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Things about me: (I like the metal...) (I hate embarrassing anime)...(My favorite color is gray) ..(I speak Spanish completely aleman 80% and English 50%)...My Favorite video is:

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    3% like the MILF  
    if I choose one it would be like twilight and before that dead  
    Eating meat causes many diseases use head  
    in most online games there are many hackers  
    for immortality? to see your family die? see the end of the world? Might be milllonario to be happy with your family and friends  
    I like the owl but I think he lives less  
    The computer serves as multiconsolE example: GTA sag├ás-HALO CALL OF DUTY-NARUTO-SKYRIM AND MANY MORE  
    the German girls are better but are easier to U.S.A.  
    locksmith and ready  
    first the teacher is not the only way to learn and on the other hand would have something good to do jeje  
    I am a specialist pc I fix and ready  
    All tease me for being different but I make fun of them for being all equal  
    Being rare does not mean having a special disability or something besides serious  
    The sexy woman would do me a thorough checkup?  
    Pollution can be solved but the deaths and injuries of animals because of animal abuse is solved that easy? for example they knew that Chinese eat dogs?  
    Minecraft Power!! oppps I meant call of duty power!!!  
    But think stupidity is arranged and the other option would probably not  
    I doubt my 3 pitbulls permitting  
    The perfect actora  
    the application cell Mirror  
    Easy a new law could do both  
    1- very boring and depressing serious asylum 2- sex but could be kill madmen jeje  
    mmmmm milk of women would be sexy? and can be directly?  
    if the house is very expensive you can sell and go to live in a better place  
    if I'm not then I go home with a family member or friend Dah!  
    ugly wing only you put a bag over his head and use it but the other leaves you je  
    green yoda jedi saber using my favorite is ... well dwarf and funny to be  
    Ronald The murderer  
    I was wrong prefer Milf jeje  
    Could use bar soap to make it as small 1 cm and eat?  
    I prefer simple test what you eat and not feel his cinnamon stick not  
    I'll take wing tomb  
    if we take our mother's breast I think that the finger would be easy  
    I think it would be better if the syringe was in the ass and ball in the penis  
    I add as a gallon of water and ready  
    1000 times but I look at it once a day jeje  
    they know that if they get the shark will lose blowjob penis?  
    abandon all hope ! Love and Happiness is just a dream sadness and cruelty and reality  
    Si pierden las llaves solo llaman al cerrajero y listo pero y el cell?  
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