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Would you rather.. Be an immortal talking animal. or Be made into a cyborg and obey everything your creator says. 6 years ago 228 votes 1 comment 0 likes

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PIGUU!!! 6 years ago  
Immortality would suck because you will have to watch all your loved ones perish. 6 years ago  
3 words, 1.Privacy 2.Personal Space! 6 years ago  
SHO CUTE 6 years ago +8
Big Bang theory and Family guy all the friggen way 6 years ago +4
Fluffy Lions 6 years ago  
JB Sux 6 years ago +1
more wishes 6 years ago  
Slap Slap sorry bro*Pat and he falls* Oops. 6 years ago  
FIRE FART POWA 6 years ago +1
LOL hilarious pic bro 6 years ago +3
No such thing as zombie apocalypse 6 years ago  
GAY TWILIGHT F*CK IT 6 years ago  
Bonjeur 6 years ago  
im 12 6 years ago  
Dad's nicer. 6 years ago  
Track both 6 years ago  
No PE for this girl! 6 years ago +2
Acting goes on longer 6 years ago  
More flavor! 6 years ago  
Suicide! 6 years ago +7
Quick and easy bro 6 years ago  
Track it 6 years ago  
Cant take veggies 6 years ago  
Monkeys throw da SHIT 6 years ago  
HATE VEGGIES 6 years ago  
Both the guys are gay 6 years ago  
Bleach 6 years ago  
Twilight is gay. 6 years ago  
Jump off 6 years ago  
wtf is costa 6 years ago +4
wish for more wishes 6 years ago +12
hate obama bin laden 6 years ago +3
Bird man *O* 6 years ago  
i laugh alot so fly fart is me :D 6 years ago  
i Want a talking panda! 6 years ago +3
I want that bunny.Give me that bunny...! 6 years ago  
BROWNIESS!!!!!! 6 years ago  
YES 6 years ago +1
lol OOG 6 years ago  
In yo friggin face suckas 6 years ago  
But its a talking dog! 6 years ago +2
Dont live with dad :D 6 years ago  
Dont have a sister :o 6 years ago  
Dont have sis 6 years ago  
sterilize...! 6 years ago  
IDK! 6 years ago  
Im a girl :D 6 years ago  
MOUSE FLAVA!!!!!! 6 years ago  
If i rule theirs no problems :D 6 years ago +1
i could take a time machine from 2200 and go to the past :D 6 years ago  
Clowns*shiver* 6 years ago  
God i hate RB 6 years ago +4
at least im not touching his foot 6 years ago +2
JUSTIN SUCKS 6 years ago  
Movies dont last forever 6 years ago +2
No PE for me b*tches! 6 years ago +3
Happens every friday at school(Gangnam Style) 6 years ago  
Twilight=Gay! 6 years ago  
Solution= Rich Friends+You=Friendly loan. 6 years ago  
people would be all"This religion sucks!" 6 years ago  
Dreamovision. 6 years ago  
I wouldnt know if people showed up for my funeral :P 6 years ago  
No one can see ugliness when your invisible! 6 years ago  
Dream you'l never die. 6 years ago  
Small fat dogs o.o! 6 years ago  
Buy 50,000 worht of stocks then get more! 6 years ago  
Get starbucks app! 6 years ago  
Hate sightseeing... 6 years ago  
Chef could cook me desserts whenever and where would i wanna drive? 6 years ago  
Bad job+Tons of Money=LEAVE FEW MONTHS LATER!!!!! 6 years ago  
Live through the day of red sun like 5,00000000000000000000000000000000000 years later. 6 years ago  
Lucas is like so hot and Ian is just freaky looking. 6 years ago  
My friends and i will kick his sorry ass! 6 years ago  
Most peaceful:FLuffy bunnies are thrown at chu! 6 years ago  
Make awesome pictures that are not at all like the move ftw! 6 years ago  
God is so real people! 6 years ago  
You could buy $50,000 worth of stocks then get more money! 6 years ago  
In a group you get more done. 6 years ago  
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