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Hi, i am shealin. Bye, i am shealin. (\_/)

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    Er.. i dont like beer. could we go out for some coffee at Tim hortins?  
    90 is an impressive age to die.  
    Id take a picture, then take a selfie in front of it. ^-^  
    palestine. my country +2
    No more periods! :D  
    i love having a vagina.  
    im a girl.;)  
    golden laptop! :D  
    if you feel that way. .-.  
    its 90% clean XD  
    #allnatural +1
    im already a hot nerd  
    what is viddy, am i missing out  
    XD lol  
    hair cut. +2
    if 9/11 didnt happen it would be better.  
    and i donate half of them, so thats 50/50. everyone wins! +1
    today i made a green frying pan as my costume, hey! it still counts.  
    ill learn to love him :D  
    NO HORSE.  
    we will learn to love eachother. +1
    yeah the whole school knows.  
    dont have an ex, how will he kill me?  
    Die,or not to die?  
    sorry. maybe ill love him +1
    The question is basically saying,to die or not to die.  
    im a girl, if i was a boy i would stay!  
    see mai boobies.  
    bye north korea!  
    ill let him pay the bill :D  
    id throw wine on his fancy jacket and ill be off.  
    doesn't say a romantic relationship, ;)  
    the dog will sleep in the bed of worms. done.  
    never said it wasn't sh*t! maybe its chocolate pudding that looks like sh*t~  
    red apple is sweeter. +1
    year 2020. nuff said  
    im too noob for twitter  
    ill get new ones  
    SHIT NO i voted wrong, i thought it asked would you rather shut down, not work for  
    R.I.P blackberries, sorry!  
    sh*t no  
    id milk it, same thing  
    ill buy a new toothbrush  
    i love being a girl.  
    donuts would be worse  
    teenagers are considered children yup  
    no penis, ulimited money  
    i dont have a penis.  
    use every cleaning methode possible  
    it would taste like fish  
    didnt say anything about sex.  
    i have no d!ck :D  
    no more periods :D  
    a little hole the size of a needle sharp thing.  
    IM A GIRL hahaha  
    get a new job  
    bye bye bags under mah eyes!  
    milkshakes are delish, nuff said  
    i never went into a pool. im no liar..  
    i love my moms cooking. ;p  
    who the boop beep created the big bang? :3 logic people  
    lel i dont mean your mean, i mean that i dont like people saying my a noob XD  
    For me newbie means noob, for sure it does. it actually does! so please call me something else. :)  
    dont haz ex +2
    sharks dont eat humans  
    i never had a dog, win  
    never have to walk AGAIN!!!!!  
    no pain  
    ill get alot of money then quit  
    space is painles  
    i have no secrets  
    no water no life idiots  
    im a girl :;)  
    doesnt say i cant wea shoes  
    Guest from texas is a genius  
    snickers. nuff said  
    Dc Has batman  
    atleast i cant swim. :)  
    i dont care.  
    french fries are potatoes. Win  
    i wont have sex with him, prob solved  
    well even if im a girl, ILL WEAR A SPORT BRA!!!!! ;)  
    i'd rather go to heaven  
    i don't know any of dem  
    5050. NUFF SAID  
    i wont give them money. :D  
    260 looks amazing.  
    go spongebob.  
    guest from California, i agree with you  
    I don't know any of them but HECK. GO PEDRO  
    id call the locksmith. :)  
    fruits. DELISH  
    Nemo... i have a fish named nemo..  
    GO MULAN! i love the movie!  
    my grandma is not annoying. i love her dearly.  
    ill sell the car and buy a new one. the house is way more expensive.  
    Netflix, BAM  
    you are so right guys! BEING SMART MEANS LESS WORK  
    monkeys eat faces and rip off genitals.  
    I just want to go to Vegas so i can get a snazzy hotel :D  
    does it mean that you cant eat ANY MEAT? D: k.  
    im a girl. LOLOLOLOL I WIN  
    i don't need any MORE TROUBLE. if you run away they will be hunting you down. makes you paranoid for he rest of your life, anyway its 50/50 +1
    Harvard is better, my sister went there.  
    we could learn to be friends.  
    citric acid. i win  
    i madethe worst mistake of my life, i wANT TO RE DO IT  
    i didn't understand anything... :3  
    i like ordering food. so i eat more because i starve before the food gets there then i can OM NOM NOM my ass off  
    imagine if you caught malaria randomly, OMG. blah  
    Class girls, Say Classy ;)  
    Pika10 i agree with you. :)  
    yolo is WRONG. you live every day.  
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