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    I don't have have enough friends to lose them  
    I have no sister  
    Not like it hasn't happened before.  
    What the F!  
    You die both ways  
    Either way I'm a lesbian  
    I don't have to pay attention to the movies  
    Neither thanks  
    are they angry at me?  
    It never said I had to use the car  
    I'm American and I HATE American Football +1
    Can't loose what you don't have  
    I don't have to listen to annoying people anymore  
    Nobody is getting credit for my work but me  
    You tried  
    I already do this  
    My birthday is all about me  
    My friends care enough to give me cash  
    Teleportation is faster than flying  
    Forever is longer than a year  
    yolo reminds you you're going to die hakuna Matata means no worries  
    I refuse to vote on this  
    If you meant when you never age your mind will still be a kid when you're 60 who's going to want to hire you then  
    People win the lottery tend to lose money very quickly  
    Is it possible to live in a world without problems  
    Doesn't say I can't have other sugar filled products  
    I'm Jewish and I vote Sagan tai that guest from England  
    People who win the lottery lose money quickly  
    Avatar was a poorly made a movie  
    I'm American and I don't get it +1
    Depends on what I'm doing  
    Doesn't say I can't make new ones  
    If you were in a group everyone's going to get credit even the people that don't do anything  
    The person I hate Woodstate quiet  
    I'm 13 and haven't gone shopping since I was eight yeah still doing that  
    You can sell the gifts to get cash  
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