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I'm going to die and I'm taking my umbrella with me

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Someone is 16 and you are 25 (pretend for the sake of simplification) but you traveled in time to when they turned 20 and had sex with them. After that you come back to your normal time. Should that count as domestic abuse/statutory rape. Yes or No 1 year ago 73 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the mind of a... twelve year old or hundred year old 1 year ago 74 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Whats a stupider way to die? Drowning in 3 inches in water (yes that can happen) or Tripping over your shoe lace and falling of a cliff 1 year ago 75 votes 10 comments 0 likes
So the amount of perverted questions are dying down, are you... Glad or Disappointed 1 year ago 78 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be locked in a room with... Someone you don't know or Someone you know but don't like 1 year ago 80 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Have you guys googled any questionable things Yup or No 1 year ago 66 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear winter cloths in the heat or Wear summer cloths when it's cold 2 years ago 90 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What do you like to do in your free time Stare at naked people and be a jerk to anyone who is bellow the age of 12. Sometimes I even like to kill helpless animals. or I am a normal person and do good things 2 years ago 70 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Everything that you do is in a cringy feminine model pose (even if you are a guy) or Everything you do is clumsy and careless 2 years ago 59 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you bother cleaning you room when guests are coming over? Yeah or I don't care if my room is messy 2 years ago 80 votes 7 comments 0 likes
(Colorwise) Would you rather Gold or Silver 2 years ago 78 votes 6 comments 0 likes
You're in the stereotypical romance movie and you have to choose to become one of these characters The cringy protagonist's sister/brother/friend who only wants someone for their looks or The over dramatic broken person who tells the protagonist to stop loving people or some crap 2 years ago 49 votes 7 comments 0 likes
You're in the stereotypical horror movie and you have to choose to become one of these characters That girl who always has to get saved and is tortured to death (For some reason it's always that one girl character unfortunately) or The angry guy that goes insane and kills himself 2 years ago 54 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Swim in normal cloths as if you didn't know you were going to swim (like sweaters or hats) or Go out shopping in a swimming suit 2 years ago 53 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Know when your going to die but have a 50/50 chance of stopping it or Never find out and live the rest of your life care free 2 years ago 60 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have most of summer be really hot (over 95f) or have only a few days of of summer being cold (under 60f) then go back to normal 2 years ago 69 votes 11 comments 0 likes
You find a sex slave, do you... Call the police or Make her your own 2 years ago 27 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have Darth Vader as you dad or Have Kylo as your son 2 years ago 25 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able To put gifs as your pictures for a rrrather question or Put images of any size 2 years ago 26 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go to Camp Half Blood or go to Hogwarts 2 years ago 26 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die of falling or drowning 2 years ago 26 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have fairies to be evil or Have fairies to be good 2 years ago 34 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Be honest girls how often do you change your bra Every day, like normal or Not every day 2 years ago 25 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What dream world would you like to live in This one or This one 2 years ago 42 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the world end in A Zombie Apocalypse or A Nuclear Apocalypse 2 years ago 48 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girlfriend #7. Time for looks Fit or Not very fit 2 years ago 44 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girlfriend #6. Time for looks Dark skin or Light skin 2 years ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girlfriend #4. Time for looks Dark eyes or Light eyes 2 years ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girlfriend #4. Time for looks Dark hair or Light Hair 2 years ago 44 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girlfriend #3. Lets start with simple trates Smart or Not very smart 2 years ago 62 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girlfriend #2. Lets start with simple trates Creative or Not creative 2 years ago 43 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Make a dream girl friend. Lets start with simple trates Introverted or Extroverted 2 years ago 40 votes 5 comments 0 likes
AWKWARD MOMENT #2 You see someone raise their hand for a high five and you don't want leave them hanging so you go for it. The guy looks at you weirdly and you realize that he didn't want a high-five, he was waving and he wasn't even waving at you. What do you do? Explain what happened or Flee 2 years ago 28 votes 7 comments 0 likes
AWKWARD MOMENT #1 You are talking to your crush when a girl walks up to you. You place your hand on her to make stop and wait until you finish talking with your crush. You finish talking and you turn around to see that you have placed your hand on her breast for about 30 seconds. What do you do? Explain what happened or Flee 2 years ago 28 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sit Here or Here 2 years ago 34 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Never sleep again or Always be alseep 2 years ago 34 votes 2 comments 0 likes

TheUltimateLoser has posted the following comments:

