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    Commit crimes, then change genders ahahhaahhahahahahahha 2 years ago  
    AMERICAAAA F***CK YOUUU 2 years ago  
    F***CK AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    will you marry me 3 years ago  
    lol 3 years ago  
    Gays are dumb 3 years ago +2
    There goes Ontario, Canada 3 years ago  
    True dat 3 years ago  
    I have a friend called Jason though... 3 years ago  
    Tasty 3 years ago  
    Did I give you permission to take a picture of me? 3 years ago  
    Yeah, we're kings 3 years ago  
    I look like this already, i'm beautiful no matter what you say 3 years ago +1
    Good for you 3 years ago  
    Done this already :) 3 years ago  
    Racist, the stinky foot is black and the clean one is white 3 years ago +1
    Yes, I took a photo of you 3 years ago  
    Lmao 3 years ago  

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