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I have an icon now! Do you like it or hate it 2 years ago 67 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Random Election of Randomness Comment your favourite person on the website or Don't comment, I guess 2 years ago 259 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Roll a die once, and odd numbers kill you. or Roll a die once, and even numbers kill you 2 years ago 110 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be stuck screaming eternally or die instantly 2 years ago 94 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who do you prefer? Severa or Cynthia 2 years ago 42 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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E-ther or Eye-ther. Not there, but ther, you idiots. 2 years ago  
...Because our language doesn't make sense. 2 years ago +1
...It's to do with sex, isn't it... Ew. 2 years ago  
nom 2 years ago  
voted for cat pic 2 years ago  
I tried hugging my best friend, but she pushed me away... :( 2 years ago  
No comments mean I don't have to do anything, right? 2 years ago  
A one-night stand is staying up all night, right? 2 years ago  
At least I'd die faster. 2 years ago  
I am Atheist, bltch 2 years ago  
Beautiful, elegant, and it's cute. :) 2 years ago  
My parents care about Sunday bed time, but not a Friday one as much. 2 years ago  
My reasons: 1. Ew, no. 2. OWLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 2 years ago  
Because I want to retain my record of never being stung by bees, wasps or hornets. 2 years ago  
It's the best picture of my online representation I have so... 2 years ago  
Yay, so much positivity! I kinda got this by searching my Google+ Username up and this was the first pic, and it's my Google+ Icon. I made it like years ago on an avatar maker app on my old phone, lol. 2 years ago  
Unless he's on the website, that doesn't fit what you're meant to tell us. Who's your favourite user on the website excluding yourself? 2 years ago  
Eh, not really doing one, I just had wanted to make a question. 2 years ago +1
Sure! 2 years ago +1
Who voted for Sonic 06?! 2 years ago  
Don't forget Queen. 2 years ago +1
Queen. That's the best one if you ask me, but if you want more, just read helens' comment. 2 years ago +2
Life is something, I guess 2 years ago +1
If there was a god, I doubt that we'd have this much sh*t going on. 2 years ago  
postcode finder? I guess it's because this is a school computer, though that still creeps me out. 2 years ago +1
I DON'T HAVE A CHILD HAH! 2 years ago  
Nom. 2 years ago  
Because then I get to do what Americans do in schools, follow a dress code. (I wear trousers normally so I'm fine) 2 years ago  
THEN DON'T SAY YOU DO IT! 2 years ago  
Same. 2 years ago  
Because I can't do A, but can (kind of) do B. 2 years ago  
You can teleport, but only when nude. 2 years ago +1
Duh. 2 years ago  
The second one makes no sense. 2 years ago  
Funny = most the time, original = occasionally. 2 years ago +1
...But chickens are ALWAYS deadly. 2 years ago  
Read Heti123's comment. 2 years ago  
Yeah, I realized that after commenting. 2 years ago  
Well, sending out all Hispanics doesn't solve non-Hispanic illegal people, plus only the extremist Muslims blow people up. And the Koran doesn't actually say that as far as I am aware. 2 years ago  
...Where does it ask that question? 2 years ago  
What? How? I- What? EXPLAIN! 2 years ago  
wat 2 years ago  
230-220*0.5=230-110=120. BIDMAS demands the multiplication comes first, then the subtraction, ok. 2 years ago  
prettier. 2 years ago  
I would find out the good later. 2 years ago  
I like my surname. 2 years ago  
Your comment is amazing! 2 years ago +1
...People make fun of people who are adopted, it would be kinder to just abort. 2 years ago  
Not all Hispanics are illegal immigrants, plus I don't think all Hispanic women are ugly, and I know that 1920ish Americans loved to fvck them, that sex slave stealing thing was America stealing Mexicans, not the other way around. Gender Disphoria isn't the same as being Gay. The Muslim book literally says to not force people into their religion, and that if they are to fight a war, they may only kill adult men, no women and no children. It also says to treat hostages with respect. Note that I know this due to Religious Studies lessons, which you probably skipped. 2 years ago +2
Germoney all the way. 2 years ago +1
This was the first question asked it seems. 2 years ago  
...FVCK THIS SHlT I'M OUT! 2 years ago  
OMG HOW DO I- I'm joking, I'm intelligent. And know keyboards off by heart at this point. 2 years ago  
Better pic. 2 years ago  
I really don't like A... It's happened a few times in the past, it's never pleasant. 2 years ago  
I like bees, plus I'll have honey! And a protective suit! Will come in handy if we have a nuclear apocalypse. 2 years ago +2
