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    that's not even sadism. sadism is watching by torture and pain. this isn't pain. 4 years ago  
    then i can be like jeff :)# 4 years ago  
    that girl is a whore. 4 years ago  
    neither because I'm not a slut 4 years ago  
    it's not even possible. and it'll be really hard, soo 4 years ago  
    throw* 4 years ago  
    so i can shrow it at people 4 years ago  
    Neither. I hate JB and I don't date for the looks. This is ridiculous. Shallow idiots 4 years ago +1
    always someone hot. hot people suck 4 years ago +1
    if i was a guy, amy lee. kim is just a plain slut that made a sex tape. and she's a hundred times uglier than amy. amy's music is awesome 4 years ago +1
    i don't like most of my friends anyway 4 years ago +13
    JUST because it's penny and I love penny. im a girl....but penny is amazeballs 4 years ago  
    wow...are you serious? cunt 4 years ago +4
    just so i can go kill my entire school 4 years ago +1
    big boobs? sexy boyfriend? these shallow idiots that go for looks. 4 years ago  
    what 4 years ago +4
    i could play it with my bf 4 years ago  
    if i could get used to it more, hell yes. 4 years ago  
    hahahahaahhahaahhaah XD 4 years ago +2
    the're? 4 years ago  
    basshunter is the best...;-; 4 years ago +1
    dont need loved ones. 4 years ago  
    who do you like better is what it's asking 4 years ago  
    stop with the 'hot' people. im serious. all these shallow idjits 4 years ago  
    red fog is blood :) 4 years ago  
    that other 27% are all sluts or womanizers.... 4 years ago +1
    You don't date for 4 years ago +1
    you don't date for 4 years ago  
    dumb b*tch. could have* not could of 4 years ago  
    Really? What kind of question is that? Whoever thinks outside is better than the inside is..just shallow. And you yourself look like a slut. 4 years ago  
    really? hottest or smartest? Who would want to be the hottest? Looks dont mean anything. You look kind of like a whore.. wow. That question was the WORST 4 years ago  

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