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    they didn't say that I can pass away for 100 years 5 months ago  
    both 5 months ago  
    I want Both 5 months ago  
    none 5 months ago  
    but rather stab peapole 5 months ago  
    both i dont care if she's pregnant or if my boy is gay 5 months ago  
    I just say thx 5 months ago  
    well I'm changing my thougt 5 months ago  
    thinking with talking 5 months ago  
    live in same place so I can dig and make a secret base 5 months ago  
    I kill him I'm sad for 3 days and done 5 months ago  
    both 5 months ago  
    both 5 months ago  
    satan he can be my friend Don't arm me 5 months ago  
    no need to sleep but i can still sleep 5 months ago  
    I mean if you have a picture of you in internet you allready cannot remove it 5 months ago  
    same 5 months ago  
    never said that I cant Knock her down and I can be stuck for 3sec 5 months ago  
    she said it in the description 5 months ago  
    I just Don't know I'm just a men so I will stick to it 5 months ago  
    never say that is going to bite/kill me he can be my best friend 5 months ago  
    you know I Don't really mind 5 months ago  
    same 5 months ago  
    allready weird sooooooooooo... 5 months ago  
    so i can k*** her after 5 months ago  
    that mean I can play more 5 months ago  
    I Don't really care what choice my son is making if he wanna do drugs well he does drug ill just give money but for the rest not my problem 5 months ago  
    allready doing it 5 months ago  
    still Worth the chance 5 months ago  
    same 5 months ago  
    I can allready do the left choice 5 months ago  
    allready having the right choice 5 months ago  
    allready havind the right choice 5 months ago  
    allready having the right choice 5 months ago  
    same but almost all the time 5 months ago  

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