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Hi, i am shealin. Bye, i am shealin. (\_/)

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Would you rather Always be hated by your "friends" or Always be Loved by your "enemies" 5 years ago 474 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be (For the rest of your life) A Cat (Of your choice) or An Exotic Bird (Of your choice) 5 years ago 133 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die for Advanced tech or Die for Family and loved ones 5 years ago 124 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live on a ball, bathroom breaks unavailable. or Live in a cave with two dead lions and a cat, and lots of bugs 5 years ago 112 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Sit on the ugly chair of shame or Sit on the chair of the homeless 5 years ago 146 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Survive a Black Hole or Survive A Nuclear Attack 5 years ago 141 votes 7 comments 0 likes

Shealin has posted the following comments:

not a fan of scales 5 years ago  
currently reading 5 years ago  
Ok im sorry, my parents. 5 years ago  
LOLOLOLOL IB 5 years ago +1
i dont know how to twerk, i know how to dance. 5 years ago  
lets get real bro. 5 years ago +1
look at they're nose. 5 years ago +1
sexyyyyy 5 years ago  
really? North america? Blah already there, too much french BS. 5 years ago  
stop, drop, and roll in snow. its snowing already! 5 years ago  
okay, the only anime i watched is sailor moon . when i was a kid... THAT COUNTS! 5 years ago +1
wait wrong answer. sheit. 5 years ago +8
1. motorboat randomly 2. kick someones ass. 5 years ago  
already good at singing.. i sand in the public washroom once.. They applauded me. thats one of my fond memories. 5 years ago +1
Teleportation the most. Anyone too lazy to go to the bath room? *teleport to the toilet seat* Done 5 years ago  
well... im sorry 5 years ago  
MAKE OVAR 5 years ago  
just roll with it 5 years ago  
just roll with it 5 years ago  
just roll with it. 5 years ago +2
Er.. i dont like beer. could we go out for some coffee at Tim hortins? 5 years ago  
90 is an impressive age to die. 5 years ago  
i like shiny cars and leather seats and NO CHOCOLATE STAINS THANK YOU. 5 years ago  
well judging how i can never get anything below A+... 5 years ago +1
Id take a picture, then take a selfie in front of it. ^-^ 5 years ago  
I dont like it ^~^ 5 years ago +1
but the thing is.... How are we going to eat meat? FOOD COLORING! 5 years ago  
cant eat pork 5 years ago  
This question Makes me uncomfortable. dunno why. 5 years ago +1
I'd agree on that too. but rebel U.S sounds nice. 5 years ago  
o-o 5 years ago  
I like to hang my self on..... RAIN- RAIN - RAINBOWS nanananana. 5 years ago  
None, i like karate. but if i had to pick, judo 5 years ago  
I'm Blue Belt Advanced. 5 years ago  
24 hours ISN'T ENOUGH! 5 years ago  
i know.. but it SCARES me. i can get into a seizure looking at needles, so i have to get blind folded ^~^ 5 years ago  
well kids think the quickie is a cuisine, so. 5 years ago  
lalalal 5 years ago  
So.. yep 5 years ago  
I dont like donuts. :3 5 years ago  
Canada IS a strange land. :) 5 years ago  
air bending PROCESS 5 years ago +3
that would be so funny. 5 years ago +3
get a newone. :P 5 years ago  
idk. 5 years ago  
you can get those things on your ears to let you hear stuff. 5 years ago  
dump them. 5 years ago +3
Me. i dont know how to swim. 5 years ago  
*Canada 5 years ago  
it the closest to me. :P it looks warm too. 5 years ago  
