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Would you rather be able to Levitate 1" off of ANY surface or jump 6ft vertically or 10ft horizontally 5 years ago 165 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a fast metabolism or Have faster than normal healing 5 years ago 289 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have: Amazing Luck or Natural Talent In Many Ways 5 years ago 212 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Smoke weed everyday for 5 years or Only smoke on the 28th of every month 5 years ago 142 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Ability to blow Gandalf smoke rings or Be high for an extra hour and a half 5 years ago 80 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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So what your saying is lose a leg or die? 5 years ago  
i would personally rather be dead... 5 years ago +3
I thought B already happens? 5 years ago +1
whats a condom? 5 years ago  
does grilling count? 5 years ago  
i am man therefore i am hairy 5 years ago +1
rather it not beme... 5 years ago  
WHAT 5 years ago  
i want 1 kid tops soooo 5 years ago +1
Your uneducated, good day sir. 5 years ago +1
screw cats 5 years ago  
Im buff and i play soccer 5 years ago  
porn just got better 5 years ago +6
whats this for 5 years ago +1
Or you are a dweeb that makes the choice to not get any as a cover for your severe lack of lady skills 5 years ago  
by far, rap is fricking beat poetry, not goddamn music 5 years ago +2
warmer 5 years ago +1
he is just trying to be the best, sure his teacher is creepy as Shit but still.. 5 years ago +1
hehehe all daaaay 5 years ago  
LETS ALL NAME OUR RACE 5 years ago  
he fought two opponents by himself...both jedi, win 5 years ago  
need my trusty beard 5 years ago  
Don 't let their sacrifices be in vain 5 years ago +2
Africans sold us slaves, we didnt capture them, and we abolished that sh*t forever ago. Don't dwell on the past only to forget the present. 5 years ago +2
neither 5 years ago  
crows are one of the most intelligent birds 5 years ago +1
More painfree for sure 5 years ago +3
fingering would never be the same... 5 years ago  
NOT GOOD AT ALL| 5 years ago  
I'm going to laugh my ass off when you drop and break your sh*t 5 years ago  
fringe season 3 was why 5 years ago  
firefly\ 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
strong argument 5 years ago  
Dream job 5 years ago  
sports bra 5 years ago +1
ha nice 5 years ago  
im strong and fast ill slit there throats 5 years ago  
the videogame 5 years ago  
whats specific to each time? 5 years ago +1
dude you sound really unintelligent when you say faggy 5 years ago +2
hmm dinosaurs or cavemen? duh 5 years ago  
UNANIMUS 5 years ago  
B because it would be funny to see people hate the world just like me 5 years ago  
NO QUESTION 5 years ago  
No it doesnt, johnny knoxville took one to the chest and was in pain but otherwise alive 5 years ago  
Guilt what is that? 5 years ago +1
taco bell is my commuting 5 years ago  
Yeah because some bearded man decided hmm...lets make people! No we have EVIDENCE of nature adapting and changing all the time, whats wrong with people to be arrogant enough to think they know the anwsers to the universe. 5 years ago  
A would kill you 5 years ago  
keep balls be lazy jump like hella high? hmmm... 5 years ago  
Joker would shove a pencil through his head. 5 years ago +3
at least i get drunk 5 years ago +1
As long as he doesnt bite me 5 years ago +1
They both are absolutely terrible not talented pieces of garbage 5 years ago  
bad pitures 5 years ago +2
honestly you can, doesnt mean you will but it is possible 5 years ago +1
its easier to see when they are older 5 years ago +1
fu,ckin' clowns man... 5 years ago  
honestly you still fall to your death, or you could go down the cliff 1" above the side! 5 years ago  
buying the bullets to up the price 5 years ago  
POOL 5 years ago  
does tabacco have to be in the pipe? 5 years ago  
Go back in time 5 years ago +4
Laser gun + quick kicks? Or sword? hmmmm....duh 5 years ago  
Screw that, I don't want a kid that won't reach any kind of potenial... 5 years ago +3
Monkeys are dangerous 5 years ago  
Do they harm me/can i fight back? 5 years ago  
Patriots nice! I don't think even your power could fix the clu$ter fuc.k known as detroit 5 years ago  
The websites need ads to pay for their services, as long as they have no noise or flash then I'm fine 5 years ago  
I didnt cry but they were good while they lasted 5 years ago  
What is this? 5 years ago  
German and Japanese and English 5 years ago  
Why would anyone choose A? 5 years ago  
cheaper 5 years ago  
Well sorry if the only questions i SEE him asking are dumb, otherwise i have no other perspective to go off of. 5 years ago  
you ask dumb questions borogovelm 5 years ago  
neither hate both for various bullsh*tz 5 years ago  
naked b*tchez 5 years ago  
B is real life 5 years ago +2
still white 5 years ago  
since there hasn't been one so they share a common theme. 5 years ago  
if you have A good for you, i dont need to hear it though 5 years ago  
lets say a ead start on most skills 5 years ago  
