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    chew it over with twix  
    screw you nataliew  
    does she stay with me?  
    i trust my hands and feet to guide me, ill use the pirate technique to climb across, screw water  
    40% of people are dumb, its an individuals right to choose. Its their kid not yours, also it will be done on the black market if its illigal  
    f''ck getting kicked in the nuts all day  
    stfu minnesota freak  
    i dont wanna turn ugly  
    im a guy and i chose a because i like movies more...  
    can still smoke  
    guest from florida is retarted in so many ways  
    i bring joints to ski lifts...  
    make all substances decriminalized, use money that was funding the DEA to help fix the economy. Let all hardcore druggies die, save freedom  
    do the cops know its illigal? or could i sneak it for a long time?  
    does drug hasbit mean weed or hard substances? weed yes other no  
    hahaha omg missouri nice!  
    what if we won?  
    ill move  
    have an ipod  
    it really is true...  
    suit up!  
    get a second chance to get things right  
    way more fun  
    guest from michigan is a tool  
    hahaha male sooooo  
    guest cali your retarted  
    doesnt mean he rapes me...damn  
    ellope MOFOS  
    piercings arent as clean  
    same with sparta  
    torrenting idiots  
    idiot guest...but easier to flirt and i love writing so...  
    it doesnt say that you have too think about all of your knowledge but it would definatly be an awesome life tool.  
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