Option A people, Google it. 5 years ago  
i died. ;D 5 years ago +1
i wont die tho. 5 years ago  
i love cats, :) 5 years ago  
i know hes a guy but, shes sexy ;) 5 years ago  
BYE BYE. 5 years ago  
the thing is, i get A+'S FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE IF I DONT MY MOM WILL f*cking kill me! :D 5 years ago  
ALWAYS FULL! 5 years ago  
i make too much mistakes to use a pen. 5 years ago +4
my mom would kill me if i got an A. i need an A+ and shes not asian. 5 years ago +2
mozart! XD 5 years ago  
too lazy too answertho 5 years ago  
If you ever read a cat in a hat book, i feel like he is on drugs while writing them 5 years ago +1
SPONGEBOB 5 years ago +3
dick figures. are dicks. think bout it, 5 years ago  
i would make healthy drugs. xd 5 years ago +3
if i was a duck i would say.. what the f*ck 5 years ago  
i hate jelly beans 5 years ago  
maybe love hearts are mdma in disguise 5 years ago  
STAHP 5 years ago  
helens.;-; 5 years ago +2
scar is the best. 5 years ago +2
;p 5 years ago  
she is badass. 5 years ago +1
randall is betrayer. if you ever watched the movie, you would see that. 5 years ago  
penguins are endangered 5 years ago +4
What is this 5 years ago  
LOL. 5 years ago +1
ahahah. 5 years ago +2
None. ;p 5 years ago +1
Canadian, ALWAYS 5 years ago +1
Billie Jean 5 years ago  
Crazy Train. Ozzy Osbourne. 5 years ago  
no shave november, it gives you money, and then you give it to people that have cancer. 5 years ago  
I need to see if they wont kill me. 5 years ago +4
xd i guess im weak then. 5 years ago +1
respect is earned. not given. 5 years ago  
my childhood. 5 years ago  
YES 5 years ago +2
He sucks, did your ever see that cartoon, he loses each time. :P 5 years ago  
;p 5 years ago  
UGH 5 years ago  
ah both are amazing 5 years ago +1
yum. 5 years ago  
id live in greece, ITS SO GREEN 5 years ago  
the forest looks like its on drugs! :D 5 years ago +3
4 languages are enough for me. 5 years ago  
id die within the first 2 seconds. 5 years ago  
skip i don't want to create a religion. im religious. 5 years ago  
ITS PINK! ;D 5 years ago +2
already am. its called: Its time to change the game. already in chapter 7. 5 years ago +1
i agree with panda. i have alot of deep secrets. 5 years ago  
I stub a toe daily. 5 years ago +1
i don't get why everyone thinks Canadians are stupid. ;/ 5 years ago  
Oh i read it wrong. i thought more selfish people in the NEXT 60 years. sorry, i wouldve said no. 5 years ago  
3 of the trolls that i know for awhile. OH YES. 5 years ago  
palestine. my country 5 years ago +2
No more periods! :D 5 years ago  
im new :P 5 years ago +2
i love having a vagina. 5 years ago  
AHH 5 years ago  
SKIP SKIP SKIP 5 years ago  
im a girl.;) 5 years ago  
are you on drugs man? D: 5 years ago +3
^~^ 5 years ago  
already am. 5 years ago  
LOLOLOOLOLOLOL 5 years ago  
i go to university.. 5 years ago  
iI'm a straight girl :) i could be Bi though ;) 5 years ago +1
COOKIE DOUGH IS SO GOOD! 5 years ago +1
golden laptop! :D 5 years ago  
Funmaster, Tberr Otakumon and um....? 5 years ago  
sorry pres, i dont want to do anything for you. 5 years ago  
my friends would say HEY! YOU WERE MY SLAVE! :D 5 years ago  
My brother is SO ANNOYING. . :D My sister is so quite. :p bad she hates me too so..? 5 years ago  
if you feel that way. .-. 5 years ago  
WHAT is WSHH 5 years ago +4
you would get an infection and die. 5 years ago +3
TAN 5 years ago  
vevo for music 5 years ago  
im a girl ~-~ but who cares 5 years ago +5
im not old d: i would be dead 5 years ago  