MissSassyLove your adopted.\ 5 years ago  
6 it couldve been better 5 years ago  
gorilla so im fast and hella strong 5 years ago  
friend has exact kitchen 5 years ago  
At least I'm not brown. 5 years ago  
Not on fb... 5 years ago  
with more i would be heavyer making my muscles stronger then the average male 5 years ago +1
VIP in hell? hmm...yes! 5 years ago +1
Is there scary sh*t in the cave or is it empty? 5 years ago +1
Athiests celebrate christmas dallasb I'm an athiest and i can understand the concept of celebrating family not a imaginary kids birthday. 5 years ago  
PUBS 5 years ago  
not all drug dealers go big. some only go by word of mouth. Which is way safer then stealing sh*t. 5 years ago  
essentially same pic, your retarted 5 years ago  
same pic essentially 5 years ago  
you cant force people to tell you anything you have to hope that they feel the same way you do if not sucks 5 years ago  
motive is the reason behind an action, the intent is the way it was meant to play out 5 years ago +1
kill 5 years ago  
same morgan 5 years ago  
dafuq is sams club? 5 years ago  
America overstates its bounds constantly sooooo yes it always has been 5 years ago +3
this would be awesome 5 years ago  
agreed specter 5 years ago  
guest try this new thing called netflix 5 years ago  
yessss 5 years ago +1
then kill him brutily in my home and put him in assorted garbage cans throughout my city 5 years ago +4
left handed and love my january b-day soooo dumb question 5 years ago +1
i would be 5'8 soooooo no problems there... 5 years ago +1
while high 5 years ago  
What is this fight club? Also your opinion doesn't make up popular approval. I seriously think you need to get off your damn high horse 5 years ago  
screwing pocahontis? hmm yeah... 5 years ago +2
can you say beloved amercan tv show Firefly? Because thats the game of that tv show consept... 5 years ago  
then butt 5 years ago  
But you waste so much less bud, i thought of this the other night and had to add it as my first question! 5 years ago  
me and Ferris would smoke a bull 5 years ago  
guest #Adopted 5 years ago +1
taxes are necessary you retards 5 years ago  
chew it over with twix 5 years ago  
parachute?\ 5 years ago  
screw you nataliew 5 years ago  
does she stay with me? 5 years ago  
i trust my hands and feet to guide me, ill use the pirate technique to climb across, screw water 5 years ago  
SOOOOOOO WHAT 5 years ago  
can i bring myself back? 5 years ago  
40% of people are dumb, its an individuals right to choose. Its their kid not yours, also it will be done on the black market if its illigal 5 years ago  
f''ck getting kicked in the nuts all day 5 years ago  
stfu minnesota freak 5 years ago  
i dont wanna turn ugly 5 years ago  
im a guy and i chose a because i like movies more... 5 years ago  
can still smoke 5 years ago  
guest from florida is retarted in so many ways 5 years ago  
i bring joints to ski lifts... 5 years ago  
make all substances decriminalized, use money that was funding the DEA to help fix the economy. Let all hardcore druggies die, save freedom 5 years ago  
do the cops know its illigal? or could i sneak it for a long time? 5 years ago  
does drug hasbit mean weed or hard substances? weed yes other no 5 years ago  
hahaha omg missouri nice! 5 years ago  
done both and b is safer 5 years ago  
what if we won? 5 years ago  
ill move 5 years ago  
dude 5 years ago  
im being honest 5 years ago  
have an ipod 5 years ago  
hate kids 5 years ago  
it really is true... 5 years ago  
im an ass man...but 5 years ago  
suit up! 5 years ago  
get a second chance to get things right 5 years ago  
way more fun 5 years ago  
guest from michigan is a tool 5 years ago  
hahaha male sooooo 5 years ago  
guest cali your retarted 5 years ago  
doesnt mean he rapes me...damn 5 years ago  
ellope MOFOS 5 years ago  
piercings arent as clean 5 years ago  
same with sparta 5 years ago  
torrenting idiots 5 years ago  
idiot guest...but easier to flirt and i love writing so... 5 years ago  
hot 5 years ago +2
durability makes it worth it 5 years ago +1
exactly 5 years ago  
convienience 5 years ago  
why the heck do people always take about rape on here... 5 years ago +3
get out of car check, round house kick right foot, boom win all the fights! 5 years ago +1
i could be awake forever...that would be awesome...didnt sleep, go to bathroom take a nap and class hasnt started yet! 5 years ago  
i could work out and get ripped 5 years ago +1
people need to stop ruining it with loopholes of i will be a mad bro 5 years ago +1
no need for powers then 5 years ago  
yeah i could have them work for me...and they would all have awesome wifes... 5 years ago  
but im a dude... 5 years ago  
screw animals, I am a bad MOO 5 years ago  
greatest way out f any danger...Can you walk like its a flat surface underground? if so then definatly intangability 5 years ago +1
it doesnt say that you have too think about all of your knowledge but it would definatly be an awesome life tool. 5 years ago  
growing weed would be the sh*t then... 5 years ago +1
vamps for sure, being human shows how awesome it is... 5 years ago +1
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