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Would you rather Kill your bff or Kill your pet 1 year ago 70 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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REALLY 13% 1 year ago +4
really 4% 1 year ago  
kill myself 1 year ago  
I want my Mtv 1 year ago +1
NOTICE ME SENPAI 1 year ago  
wrong one 1 year ago  
A then you could be super smart and know these things that you would get from B 1 year ago  
so i could yell at them 1 year ago  
he is rich and has nice cars 1 year ago  
only if i can fill up a room 1 year ago  
you would die from the cold 1 year ago +1
I already lived in Ireland 1 year ago  
i wish i could wish for money 1 year ago  
both 1 year ago  
yeah if I had free Starbucks I would be FATTT after that year 1 year ago  
Xbox in the bathroom 1 year ago  
NOOOOOO wrong one 1 year ago  
German cars make good tuners 1 year ago  
Really why does it say Audi but the pic is Volkswagon 1 year ago  
Gotta have wifi 1 year ago  
How tall is the cliff, is it above water? 1 year ago +1
You can ware steel toe boots 1 year ago  
GTA 5 1 year ago  
I could quit 1 year ago  
WHHHHAATTTTTT 1 year ago  

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