time my hair. 5 years ago  
GOOGLE V.S BING WAR, BEGIN! 5 years ago  
i dont know what mega bloks is ;-; 5 years ago +7
:D 5 years ago  
chaching 5 years ago  
i Have 2 friends :D 5 years ago +24
whats the difference? 5 years ago +1
what is this DAILT MOTION you are talking about? 5 years ago  
001 5 years ago  
stupid much. 5 years ago  
wat is maxtron 3 5 years ago  
Xd 5 years ago  
run a marathon 5 years ago  
o-o 5 years ago  
its 90% clean XD 5 years ago  
o,o 5 years ago  
#allnatural 5 years ago +1
o-o 5 years ago  
NO. 5 years ago  
im a girl. i dont want to be a giant cow. 5 years ago +4
LOLOLOL 5 years ago +4
wig wig wig hat hat hat 5 years ago  
*!* 5 years ago  
^-^ 5 years ago  
im an inny 5 years ago  
im already a hot nerd 5 years ago  
what is viddy, am i missing out 5 years ago  
XD lol 5 years ago  
i dont have it. :D 5 years ago +1
hair cut. 5 years ago +2
XD 5 years ago +1
speaking from experience. im arabic, french, japanese AND english. 5 years ago  
everyone is different 5 years ago +2
Option b looks less scary, i like A it gets straight to the point 5 years ago  
Salt taste so good! idk. cravings. 5 years ago +1
MY CAR! MINE! 5 years ago +1
well its for the rest of my life. 5 years ago +2
feels safer. idk. 5 years ago +1
yep 5 years ago +3
i like the profile picture. 5 years ago  
safer. way safer. 5 years ago  
i dont know the cars but i would own the bently gt and get it in blue. 5 years ago  
i like leopard prints. they look better. 5 years ago  
obviously. 5 years ago  
rin 5 years ago  
i love up! 5 years ago +1
i dont know you so.. 5 years ago  
shes paler. XD 5 years ago  
ah this was hard. 5 years ago  
if 9/11 didnt happen it would be better. 5 years ago  
and ill go on a diet, go exercising and have sex. its that simple to being slim thin again. 5 years ago  
Then i like my answer >:) 5 years ago +1
dodge ball so fun 5 years ago  
target practice for the pro's 5 years ago  
more money, plus they would be clean feet. 5 years ago  
xd 5 years ago +1
the lion would eat me D: 5 years ago +1
CEMETERY WITH 1000's of ALIVE PEOPLE. 5 years ago +1
YAY SHRIMP! I LOVE SHRIMP! 5 years ago +1
yummy. Vomit. 5 years ago  
yum/ 5 years ago +1
ill just cut one BABY MICROSCOPIC PIECE and eat it 5 years ago +2
DAT SONG 5 years ago  
my eyes glisten, deal? :D 5 years ago  
can i summon things on demand? can i fly?can i stay there as long as i wish? :3 5 years ago +3
i already am. 5 years ago  
its with pulp, cant go wrong with that! 5 years ago  
outlast for sure. 5 years ago +1
50/50 OO: 5 years ago  
both sound badass. 5 years ago +6
Song, but not the music video ^^ 5 years ago +4
comic sans looks cool, not trolls, settle down. i like comic sans. 5 years ago +1
freedom for relationships! 5 years ago +5
THIS IS WHAT I AM MOSTLY. 5 years ago +1
i want to play minecraft..,:( 5 years ago  
its winter/autumn, and i always wanted blue eyes. 5 years ago  
best best friend? or best friend? o-o 5 years ago +4
They bring all the boys to my yard ;) 5 years ago  
Mind = Confused - Long Question = Normal 5 years ago +2
confidence to increase my awareness 5 years ago +2
art is good. 5 years ago +3
lets make the sun YOUNG AGAIN! ;d 5 years ago  
super internet speed... BEGIN! 5 years ago +2
nouns are kind everything you say, but verbs are important too, 5 years ago +1
well, its their choice to be depressed. 5 years ago  
stairs. i got 2 legs bro 5 years ago +1
living without water is like.. D: 5 years ago  
:D 5 years ago  
:) 5 years ago  
and i donate half of them, so thats 50/50. everyone wins! 5 years ago +1
