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    I have an iPhone 4 so...  
    I care.  
    Because my best friend would punch him :D  
    I have an iPhone 4. I don't need an iPod.  
    Maybe the tiger cage lacks a tiger ;) +1
    Staralise it!  
    No one said your mouth had to be closed. +4
    Clean it first ;) +2
    Kinky ;) +4
    Techinically the human body is made to live to 190. We all die young. Compared to that, a short life could be 60-100 years. +1
    I like wedgies. +1
    Gas mask! +1
    Texas FTW! +2
    Love the ocean +2
    I can't sleep if I'm hot ;/  
    If I could create world peace we could all work together to end hunger and disease. +2
    I could use really good mouthwash.  
    Because A) Twilight = gross, and B) One of my dreams is to be in love sooo...  
    I'm 18 and haven't even regular kissed anyone. Go me!! +13
    Sleep FTW  
    I'd have them repaired and give them to poor people.  
    I'd rather have a Nissan Cube... +3
    Doesn't say how much less intelligent. +1
    Hate them both so...  
    Then at least you know something about the person.  
    I'm terrified of giving birth. +1
    I could help build them up. +4
    That'd be cool! Very eclectic.  
    The beer would taste better. +3
    Facebook sucks!  
    We'd only be five inches apart, and i think short people are cuter.  
    If I used the strongest microscope in the WORLD, I still could not locate my interest in Justin Beiber's hair. +1
    I don't want to fall on anyone.  
    If my friends hated him/her then there must be something SERIOUSLY wrong withhim/her  
    Let them enjoy the show! +1
    Because I just wouldn't know how to act around royalty and I'd probably get arrested :/ +5
    Irish Wolfhound! +1
    No one said you had to be poor if you lived in Haiti. Maybe you're a rich person helping everyone there. +2
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