The question above is disgusting, it's whether to eat my feet or use a glass bottle as a dildo... I didn't vote on it, I rate it -10000000000/10 2 years ago  
Literary? What, so it's a book? 2 years ago  
Firstly, I don't care about the quiz, secondly, I relate to the pic for not knowing. 2 years ago  
I would stop them, quite quickly. 2 years ago  
I don't say either much, but Pop sounds stupid. I say fizzy drink, soft drink, or just say the brand. 2 years ago  
Being gay is not being mentally ill. Hispanics are just as likely as white people to sell drugs. Muslims aren't terrorists, ISIS are not real muslims, they are disobeying quite a few key beliefs of that religion doing what they're doing. And I don't think the congressman are all rapists, but I don't know on that one. 2 years ago +1
Then what if the parents realise they wouldn't be able to support their child? Same situation. 2 years ago  
Minato (can actually be named by the player), Junpei Iori, Fukka Yamagishi, Misturo Kirijiro, Akihiko Sanada (not sure on his surname), Shinjiro (No clue on surname rn), Yukari Takeba, Aegis (No surname), Ken Yamada, Jin, Mr. Hippy Guy I can't remember the name of, Koramaru (woof woof), Can't remember this girl's name, and Elizabeth. 2 years ago  
6s are slightly more likely due to weight differences. 2 years ago  
6s are slightly more likely due to weight differences. 2 years ago  
6s are slightly more likely due to weight differences. 2 years ago  
6s are slightly more likely due to weight differences. 2 years ago  
6s are slightly more likely due to weight differences. 2 years ago  
6s are slightly more likely due to weight differences. 2 years ago  
IKR that phrase makes no sense! Plus, isn't the desert hot as hell? 2 years ago  
Well, with how many plugs have been pulled over the years, if it was, we'd have no doctors left. 2 years ago  
You're saying he should hang people over stuff they can't control, be racist and deport an entire race, ban an entire religion as well, and fire all the other people in charge? ...Are you fvcking kidding me?! 2 years ago +1
I see. 2 years ago  
...No, American football is rugby but not rugby, noting that you don't use any feet in American football, so you should rename to something more sensible, maybe American handball? 2 years ago  
No. They cause pain = suffering. 2 years ago  
...It's a foetus, and most abortions happen before it is capable of living outside the womb, so therefore it's not murder. 2 years ago +1
Isn't that just hypocritical? 2 years ago  
(My friend's comment that cannot be posted by her for some reason.): The pregnant woman should be able to do what she wants with her body. Plus, its not murder until the foetus is viable, AKA at an age where they could be born and live. 2 years ago  
What if it was an accident to have the kid? (This is my comment.) 2 years ago  
books 1-3 completely, then I stopped during book 4 near the beginning because, I guess I just did? 2 years ago  
B is painful, and would probably kill me. 2 years ago  
Less trouble. 2 years ago  
duh 2 years ago  
I wouldn't actually do either though, for neither helps. 2 years ago  
Never. Fight. Chickens. A lesson learnt from Zelda games. 2 years ago  
Dunsparce is stupid, and way weaker, plus, Gligar evolves, and Dunsparce doesn't, and neither evolve from anything, so Gligar is way better. 2 years ago +1
Pretty. 2 years ago  
I'm too lazy. Plus I normally pour into a glass anyway, or a cup for soup, so it doesn't matter. 2 years ago  
Once had one, but it fell off. 2 years ago  
B is stupid, I don't understand it when I see people do it. 2 years ago  
'a mean message on Twitter that I will never reply to' 2 years ago  
:) 2 years ago  
I don't even care? 2 years ago  
I can say Massachusetts. 2 years ago  
English and Francais. 2 years ago  
I wanted to do some would you rathers at school, and this wasn't blocked. I made an account so my answers would count. 2 years ago  
Because neither would happen, I went for the least likely, lol. 2 years ago +1
duh. 2 years ago  
Thanks :) 2 years ago  
TMW you get sensible comments on your silly question, but everything else gets at least one silly comment. 2 years ago  
Misclick 2 years ago  
Free food! 2 years ago +1
A = Unnecessary, but doesn't really ruin much. B = You can't have an engaging story with a proper Mary Sue. 2 years ago +1
Already me, I bet. 2 years ago +1
You do understand jokes, right? 2 years ago  
Lack of pain seems nice. 2 years ago  
Oh. I see. 2 years ago  
I don't really butter my bread much, but if I were too, I'd do that, and then cut it into soldiers because I only have bread with soup tbh. 2 years ago  
A is too annoying and impossible to use easily. 2 years ago  
...It's a reference to a very old game. 2 years ago  