today i made a green frying pan as my costume, hey! it still counts. 5 years ago  
mom look a plane! -takes 20 dollars- 5 years ago +8
well they would care for him.. either way. 5 years ago  
i dont drink monster. :0 5 years ago  
yes. 5 years ago +1
american government. -0- 5 years ago  
I DONT KNOW YOU. ;D sry caps. 5 years ago +2
Ditto. :D 5 years ago  
kittens are treated like kings! they dont have to go fetch stuff. 5 years ago +1
why would i be in a desert..? 5 years ago +1
Australians have an amazing accent, im already British, :) 5 years ago +3
ill learn to love him :D 5 years ago  
NO HORSE. 5 years ago  
DONT HAVE A PARTNER. :d 5 years ago +1
we will learn to love eachother. 5 years ago +1
monster tits would feel like BRICKS. 5 years ago  
if i was a guy.. 5 years ago  
yeah the whole school knows. 5 years ago  
MAKE OVURR 5 years ago  
dont have an ex, how will he kill me? 5 years ago  
Die,or not to die? 5 years ago  
sorry. maybe ill love him 5 years ago +1
The question is basically saying,to die or not to die. 5 years ago  
im a girl, if i was a boy i would stay! 5 years ago  
see mai boobies. 5 years ago  
Either way, im a les 5 years ago  
bye north korea! 5 years ago  
i wont have sex. -=- yup being a smart ass here 5 years ago  
i dont have a puppy! :D 5 years ago  
ill do it again! :D 5 years ago  
ill let him pay the bill :D 5 years ago  
thank god for a skip button! 5 years ago  
id throw wine on his fancy jacket and ill be off. 5 years ago  
doesn't say a romantic relationship, ;) 5 years ago  
meh 5 years ago  
the dog will sleep in the bed of worms. done. 5 years ago  
never said it wasn't sh*t! maybe its chocolate pudding that looks like sh*t~ 5 years ago  
wordpress/ 5 years ago  
red apple is sweeter. 5 years ago +1
year 2020. nuff said 5 years ago  
im too noob for twitter 5 years ago  
ill get new ones 5 years ago  
SHIT NO i voted wrong, i thought it asked would you rather shut down, not work for 5 years ago  
R.I.P blackberries, sorry! 5 years ago  
i picked the wrong one GOD 5 years ago  
LOL 5 years ago  
skip 5 years ago  
sh*t no 5 years ago  
id milk it, same thing 5 years ago  
im a girl. 5 years ago  
ill buy a new toothbrush 5 years ago  
i love being a girl. 5 years ago  
donuts would be worse 5 years ago  
teenagers are considered children yup 5 years ago  
SORRY. 5 years ago  
im a girl xdd 5 years ago  
A CLEAN NEW BATHTUB. 5 years ago  
no penis, ulimited money 5 years ago  
i dont have a penis. 5 years ago  
use every cleaning methode possible 5 years ago  
NOOO CHANGE IT NOO 5 years ago  
it would taste like fish 5 years ago  
skips 5 years ago  
didnt say anything about sex. 5 years ago  
i have no d!ck :D 5 years ago  
didnt see anyone of them 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
no more periods :D 5 years ago  
a little hole the size of a needle sharp thing. 5 years ago  
IM A GIRL hahaha 5 years ago  
girl :D 5 years ago  
get a new job 5 years ago  
2 cats and 2 dogs 5 years ago  
a pando 5 years ago  
my mom and dad.. :( 5 years ago +1
dont have one 5 years ago  
a soft slap 5 years ago +1
a long warm bubble bath and sleep in it 5 years ago +1
im a girl. 5 years ago +6
2 minute cold showers 5 years ago +5
not gonna question it 5 years ago  
a really big box 5 years ago  
i have no balls, unless you mean boobs then yes.. 5 years ago +2
pollution and fish pee. 5 years ago +3
bye bye bags under mah eyes! 5 years ago  
i cant even drink. ;-; 5 years ago  
hi guys. im the new famous person my name is moon 5 years ago  
