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Hi, my name is Tanner. I'm 16 and I'm the 2nd stupidest person you will ever meet on Rrrather.I like to skateboard and cause trouble in school. I'm single but some bad boys like me just want to live life and be crazy and not have to think about what their girlfriend is going to think when they come home drunk or high or covered in blood. But I'd still like having a girlfriend. I like doing crazy stuff. I've gotten high before and I've drank and ended up passing out in underground clubs and may have gotten into a few fights. But I'm not all that bad. I'm good at drawing. I also like reading an anmie comic called unOrdinary. It's quite neat to be honest. I'm also a huge bookworm. I have 2 bookshelves full of books. All of them have a really high reading level and I've read them all. I also have a CD case almost totally full of music. It's like a mix of different typs of music. Mostly punk rock but I gotta few soft love and break up songs that let out my inner soft self. I hide my soft self most of the time. I just wanna be tough and hang out with all of the Seniors in high school. Even know I'm only a sophomore, a lot of the older guys think I'm cool. Sometimes I catch a few of the girls looking at me. They giggle when I smile at them. I laugh right back.

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16 1 year ago  
maybe 1 year ago  
Like Gollum 1 year ago  
She's screwed 1 year ago +2
Nothing 1 year ago  
That'll be fine 1 year ago  
Hell no I just almost puked 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
Well you'll get both :) 1 year ago  
I NEED DA WEEd 1 year ago  
LIFE 1 year ago  
sure 1 year ago  
Can I ride you? 1 year ago +2
Great now I wanna move and live with my gf is NJ. Oh wait, I always have! 1 year ago +1
West Virginia 1 year ago  
So what I was almost born in Colorado! 1 year ago  
The way you said that turned me on for some crazy reason so SOMEONE TURN ME OFF!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
I'm not a virgin 1 year ago +1
Alright I'll get you a goat 1 year ago  
It's Foster. It would have been Evans but it isn't 1 year ago  
lol u didn't call me 1 year ago +1
I have a kick-a$$ DEADPOOL Hat 1 year ago  
Tasty 1 year ago  
My entire family is from California... All except for me 1 year ago  
One muscular human pup i would be 1 year ago  
Damn 1 year ago  
If no-money told the truth all the time....................... SHE DOESN'T!..... truth...... 1 year ago  
That did make me feel good 1 year ago  
I'm bullied so I don't give a damn 1 year ago  
A new Grinch movie is getting made 1 year ago  
Racist a$$hole 1 year ago  
Wolf for sure 1 year ago  
My last name is better than both of those. Ask me what it is. 1 year ago  
Dammit 1 year ago +1
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Already called that twice. 1 year ago +1
Lol 1 year ago +1
I could totally prank call you right now but I choose not to. 1 year ago  
304-598-9192 after 4:15pm eastern time today 1 year ago +1
Eww 1 year ago  
I'm just like Edward Cullen, only, I'm ugly and he's not. 1 year ago  
Well, I have, I no-money has, and I'm sure that no-money knows 2 other users who have. 1 year ago  
I've watched YouTube vids on how to do it. It looks too easy. 1 year ago +1
I'd be rich and NOT single 1 year ago  
misclick 1 year ago  
I never trust anybody younger than me. 1 year ago  
I'm a vampire 1 year ago  
Already am 1 year ago  
I don't think that it matters 1 year ago  
I'm going to Island with my mom next year so maybe it will happen. 1 year ago  
HITLER 1 year ago  
It's too late for me so idk 1 year ago  
Too late, I'm not a virgin 1 year ago  
I'm not gay but whatever 1 year ago +1
I rarely eat it anyways. 1 year ago  
I might this summer. 1 year ago  
Oh god, my dad says that........... 1 year ago  
Why? 1 year ago +1
Nice 1 year ago  
Why can't you ride a horse? 1 year ago  
I've deleted about..... none..... but no-money, on the other hand, has deleted about 56 in the past. 1 year ago  
He looked better that way 1 year ago  
I close it during the day and open it at night. You see, I'm a vampire. I need darkness. 1 year ago  
So then people don't get blinded by all of the hot shirtless pics of myself. 1 year ago  
Awe I'm sorry about your fish :( I've had a lot of fish in the past. I know how you feel. 1 year ago  
I've tried fish food, dog treats, and dog food. Tasty 1 year ago  
I've already been on the radio. 1 year ago  
I'd be 30 by the time I get out. I can deal with that. 1 year ago +1
I do though. 1 year ago  
Always a star 1 year ago  
meh 1 year ago  
I'm an idiot, so my son is gonna be an idiot 1 year ago  
I only have 1. 1 year ago  
Who are you? 1 year ago  
B always happens to me so 1 year ago  