There are too many idiots in this world, I wanna fix this (plus the smart people, would be REEEEALLLY smart!) 2 years ago +1
hi little pink blob monster. 2 years ago  
Oh god the pic for A deserves to be taken out and shot. 2 years ago +1
It's more in-between tbh. 2 years ago  
I'll go for my online name... So... Sgames, scompanies, severything. 2 years ago  
...Small chocolate brownies... 2 years ago  
newest 2 years ago  
Oh is that so, my endeared associate? Then why do you repeatedly spell 'diagnosed' inaccurately? 2 years ago  
'...' isn't a great defence. 2 years ago  
-90 degrees would kill people, especially if you mean in Fahrenheit! Meanwhile, crime would make a ton of murders happen... But, well, it's not as bad as wiping out most the human race by freezing to death. 2 years ago  
Could be one of the social experiments, or... IT COULD JUST BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO! 2 years ago +1
You don't wish on rainbows? 2 years ago  
Well, gay means either happy, or homosexual. Songs don't have sexualities, and B is a sad song so... 2 years ago  
Nice people replacing all the jerks in my school. 2 years ago  
I... can't really ride a bike well-enough... 2 years ago  
Do you know what YASS stands for? It stands for Yay, A Sex Slave. Yes stands for Yes, Equality Stands! 2 years ago  
Damsel in distress is rather realistic in some ways, speaking out when kidnapped and at the mercy of your captor, isn't a good idea. 2 years ago +1
A is kinda necessary in my favourite game series otherwise... If you were to let certain characters die in battle, then some cutscenes wouldn't be possible, so instead very important but not important enough to cause a game over characters, tend to retreat permanately instead of die. 2 years ago  
Would be brilliant. 2 years ago  
I'd get in trouble, and they'd also get in trouble if caught, someone needs to be able to let them live with them when/if they get out of prison (if they go to prison). 2 years ago  
The big bang, but the big boop is close enough. 2 years ago  
More money, less time taken. Boom, more efficiency. 2 years ago  
Trump's ugly, a confederate general/soldier, might be, but nobody knows so they'll just have their cool armour on! 2 years ago  
Would be absolutely fun to parkour anywhere, I could go anywhere I wanted! 2 years ago  
At least then I could wrestle for a tiny amount of time, and then run for my life and be able to survive easily. 2 years ago  
How are you so dumb? 2 years ago  
...The dream thing would basically be life spoilers, my dreams often contain a tiny amount of the future, normally extremely minor things, but I don't want to be too spoiled on what'll happen in life. Plus the drawing thing would be useful. 2 years ago  
NOTHING! Wait, I misread the other, crap. MISVOTE! 2 years ago  
I live in England, so going to London as a tour during holiday seems kinda meh to me. 2 years ago  
Money doesn't prevent the love btw. 2 years ago  
They'd accuse me of being a witch if I went to before the 1800s. 2 years ago  
I'm sorry but, it didn't happen, plus I think you'd be dead by 2200... 2 years ago  
I wouldn't be alive to care, would I? 2 years ago  
:( 2 years ago  
Ahhh, a day of no socialization, just watching videos all day. :) 2 years ago  
USEFUL AS F*CK! 2 years ago  
Judging by one of the comments on the question I made a while ago, I'd rather not see the comments tbh... 2 years ago  
I have a DEBIT card though. 2 years ago  
um... 2 years ago  
Play Mother 3, fight a female titan and win, and then whoever Tomato/Igloo is comes back. I think that's better than a 10% chance of death tbh. 2 years ago  
Cute. 2 years ago  
Wheelchairs? 2 years ago  
Ok then. You could've told me in person instead of making me check your comment. 2 years ago  
...what? That makes no grammatical sense? 2 years ago  
Hard to choose which fizzy drink to go with. 2 years ago  
You know they meant crisps. You're literally sitting right next to me, and told me where to find the question, you KNOW they meant crisps. 2 years ago  
I have no clue. 2 years ago  
Means that the people who get diabetes might be cured, possibly, and then we get more service! 2 years ago +1
Dog 2 years ago  
Fu- 2 years ago  
Nin. 2 years ago  
Label 2 years ago  
...And now diagonal... At least it's a word this time...? 2 years ago  
Better than most their crap, and seems more interesting. 2 years ago +1
I've been on here for 6 days, so I'm probably not even 1. Ah well. 2 years ago  
November~ 2 years ago  
Autism, to be more precise, Aspergers Syndrome. So, I guess it's cool to know you also have it. 2 years ago +1
no. 2 years ago  
I have something called Supernoodles, and I have Chicken flavour of that a lot, so that's why I chose Chicken. 2 years ago  
...And now it says Diagnosul... 2 years ago  
Because it'd screw up registers more. 2 years ago  
Retarded. 2 years ago  
I was making a joke, jeez. 2 years ago  