i have 400 fave foods. 5 years ago +3
i have my garage door. 5 years ago  
i can write with my eyes closed 5 years ago +1
with a zipline for safety. 5 years ago  
yup! 5 years ago  
my 12 yr old sister is cool. 5 years ago +4
gummy worm necklace 5 years ago +2
dont understand so i skip 5 years ago  
better chance of surviving 5 years ago  
;) 5 years ago  
holy sh*t. no 5 years ago  
it would hurt! 5 years ago  
run 5 years ago  
gr 5 years ago +1
i sleep on bright lights.. i get nightmares dont judge me 5 years ago +3
"im being a doctor for 3 weeks. sorry!" 5 years ago  
ADVIL DONE. 5 years ago  
GO 2 NEIGHBERR 5 years ago  
SILENT MUSIC! ;DDD 5 years ago  
my garage door... i win 5 years ago  
H&M! ;D 5 years ago  
;p 5 years ago  
if you act like a b*tch, yes... 5 years ago +3
skipp 5 years ago  
i have no spouse... 5 years ago +1
im sorry. 5 years ago  
its a 1 foot long building. done 5 years ago  
im a girl i dont put any makeup on my face..... i have a clear face for some reason... 5 years ago  
screw buying stuff for other people!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
he wont attack me, ill just leave the room 5 years ago  
lol. 5 years ago  
glowsticks can kill you but.... WHO CAREES 5 years ago +1
my room is small. 5 years ago  
sharks dont eat people, they dont like the taste of us 5 years ago +5
whats wrong with your mom kissing you? 5 years ago +4
15, still a teen, still a kid, still :D 5 years ago +2
id never smile 5 years ago  
voice deepner 5 years ago  
i dont have a dog.:) 5 years ago +1
SHEALIN!!!!!!!! DID YOU EAT THE LAST VELVET COOKIE???? yes. 5 years ago +6
so sad... 5 years ago +1
Hel hel hello my b!tches, you dont f*ck wid me cus i rap so bad. 5 years ago +3
ill use my phone's camera as a mirror. lel 5 years ago +3
if its winter, yes 5 years ago +1
it would be so funny! 5 years ago +2
milkshakes are delish, nuff said 5 years ago  
i never went into a pool. im no liar.. 5 years ago  
who the HELL CARES 5 years ago  
;-; 5 years ago  
she can cook, thats good. 5 years ago +1
sell them, buy chicken nuggets 5 years ago +6
sims. sims sims sims ism 5 years ago  
it says vote here I DONT PLA BUY DA RULES 5 years ago  
they fit better 5 years ago +1
I CAN SWIMMMM 5 years ago  
best thing on earth 5 years ago  
one toe paralyzed :3 5 years ago +5
y would you! SO UNHEALTHY CHILDREN 5 years ago +1
lul 5 years ago +2
ou get mONEEEEH 5 years ago +2
I HATE YOU ISREAL! surprised by results. 5 years ago +2
you can play video games on the hella big screen 5 years ago +2
lel it already happened 5 years ago +3
I CANT EAT BACON! 5 years ago  
you dont eat bubblegum, i win 5 years ago +5
i o karate already. yellow belt :D 5 years ago  
you would die with no head and die without ou lungs and heart.. same thing 5 years ago  
im 15. -.- 5 years ago +1
lul 5 years ago +1
id rather suffer heprpes then heart disease 5 years ago +1
id be a les. who cares. ;p 5 years ago +1 5 years ago  
ftw! 5 years ago  
i already take 5 min showers 5 years ago +1
i hate avocados 5 years ago  
sloths are so slow, we can shoot them and hire a president. 5 years ago +2
no comment 5 years ago  
i dont even have detention at my school 5 years ago  
doctors get lots of money! 5 years ago +2
oucan change that regret! :D 5 years ago  
;-; 5 years ago  
i wish i can pass every test. ;-; 5 years ago  
Girl power XD 5 years ago +1
soccer match tomorow 5 years ago  
wendys. all da way 5 years ago  
twin cities looks so badass. 5 years ago  
i love my moms cooking. ;p 5 years ago  
who the boop beep created the big bang? :3 logic people 5 years ago  
