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    At least in Triwizard Tournament they aren't trying to purposely kill you. +1756
    Multiplication comes before addition. +4
    I'd rather be able to control the whole of reality then just know everything about it. Plus if I have infinite power I could just make myself know everything.  
    Well if we're famous then people obviously like it so who cares. Plus I'd be rich. I don't see a downside. Inb4 boo hoo auto-tune is ruining music.  
    If that snake slithered up to me I'd probably just try to kill myself with the spoon cause I stand no chance.  
    My parents lied. Talking to people on the internet is one of the best things I've ever done. +70
    I'd love Earth, but I'd be worried about being places I couldn't bend. (assuming I'm not advanced enough to do metal). Fire on the other hand is available at all times cause you make it yourself. +1
    Yah, but what if the government caught you and locked you up to study you. You wouldn't be able to escape. But if you can teleport and be invisible, no one would ever catch you doing anything.  
    If I could teleport anywhere I wanted then I wouldn't need the ability to fly. +3687
    I enjoy spending time with my family. +2
    I have nothing worth telling, bring it on.  
    My sleep schedule is already ruined so whats one more hour. +420
    Cockroaches are actually pretty clean. I don't know how dirty worms are but roaches clean themselves like cats do so germs don't stick to them that well. +1
    I know quite a few people that met online, then got together in real life and they're getting married now.  
    I sort of chose based on both being true at the same time. If my wife was a lesbian I'd want to know since she obviously isn't attracted me I'd want to get out of the relationship and find someone I could be happy with that would be just as happy with me. If my son was gay, then it's none of my business. If he tells me then great, if he doesn't want to then that's his choice and I'd respect it.  
    I picked werewolf, but only if I got to be the werewolves from Underworld because they were also immortal. (The Underworld werewolves that can change at will, not the ones that go insane and are stuck wolves forever).  
    I assume that only eating meat means you can't season it with anything since seasoning is made from herbs and stuff. So just eating plain meat would get boring and all start tasting the same. If you choose the second one you get to eat literally everything else. I don't think they should have used a picture of vegetables because it makes people think they'd have to eat nothing but plants but you can still have pancakes, chips, ice cream, all the good stuff. +3
    That came from a trip Roosevelt took to Brazil and they purposefully threw that cow into a closed off lake full of piranhas they had starved. The average piranha isn't going to just attack a large animal unless it's wounded.  
    Piranhas will rarely ever attack a larger animal unless they're starving. They're generally skittish. Crocodiles are more likely to attack you and if they bite you, they aren't going to let go. They would pull you under the water and either drown you or just start spinning and ripping you apart. If the piranhas were starving and came at you, you might not make it depending on how big the river is that you're trying to cross but you have a better chance of hitting them away while you swim quickly flailing your arms and legs. +3
    I'd never be able to outrun the lion, but I can ran fast than I can swim so at least I'd have more of a chance.  
    Reading minds would be difficult, peoples thoughts change so fast you'd be hearing so many random things in a short time. Flying would save you tons of money on gas =P +3
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