anymore 4 years ago  
ewwwwwww Justin Bieber X( 4 years ago +2
hello~! u wanna b my friend?!? :D 4 years ago  
u got this! >. 4 years ago  
its a "scientific fact" 4 years ago  
ok :( u can do it! 4 years ago  
fine then! 4 years ago  
cool she can be my friend :D 4 years ago  
who is B then? 4 years ago  
enjoy it 4 years ago  
good ur still entitled 2nd awsomest then *here's ur shades* B-) u be cruzin with me 4 years ago  
fine then..... 4 years ago  
*cough cough* take ur time......B-) im gonna go look for a replacement of the 2nd awesomest person........ 4 years ago  
I don't like asparagus X'P 4 years ago  
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*cough cough* no take ur time.... 4 years ago  
oh *unconfused* thanks 4 years ago  
but is it Hessen or Hesse?!? *confused* 4 years ago  
duh. I live there now :D lol 4 years ago  
you duh. 4 years ago  
poor thing :'( I know how it feels cause the lunch at school sucks. and my mom is Asian so she cares for nutrition 4 years ago  
the god of Anime and Mangas *bows down* 4 years ago  
Im not gonna talk to u no more....this is stupid im "childish" because I believe in God. What the hell is ur problem.....? 4 years ago  
interesting..... 4 years ago  
good for u. idk 4 years ago  
no it isn't. He took away everyone's sin. He forgave us. It's not selfish at all. Think wat u think. Im still a Christian and u cant turn me not into whatever u call it 4 years ago  
jesus died for u?!? y call him an assO. great job at ur "great" success..... im dropping it. since its wasting my time 4 years ago  
how about we stop this convo. this is soo not worth my time. its wasting my life over someone I don't know and don't care about....atleast Jesus loves u... "the monster" u hate 4 years ago  
wats the freakin dif they both hate God well for u god 4 years ago  
oh yea I forgot....cause im talking to an atheist. my friends are atheist etc but atleast they don't sh** about my belief 4 years ago  
well thnks a**hole :D I feel SOOOOOO much better now 4 years ago  
im not saying that it doesn't discriminates women. even men were discriminated.... I believe because I believe no body forced it on me. 4 years ago  
and this is why there are fights because of religion....complete BULL S*** 4 years ago  
thank you! 4 years ago  
btw god is spelled with a capital G.....Last time I checked in the Bible 4 years ago  
yes I read the Bible. and it doesn't just talk about crap about people.... And what the Bible says about women is not bad. Lots of leaders believed in the Bible. So back off, u shut up and don't talk more about how the Bible is stupid and I shut up and don't talk more about how mean it is to think the Bible is a failure.... we ALL have dif. beliefs and we ALL need to learn to respect other people for their beliefs. 4 years ago  
well good 4 u 4 years ago  
def. not u......hahaha that was like the best joke I heard so far today X'D 4 years ago  
how about u respect people for their beliefs and don't talk crap about the Bible "a story of a God, a very failure prone one" and I respect you for not believing in anything? 4 years ago  
idk u tell me u made up the quesion 4 years ago  
don't worry I know. u don't got to be a b**** about it :) 4 years ago  
really? in Danish bae means poop 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
I know but some people are like lol bae means poop 4 years ago  
My fav. song by FOB is Alone Together.... \((O_O))/ amazing! 4 years ago  
FOB rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Say Yeah!....."Alone together by....you know who FALL OUT BOYS!!!!!!! 4 years ago +3
"you can find other fish in the sea" Animals by Maroon 5.... that song tho 4 years ago  
wat sounds fun? 4 years ago  
its true >:O 4 years ago  
really :D I make crepes on the weekends for breakfast ^.^ my future husband is gonna make crepes with me 2.............ahhhhh I got this all figured out. Time to go fishing ;) 4 years ago  
just a little bit but Im only joking with the people I know that can take the joke. 4 years ago  
wait when the baby goes up does it mean that it will look ugly? cause its not a baby no more? but it will still be my little baby? so would it still look cute when it goes up? 4 years ago  
I feel sorry for the boy in the pic........ Look at what Michele Obama did to little kids 4 years ago  
SKITTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
B's pic tho..... 4 years ago +1
subway :D now I want a subway sandwich 4 years ago  
I like the song Alone Together.... It gets me emotional *sniff sniff* hahaha no jk but Alone Together is a good song :D 4 years ago +1
danke. thanks 4 years ago  
it makes me mad cause I read ALL the percy Jackson books and the movies were NOTHING like the books so I only watched the first movie........ 4 years ago  
not so good thanks tho....im surprised that u could understand me only some people know wat I said 4 years ago  
I always have people blaming me............. its usual. so I flip them off and walk away :D 4 years ago +1
haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate............... 4 years ago  
como estas? 4 years ago  
I already have this type of friend.... 4 years ago +1
my parents would hate but keep me... I think :/ 4 years ago  
hello~!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
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