B takes too long 1 year ago +1
meh 1 year ago +1
I can't run what so ever so no to B. I have the worse knee problems that a 15-year-old guy like me can have. 1 year ago  
Hotter 1 year ago  
So 5 13-year-old guys.......... yes, please... 1 year ago  
Weee 1 year ago +1
with B, I wouldn't have teeth anymore. All that sugar 1 year ago  
I'm not.... 1 year ago  
misclick! I hate small spaces. 1 year ago  
I kinda need to anyways 1 year ago +1
not b. please not b 1 year ago  
I hate him anyways 1 year ago  
In the hallway at school during class change. 1 year ago  
I have no idea. But I hate them because of how it feels when they crawl on me. 1 year ago  
Oh god not A 1 year ago  
because this guy is a spammer user. I advise that you do not vote or comment on his questions. Just send him hatred mail. 1 year ago +1
Already was. 1 year ago  
Lucky you. 1 year ago  
Already do and I don't care 1 year ago  
Whatever. I have a dead thoughtless mind. 1 year ago  
I think it has. 1 year ago  
Yeah, I guess you would. 1 year ago  
Wow... now I have death ideas 1 year ago  
No. Not A 1 year ago  
Damn. 1 year ago  
My house is full of them. 1 year ago  
*shrugs* I wouldn't care. I mean, my house is full of roatches. 1 year ago  
I've done A tons of times 1 year ago +1
Yeah. Ouch is right. 1 year ago  
haven't had bacon for a while 1 year ago  
*makes a tornado touch down in Colorado springs just to kill a user that I hate (It's Cookie) 1 year ago  
good job 1 year ago  
*shutters* I want cookie dough........ 1 year ago  
For the 9th time in my 15 years of life. 1 year ago  
it's stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 manw it's all your fault! 1 year ago +1
Oh $hit it's stuck in my head now 1 year ago +1
* rips a page out of one of the bibles hiden in my room* 1 year ago  
I wish 1 year ago  
All of this is homepage material. 1 year ago +2
already am *hears something in hallway* told u 1 year ago  
I hate my dad so......... ( I actually have 2 of them and I hate them both) 1 year ago  
My friend is already forcing me to 1 year ago  
omg that's my grandmother's name.... and holy $h!t, no-money is an atheist.. and so am I! 1 year ago +1
awesome 1 year ago  
ok fine. 1 year ago +1
Do you have to ask? 1 year ago  
My neighbors do drugs except for one of them. 1 year ago +1
I know. 1 year ago  
Yeah. That's crazy. 1 year ago  
She doesn't even have one! She would kill me if I broke any of her things. She's my best friend! And neighbor. And technical roommate. 1 year ago +1
*squeals* 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago +1
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
I'm gonna do the same. 1 year ago +1
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
duh 1 year ago +1
No use for it except for trying to hang myself. 1 year ago  
Already am. 1 year ago +1
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago  
Just stop you dirty fag. 1 year ago +1
Already have. 1 year ago +1
nice. 1 year ago +2
I would fit. 1 year ago +1
Yeah it's him LOL 1 year ago  
K werewolf, F vampire, M demon. 1 year ago  
3 years ago we had record breaking snow fall. The snow was up to my knees. 1 year ago  
no! I can't slap a girl! 1 year ago +1
lol whatever. 1 year ago  
Why'd you slap me? 1 year ago +1
So? lol you're crazy. And I like that. 1 year ago +1
I may just know the vampire Edward Cullen and his family. 1 year ago  
I might have. *evil laugh* 1 year ago +1
You never get anything. No wonder you're only 13 lol 1 year ago +1
My neck already hurts. 1 year ago  
My fave. 1 year ago  
All the damn time. 1 year ago  
What? 1 year ago +1
why? 1 year ago  
really? 1 year ago  
I don't care if I meet a gang. 1 year ago  
It is caused my the sun shinning through the rain drops. It's the color spectrum. 1 year ago  
I did it once. 1 year ago  
My voice will turn really soft and quite. 1 year ago  
No 1 year ago  
I would most likely kill my brother 1 year ago  
Whatever 1 year ago  
I like I would care. 1 year ago  
Simon is my fave judge on AGT 1 year ago  
Its free 1 year ago  
A isn't even real meat. Do you have any clue how they make the chicken nuggets? 1 year ago  
That will never happen 1 year ago  
Not really. 1 year ago  
After those 4 days, about 6 people will be dead 1 year ago  
In realty I actually wouldn't. 1 year ago  
I lost internist in it. 1 year ago  
I suck at Legos. My creations suck. 1 year ago  
Even know I play video games in the middle of the night 1 year ago  
I wouldn't care unless the bell rang. 1 year ago  
Its hat hair 1 year ago +1
I've always been a troll 1 year ago  
Yeah hopefully. 1 year ago  
Hell? Oh crap. 1 year ago  
I'd be happy 1 year ago  
Loud neighbors. No thanks 1 year ago +1
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