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    what id someone dropped one in loop hole dick  
    No he was terrible he only liked rich people  
    what if im young and i can chase that down later and i want to know how to not get mugged  
    stop loopholes  
    Id wish that everyone who did loop holes on this sight would be dead  
    there is no such thing  
    what is the proof that god exits  
    who created god then....b*tch  
    I thought you needded to be good to go to heaven So I a person who does not belive in god says F*ck you and im not going to hell  
    who created god Di*kface  
    Someone made up god  
    Fu*k you  
    Dad:you dont even have a brother named Billy +1
    You cant avoid it oh yea by the way you can get hit by a car  
    So there was this guy who just apears no wear and then he just starts to vreat stuff  
    I think the big bang was not real just a theroy and god is not real so its just what happend  
    Yea and stuff like he makes everyone but he hates the gays its does not make sense  
    where i live next week its going to be 36 degrees  
    its not cold in canada  
    I live in canada and its bacon and its the best  
    Everyone says its freezing B.C is the same as america but better in ways  
    Canada is better then america  
    if he creates everyone why does he hate the gays could he just make people not gay yea  
    You dont know either  
    your saying somebody it sould of been an alien from all we know  
    you will pay the price of wasting your life +1
    its a fairytale people only created it to not be afraid of the truth you rot in the ground and alot of stuff is unkown +2
    your racist your paying attenion to the skin and the hate so +1
    well they will bite in the same area  
    hes not a satanist you are you guys think there is a god and a devil so you belive in the devil seth does not belive both  
    you rot in the ground +1
    god is not real whats the proof  
    fuc you little baby is what you are  
    whats the proof god is just this fairy tale that someone took serious and made a book about it saying its gods word whats the evedence mayby science might not be right but god is way worse +1
    you keep your opinoinon to yourself +1
    you know you still will fel pain and you will watch everyone around you die and if the world ends you will fell a good amount of pain and you will float in space forever  
    The company who made iphone is name is apple by the way  
    most people at air shows want stuff to crash it would look cool to them well heaven would look cool to them too  
    all day cats sleep and they get into trouble at night while dogs sleep at night and are playful in daytime +1
    heaven is not real  
    its okay me too kinda  
    throw a suprised party for TalkedAce  
    yo good good whats do you want to talk about  
    God hates gays so mutch and guess what he made gays apearently and just cut it off it is the 21 century  
    Yes I would like to buy audio book of fifty shades of gray please  
    when you talk in rhymes you stil sing reminds me of the pattern ding ding ding  
    look what you just did...shared your opinion  
    Well your right but the only reason I talk to Religous people on this site is there saying stuff thats just rude stuff and they ask for it mayby there is diffrent people who dont do that like you thats just why  
    im good  
    Gods not real  
    dude god hates gays and he wants no one to be juged and he created gays apparenty so what does that say he is not real!  
    Then why dont you keep your opinioin to yourself +1
    I dont like money it turns good into bad well if it is just too mutch money  
    you can make a religoin about how gods not real  
    Yes well most parts other parts are french  
    Well a butch of americans make fun of us so what?  
    well I dont want money but I dont want to watch the world rot so A  
    There is a diffrent frozen that is not for kids you can find it on netflix but still agreed I hate the let it go and all sorts of those things  
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