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    sign language dugh  
    they didn't say if the killer was already dead }:)  
    same thing really  
    chocolate is underrated  
    no blood=no vampires  
    get a flippin' star-ship!  
    so do i!  
    for the benefit of everyone  
    if the french say that they taste good, then i'll eat them  
    walrus puppies 8)  
    umm.......ani-aircraft missile?  
    getting killed by someone you trust is one of the most painful betrayals ever  
    what if, for my whole life, i kept no secrets?  
    you could just buy more clothes  
    the view would be pretty dang sweet  
    you could position the spoon to reflect the light, making the snake blind  
    disturbing individuals who answer this  
    first of, what the heck is Sierra Mist?  
    marvel is WAY better but i don't like spider man. The only reason i chose him was because he was marvel  
    china's air is polluted  
    same thing really  
    i think that god made me male for a reason  
    you could learn how to make money  
    at least i tried  
    lol im aussie  
    i can get support  
    i'd like to have children thanks  
    its called medicine  
    im a male, i win  
    im not american so i wouldnt know  
    sign language  
    katniss is an idiot  
    cats are toilet trained +1
    you could get to know them better  
    awesome view  
    i'd wish for unlimited wishes  
    it's called itube  
    HECK YEAH!!!  
    i hate needles  
    to much responsibility being famous  
    there's some thoughts that shouldn't be read  
    Its possible to find water in Antarctica +1
    I cannot imagine a world without internet  
    this question's EVIL  
    it's better to have loved than to never have loved at all  
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