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Did Obama do a good job as President (explain answer) Yes he did or No he didn't 8,046 votes 369 comments 0 likes

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Ray Mabus, he initiated the program made all the decisions, all obama did was sign the paper saying that Ray Mabus' plan could be executed. All Obama did was sign a piece of paper.  
No, Navy Seal Team 6 assassinated Osama, not Obama.  
The only thing he did was Obamacare, which is a very flawed system. I'm for universal health care, but come on that was just terrible.  
I never said he hasn't done anything, but he hasn't done anything that's effective  
5 years is more than enough to get things started at least, especially when your party controlled all of congress for 2 years, and he had the senate for all 5. When Ronald Reagan ended the recession of 1982 in 4 years with the other party controlling all of congress, so its possible to fix things, and he hasn't made an attempt.  
I didn't ask if Romney was better, i just asked if Obama was good. Neither of them are they both suck, also he claims to support gay rights but has not even spoken out once in favor of them.  
After covering up fast and furious and Benghazi scandals, not standing up for gay rights, supporting over regulation, and legalizing predator drone strikes on American citizen (thus meaning execution without trial). He's been a crappy president. It's sad that people ignore all the bad things he's done.  
Sadly no +4
your political satire is poor at its best. +2
Cats, cats are whats wrong with me  
Not if you play RR right, the other person is supposed to shoot from across a long table, so you'd be fine from that range, but if you play it the wrong way you'd be screwed. +1
please don't resort to name calling, it just makes a fool of yourself, and makes your point seem less legitimate.  
please no profanity  
trust me, that's a good thing  
i like you  
Tell that to my girlfriend. I'm a staunch atheist, but I've never been more inlove. +1
I see no hypocracy or bigotry in my comment, i don't think you realize what those words mean.  
I would much rather have 100 million dollars than go somewhere that doesn't exist.  
i posted it a week before him, and don't say retard, its offensive  
Look up the Japanese internment camps. That's the problem with the american education system they talk about all of America's high points, and none of the low.  
Communism is good in theory, but in the real world, it doesn't  
I'm on the fence about this  
Our votes honestly don't count, theyre just suggestions to the electoral college.  
After the first trimeste +1
except the part where he imprisoned American citizens because of their race. Racist much?  
except the part where he cheated the constitution and imprisoned thousands of Americans just because they were of Japanese decent. He was an american Hitler. +5
Hillary is an idiot +1
Can't make a deal with something that doesn't exist  
William Churchill, or Ghandi  
He's a douche, but Putin is extremely corrupt. He won the last election by 115% of the population. +3
Brilliant bussiness woman and humanitarian or mediocre president +7
McCain is a vet, he'd have good stories +9
Obama is a bad president, but hes better than a dictator +1
cooler name  
Didn't like either, but my quality of life was better when bush was in office  
They aren't socialist countries, they are capitalist with some socialistic policies. +1
Capitalism is the best situation in this, but if you want to be fair Anarchism would be more right wing in the fiscal area (these are all fiscal policies) because right wing financial policies have a lot less restrictions. +1
like? +3
I'm a little confused. lol. because for every one job created under the Obama administration, 7 people were put on foodstamps or other forms of wellfare programs. And, the unemployment statistic only counts those looking for work, so those who aren't looking or on entitlements are not included. The true unemployment (meaning all the non retired people who are out of work regardless of if they are looking or not) has gone up about 8.3% since Obama took office.  
The question isn't if anyone would do better, its if he did well.  
That's not jobs created thats people on food stamps and other entitlements that have stopped looking for work.  
classy as hell  
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