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    I'm an introvert  
    my parents would make my life even more miserable  
    don't want kids  
    I took the abstinence course and I agree. I don't want STD's, plus my mom would kill me  
    i'd play both on repeat  
    i'd be the most [email protected]$$ demon ever  
    very angry and passionate sex. sign me up  
    they will be my lover not my boyfriend.  
    i already have a pitbull aas a pet  
    i would rather hang out with my mom cause i hate my dad  
    red fog looks badass  
    plot twist, I'm ugly and hated by most  
    he probably knows anyways, plus... everyone hates me anyways so it cant get much worse  
    loop hole i do both and got caught doing both  
    all the people saying that god says you shouldn't kill.... freaking Christians when it first became a thing SLAUGHTERED EVERYONE  
    HAHAHAAHAHAhahahaha....haha.....ha...... ha ;-; already am broken so  
    i can always make him hate me and choose to get a divorce so i can get half his sh*t then be with the one i love so we can provide for each other  
    i hate people anyways soooooo  
    I've wanted to kill someone for a while. i'll just throw that person into the country then bomb it  
    Darth Vader was gorgeous but had some fugly kids  
    i do this anyways  
    then i'd at least get SOMETHING  
    my friends would murder him  
    i can always stop drinking  
    ive done something else in a pool but surprisingly I've never peed  
    johnny depp here i come you sexy mofo  
    my parents pick all the movies with people having sex anyways  
    we all think my dad is gay so this would be fanfreakingtastic so finally know for sure or not  
    my grand parents are dead so would I be dancing in front of a grave or would this turn into corpse bride?  
    bang a 43 year old? Hell i'd bang Johnny Depp and he's like 50  
    can always wash both  
    I can vomit on people I hate all day  
    when I said bad stuff my mom made me eat it anyways and I kind of liked it. plus it can be flavored  
    I'm a girl and i'd rather get  
    I did  
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