lel i dont mean your mean, i mean that i dont like people saying my a noob XD 5 years ago  
For me newbie means noob, for sure it does. it actually does! so please call me something else. :) 5 years ago  
dont haz ex 5 years ago +2
sharks dont eat humans 5 years ago  
o-o 5 years ago  
i never had a dog, win 5 years ago  
tearfree soap 5 years ago  
never have to walk AGAIN!!!!! 5 years ago  
:-) 5 years ago  
no pain 5 years ago  
ill get alot of money then quit 5 years ago  
space is painles 5 years ago  
i have no secrets 5 years ago  
0-0 5 years ago  
no water no life idiots 5 years ago  
im a girl :;) 5 years ago  
doesnt say i cant wea shoes 5 years ago  
well if thats okay with them... 5 years ago  
Guest from texas is a genius 5 years ago  
snickers. nuff said 5 years ago  
skittles! 5 years ago  
Dc Has batman 5 years ago  
atleast i cant swim. :) 5 years ago  
Meh, canada 5 years ago  
i dont care. 5 years ago  
french fries are potatoes. Win 5 years ago  
i wont have sex with him, prob solved 5 years ago  
well even if im a girl, ILL WEAR A SPORT BRA!!!!! ;) 5 years ago  
i'd rather go to heaven 5 years ago  
i don't know any of dem 5 years ago  
stop drop and roll, nufff said 5 years ago  
5050. NUFF SAID 5 years ago  
i wont give them money. :D 5 years ago  
260 looks amazing. 5 years ago  
go spongebob. 5 years ago  
guest from California, i agree with you 5 years ago  
I don't know any of them but HECK. GO PEDRO 5 years ago  
id call the locksmith. :) 5 years ago  
fruits. DELISH 5 years ago  
WHO WOULD COMPARE? 5 years ago  
Nemo... i have a fish named nemo.. 5 years ago  
GO MULAN! i love the movie! 5 years ago  
my grandma is not annoying. i love her dearly. 5 years ago  
ill sell the car and buy a new one. the house is way more expensive. 5 years ago  
Netflix, BAM 5 years ago  
you are so right guys! BEING SMART MEANS LESS WORK 5 years ago  
monkeys eat faces and rip off genitals. 5 years ago  
I just want to go to Vegas so i can get a snazzy hotel :D 5 years ago  
does it mean that you cant eat ANY MEAT? D: k. 5 years ago  
im a girl. LOLOLOLOL I WIN 5 years ago  
i don't need any MORE TROUBLE. if you run away they will be hunting you down. makes you paranoid for he rest of your life, anyway its 50/50 5 years ago +1
Both are gay but abercrombie's guy is hotter. 5 years ago  
Harvard is better, my sister went there. 5 years ago  
we could learn to be friends. 5 years ago  
STOP, DROP AND ROLL. IN WATER. 5 years ago  
citric acid. i win 5 years ago  
ID TELEPORT TO THE SKY BITCHES!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
i madethe worst mistake of my life, i wANT TO RE DO IT 5 years ago  
human centipede is a movie I'D GET TO BE A PART OF THE MOVIE! :D 5 years ago  
i didn't understand anything... :3 5 years ago  
i like ordering food. so i eat more because i starve before the food gets there then i can OM NOM NOM my ass off 5 years ago  
imagine if you caught malaria randomly, OMG. blah 5 years ago  
Class girls, Say Classy ;) 5 years ago  
Canada is a really peaceful and amazing country but eh... 5 years ago  
I'm a girl, i have small ones, and i'm so happy i have small ones. i mean like a magician could carry big ones. but me? no. :3 5 years ago  
It says RANDOM GUYS! The worst place imaginable is prob hell, but i ain't dragging all 14 friends and 5 family members to hell so i can stay! 5 years ago  
Pika10 i agree with you. :) 5 years ago  
yolo is WRONG. you live every day. 5 years ago  
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