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    yeah but what if you drew the current or next year?  
    stop shaming fit people!  
    No offense but screw you  
    creature laid egg, causing a mutant which is the modern chicken +1
    Stanley Yelnats  
    neither of them can sing  
    But what if I want a silver purple and orange bulb from the fifth ninth and twelfth wolf?  
    You can get money  
    Isn't this what we have NOW?  
    I hate all these perverts  
    not dying would suck  
    I can't change a 15 year old  
    It doesn't say I CANT, just DONT HAVE TO  
    Japanese so I can watch anime w/out subs  
    Drives WELL not fast  
    I was cesected  
    The least annoying part of laundry is warm dryed clothes forts  
    I want to have a fun adventure hunt murder case(but painlessly) ... I watch too much psych  
    I already don't  
    That sounds so much fun!  
    Underage drinking and alchoholism  
    Netherworld WOOT WOOT  
    My school just has a strict dress code  
    shut up, fords and chevys suck  
    Come on, don't be an American Idiot!  
    3, close people being sniped ======= Sherlock  
    it's like asking: "would you rather change your favorite color to reduce CO2?"  
    In later news, the world's oldest COD player just turned 12 +1
    Erised so i know what to ask for  
    Doctor Who and Sherlock!  
    so what?  
    high five for holes!  
    democrats are represented by an ass for a reason  
    if you have green too-doo you need to talk to a doctor  
    pencils are for mistakes  
    deandra the new girl, (if you know what i mean) and no, nothing sexual, just having a robot arm youu can win the state championship with  
    already been to italy +1
    so does BK, fatass  
    quick, never again  
    I have glasses  
    love is simply a chemical reaction in the brain  
    Well, I would be in my ancestral home(India) so.... major $$$  
    call Dean and Sam  
    eat dessert to gain weight  
    the shock will numb the pain, and people take you seriously if you've been shot and survived  
    Marriage is simply a piece of paper  
    its only one person  
    how about a niethr  
    To Y'all who are saying god is real, NO HE IS NOT!  
    no he isn't  
    love is nonexistent, It is simply a chemical reaction in the brain  
    My name is foreign so that's nice, but from my origin's perspective it is common  
    that ending though,  
    it's only one person, Other people:"But a person died!" Me: "Thats what people DO!" Thumbs up if you get the reference  
    I believe you misspelled raptors  
    means girls era Li-Lo  
    Barney, we have something to tell you, Jerome Whittaker is your father  
    spy kids 4 sucked, who mentions time that much and wears a skirt and high heels to run in when you're going into labor?  
    immortality sucks  
    You stupid. Freaking. Abortion  
    Yet that grammar, though  
    says who?  
    I already do get spanked.. :\  
    but you'll endue with an ugly face, and according to your profile pic, you're already pretty ugly  
    white chocolate is literally just cacao fat  
    that's what i was thinking, but MJ won  
    One word - Soup and also how did humans go without toothbrushes, hmm?  
    my dad disciplines me with slaps, its not child abuse though +1
    i saw your avatar, you most definitely are not  
    but according to your spelling and grammar, you most certainly are  
    taylor, though i'm not fond of shark boy isn't a complete arsehole lilke justin  
    why would I need 10 crappy cars?  
    SHUT UP! There is no proof god exists, but there is proof of evolution!  
    i have a feeling you're Kelly Clarkson  
    If i was immortal i would suffer from severe depression  
    I, like magnuss from BBC sherlock know everyone's pressure point  
    marriage is undoable and only a piece of paper  
    goddamn! clicked the wrong one!  
    the average human life expectancy is 80-120 years old, so either you're ignorant about science, very unhealthy, or bad at preschool arithmetic  
    i'm a girl so my fiancĂ© won't have a answer  
    LOL for honey boo boo quote  
    5/6 beiber fans have braces +1
    working is better for the mind  
    only because air force one is nicer  
    whats wrong with that?  
    you said be in love not be with  
    then i can kill some suffering people to end ythier misery  
    i am  
    and then quit  
    the queen is only a figurehead the parliament runs everything  
    i need 1100$ to get my laptop fixed  
    people who see mild bulling like verbal bullying(that isn't sexually specific or ganged up on) are pusillanimous  
    i got vinegar in my eye during an experiment w acids and bases  
    been to both  
    GELATO and italian pizza tastes very soggy  
    what if a woman is financially unstable, or became pregnant from rape  
    i'm from india  
    that beeyotch  
    becoming immortal would suck  
    i don't ha e to get a job+  
    call my phone or use find my iPhone  
    i have an r8 so yeah  
    women jack over men and I'm a girl  
    if i mess up i can quickly switch to airplane mode and delete the texts also, autocorrect and grammar will save my day  
    i don't get christmas presents  
    but you know, their will be no successor to the throne after Elizabeth II the queen is simply a figurehead  
    so girls who are forced to have a baby by rape or are financially not ready have to lose their life to a child?  
    I'm a girl so yeah  
    america and the Obama bunch could do with a good riddance, but i love my birth country, India FOR ITS CULTURE AND - OKAY FRIED ICE-CREAM i wasn't yelling its just I'm on a mac and caps lock was on and i don't want to retype this  
    wait, people don't piss in the shower?  
    screw fruits  
    cats are hostile as hell  
    why would't everyone be 30  
    pugs not drugs, or babies  
    I know my best moments, schooling a 9th grade class in genetics when i was 10  
    i i killed hitler, I would have brought back millions of dead people  
    more like expecto's more people  
    kittens become cats while polar bears get even more awesome  
    being immortal would suck because then you would watch your loved ones die and become bored with life  
    I know when people lie  
    my mind already is and iPod  
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