I'm kind. 2 years ago  
Diagnosy? Firstly, that's not a word. Secondly, you don't get diagnosed to be gay. It's not a mental illness. 2 years ago +1
I'm already smart enough... PLUS WEAPONS COME WITH FITNESS ONE SO DUH! 2 years ago  
duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 years ago  
Do you guys know what to do if Haters dab back? Jacksfilms wants to know. 2 years ago  
YouTube has EVERYTHING! 2 years ago  
ATHEISM! I have no religion, lol. 2 years ago  
Eh. Why not. Magic! (Plus I can make myself sneeze on purpose, so I could just use it as a magic trick.) 2 years ago  
You lose 70% either way. Plus you know where it goes for sure with this option! 2 years ago +1
Exactly, that's my point. When I typed Free Speech, it didn't censor it. 2 years ago  
Free Speech. 2 years ago  
Rude, and uncalled for. Plus inaccurate. 2 years ago  
Well done! You're the only commenter here who seems to have actually understood that I was talking about Fire Emblem!!! 2 years ago  
Severa, she's from a game. 2 years ago  
Ragnerok isn't Thor's... 2 years ago  
A has a ton of variety, just look how many animes there are, dude. B doesn't have variety, it's just space wars and sht. 2 years ago  
You can do B with A with ease, with less restriction. Plus you can also go tot the future! 2 years ago  
The before pick looks weird and creepy, possibly a pedo. I like the pic where he doesn't look creepy, aka the 'After' pic. 2 years ago  
But some are bad, most are good though. 2 years ago  
Who? 2 years ago  
Um, what are these? Why no queen songs? 2 years ago +1
Ninja's get to do lot's of things tbh. 2 years ago  
PALM TREE FOR PRESIDENT 2020 (It has 2020 vision guys, 2020 vision.) 2 years ago +1
TBH, neither are good, but the palm tree just has to win. 2 years ago  
Nintendo is richer, plus they publish a lot of Sega's games, so they have a little bit of control over Sega anyway. 2 years ago  
Yeah... I'm too lazy to read all of that, sorry. 2 years ago  
FUNNNNNNNNN 2 years ago  
At least I'd probably have SOMETHING left. 2 years ago  
Dude, this is: rather bad thing, or good thing! 2 years ago  
At least I'd not DIE! 2 years ago  
Because I don't exactly understand what the Norway one means, plus Iceland's got pretty good education, so I'd get a clever person. 2 years ago  
Neither? We should blame the hijackers, duh! 2 years ago  
You can still die of age, you just have to work everyday, right? 2 years ago  
Eh, if I have to choose... I'd rather BE one, not f*ck one. Also, censored it because otherwise it wouldn't let me send my comment. 2 years ago  
*shrugs* I dunno 2 years ago  
I WANT BOTH!!! But I probably can't get either... :( 2 years ago  
I don't want what comes from fame tbh. 2 years ago +1
Neither, ew. 2 years ago  
At least if the Japanese find this, it'll go more towards Severa, right? I mean, in an official popularity poll, Severa was the second place female child character (or maybe first, idk), coming after Lucina. Proof: Hotspring Scramble. They used the child popularity poll to decide which children characters to include. 2 years ago  
...I should've figured Cynthia'd be more popular. 2 years ago  
Tbh, this one describes on of my favourite teachers, and even the people targeted actually enjoyed it, so tbh, this one is better from my experiences. Plus his jokes were pretty funny and had build-up. 2 years ago  
For holiday, Canada. Because staying at home isn't really a holiday. 2 years ago  
They're not cringy. They're serious illnesses that kill people. 2 years ago  
Earbuds are SO UNCOMFORTABLE! 2 years ago  
They're both cute... BUT KITTENSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 2 years ago  
I like it tbh. 2 years ago +1
B because, people can love more than one person at a time, and that should be respected. Polyamory isn't cheating, it requires everyone involved to know. 2 years ago  
Not reaaaaaally tbh. 2 years ago +1
I can kinda see how ceramic could be seen as at least sexual, but not how it's gay? Also, how is painting gay? Most painters are men. 2 years ago +1
There are savage and civilized people in every culture if you ask me. 2 years ago  
Controller to the PC. Boom, you get everything. 2 years ago  
I eat it with whichever tbh. It's just a little easier with a fork. 2 years ago  
How is this tech? 2 years ago  
I don't have facebook, so... 2 years ago  
...I'm british. 2 years ago  
Eh, why not? I'm not a Satanist, I just REAAAAAALLY don't want to be THAT poor... Seriously... 2 years ago  
Canon 'cause... It sounds like I get a cannon to shoot people with? 2 years ago do you not...? 2 years ago  
no. 2 years ago  
Debian. I know what it is. What's red hat? 2 years ago  
Well, actually I'd use tumblr, but I'm not gonna promote wordpress, so Blogger is my choice here. 2 years ago  
...Who? 2 years ago  
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