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    Only to die from bombs and guns..  
    Can't go to jail for killing puppies...  
    Kick the cats in the face  
    Well I ALREADY Live on a tropical island with my friends so ^.^  
    Fck the president! ONE DIRECTION FTW  
    Sell it and make it a blockbuster  
    I have 2 brothers. I WOULD SAVE MY DAMN SELF  
    Yes you can :3  
    Well if HE almighty power and all that,or the ONLY one who can judge us allows us to make our own choices and live our lives the way we want, who the fck are these homophobic a$$holes to tell us who we can and can't get married to? People are to bold and out of place and need to mind their own fcking business.  
    buy friends :3  
    15% need help  
    order a new cell over the interet  
    i already talk without thinking, let's change it up  
    you can make money off of something you hate if you're good at it  
    the picture of zayn attracted my mouse  
    hERMOINE HAS HER SHIT TOGETHER! Bella's just a horny 16 year old  
    no marriage, no divorce and the gays would be treated equal  
    So you came out as an adult wearing a suit, then? +1
    panty shields!  
    giovanna plowman took this literally  
    it's questions like these that make me glad I'm a girl  
    not sure if you're just stupdi or trolling  
    wish for a job that guives you free money  
    sex in 0 gravity  
    Get up and go home and change your pant or shower or something  
    bieber will buy you however many icecreams and take you to hawaii and sh*t +2
    bye dad +3
    more oxygen cause me and my ex won't talk +2
    I would LOVE a ZA +2
    get some real friends and party in a nice house  
    Sorry, grandma  
    could you speak like a human? please?  
    escargot +3
    To the 27% watch IT the movie then see if you want to spend time in a basement with a clown +1
    My mom doesn't do sh*t, dad's the scary one  
    Tf I'm goign to kill myself WITH pain for? +3
    save money and wuit  
    Let your dumb ass wait on me.  
    They won't give me a lecture and take away my laptop if I cath them  
    Yes they will, a dck.  
    86% of people are horrible! *( including myself ) and 14 % of people are SHADY +5
    Since I fcked your mum :3  
    On the internet, noboyd knows you don't bathe, NOBODY  
    Drowning is my worst fear >.  
    I'll just tell him sh*t to kill his boner, that niga ain't finna make my walls disappear.  
    you can play music on your ipad can't you? +2
    am i the only one who has no idea wo the tf these guys are?  
    you won't have a toilet if you lose yoru keys  
    Mulan: would you like to stay for dinner? Grandma: would you like to stay forever? +34
    You can't punch grandma.  
    Cabs :3 . Nuff Said.  
    so after high school, what happens? Exactly.  
    SHT :| No bacon >.< I take it back !  
    I'm a girl :3  
    I don't fancy going to jail  
    you can buy another white shirt, you can't get another favourite pants  
    I know ASL so :3  
    chicks before dicks  
    I'm black and the 50's wasn't a great era and Tumblr wasn't invented then  
    you don't have to shovel rain  
    I haven't seen frozen but I can't take small spaces  
    Rather be an asshole than hurt4  
    I'm a girl and I'd fck mila kunis  
    beat the fk out of the 15 yr old  
    I already live int he carribean  
    I don't mind being a hot guy. they have it made. no periods, babies, shaving and can fck whatever they want  
    Who Tf wants to live on earth forever?  
    why would I listen to porn?  
    have some crazy sex. literally  
    I can't gangnam style and Harlem shake you can do whatever you want  
    I'm 14 so...  
    Easier to get hotter in a cold place rather than colder in a hot place  
    FCK YOLO  
    Always classy  
    at least I could tell the 7 yr old what to do +3
    If I ruled the world wouldn't last a week :$  
    If you win you got 100 mil, if you lose you ain't got no more worries. Seems like a win win to me;  
    Penguins look like they're always ready for a fancy party :3  
    make up sex :3  
    I can drive my own car and pull the top down and look gorgeous  
    Life's about chances  
    Ain't nobody got time for Itunes when there's flvto and youtube :3  
    If I date a celeb it'll give be a better chance of datign my crush after :3  
    Who the hell watches a win compliation? +3086
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