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    i could of gotten a blow at age 8  
    iv done that  
    he he its an ass  
    well im russian  
    id turn into a girl  
    YOU SPELLED STALIN WRONG YOU DIPSHIT IM RUSSIAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    screw that i want vodka  
    ginny doesnt look like a slut  
    i want double jump or wall run  
    i actually want to see ww2 again  
    if you had 2 dads wouldnt they be gay  
    chinas a communist country  
    at hoe there arent any kids to push or kick the back of you seat  
    what happened 70 years ago  
    i have both  
    im myself for halloween  
    id really want to live in the titanfall world  
    i all ready breath like that  
    ronald mcdonald scares the sh*t out of me , so if i would possibly wake up next to him i would grab my gun and shoot the crap out of him  
    i say alot of dirty stuff in my mind  
    i used to have a blackberry it was the one in the picture  
    whos kadafi  
    my milkshakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    i am ten i am the walking definition of SWAG  
    i want a pug or a german shepard  
    then there aint no kids to kick the back of your seat  
    how else would you know witch berries are poisonis  
    i dont know what either of them mean  
    i really dont care  
    you could have more time to make money  
    five year nap no work take that rumrold  
    emma watson is awesome even though i love star wars  
    i really dont care about sex  
    i really dont care about sex  
    why is there no both button  
    true love goes longer money  
    i would slap them too  
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