Yeah but it's just my sleep paralysis 1 year ago  
eh I'd be screaming internally but I want to be nice 1 year ago  
Nothing would change :) 1 year ago  
of course you do even men have butts 1 year ago  
b is more fat im a healthy cannibal thank you! 1 year ago  
I don't see why there so much hate for them though 1 year ago +1
90% (or something like that im not looking it up again) of couples that start in high-school don't stay together after 1 year ago  
TOOOO YOUNG im still not dating 1 year ago  
always, ugh so annoying (lmao) I dont like eggs anyway 1 year ago  
nice image selection 1 year ago  
All i got was "sad" 1 year ago  
I WAS KIDDING SORRY! goodbye 1 year ago +1
im not sad because you hate star :( 1 year ago +1
yikes is he okay? 1 year ago  
A shadow? 1 year ago +1
missclick 1 year ago  
ill leave it it's ironic 1 year ago  
heart attack when sleeping at an older age plz 1 year ago  
oh sh*t 1 year ago  
dude chill 1 year ago +1
taste the rainbow 1 year ago  
keep clam eveyone 1 year ago  
that's poisonous but okay 1 year ago  
we dont need another war here 1 year ago  
dont know who b is so i dont care 1 year ago  
it's a CA thing 1 year ago  
can't go poly? 1 year ago  
more like kick it over to her... with my shoe 1 year ago  
i got the Google Read To Me app for this 1 year ago  
ima weeb 1 year ago  
the veteran users talk about you sometimes 1 year ago +1
lovely architectural styles 1 year ago  
ITS FVCKING 2017! hehe messing with you... 1 year ago  
I never saw the other questions and i just read "You decide to stab the chieftain. He roars in pain and-" lmao 1 year ago  
Ehhhh... not really. but whatever. 1 year ago  
zero 1 year ago  
in what? 1 year ago  
ilovefreedom is both 1 year ago  
nice pictures though 1 year ago  
Some religions involve under aged drinking 1 year ago  
they could get addicted and die 1 year ago +1
hehe yeah 1 year ago  
there are already machines that can purify water but not duplicate water idk just my opinion 1 year ago  
lol okay then 1 year ago  
it's useful when people don't want to sing lyrics for your music *cries 1 year ago  
do u liyk de colar purple 1 year ago  
yeah but well need a lot of algae 1 year ago +2
duplicate water in an instant and we got a deal 1 year ago  
a lot of girls play pokemon go though 1 year ago  
the sun is cheating on you again btw 2 years ago  
depends on how they got fat was it because of stress? 2 years ago  
*existential crisis 2 years ago  
B was great! 2 years ago  
I'm proud of you, it's extremely hard to change someones mind set and even harder to change your own. Good job 2 years ago  
Should should 2 years ago  
it is 2 years ago  
PIE!!!! 2 years ago +1
No I mean: There's no point of a phone in B 2 years ago +1
don't do drugs kids lol 2 years ago  
missclick 2 years ago  
I'll get over him taking the strawberries... but lying to me? Oh hell no boy 2 years ago +3
Of coarse 2 years ago  
When people get angry when you give constructive criticism. 2 years ago  
Only some parts of it 2 years ago  
But they would need to tell me if they want to be left alone 2 years ago  
have you seen how many trolls are here 2 years ago  
I know I'm talking about B 2 years ago  
Not B again 2 years ago  
Hehe never take this site seriously, oh well. 2 years ago  
What's the point of a phone? 2 years ago  
You and your Marios. 2 years ago  
and you where lucky, nice 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
missclick being shot doesn't mean you die 2 years ago +1
I see where thi story i going 2 years ago  
raped? 2 years ago +1
It's important for babies to get introduced to that kind of food at an early age so their bodies wont have trouble digesting it later on in life. And I assume you mean at the proper age. 2 years ago +2
gravity in shooter games 2 years ago  
Purple is underrated and I like it 2 years ago  
sure thing m8 2 years ago  
homework isn't that bad, wait until you get a job and you'll be stressed 2 years ago  
IT'S THE BEST 2 years ago  
Women have to deal with rape, and sexism, and judgment. 2 years ago +1
More entertaining 2 years ago  
doesn't have to be women's I just live volleyball 2 years ago  
Ignore him he's the troll guy, you can by how he types. 2 years ago  
Shut up you stupid guest, everyone needs their own rights. 2 years ago  
They'd still need men to... you know? They are equal in this situation 2 years ago  
I think of rocks 2 years ago  
what if she is only twelve or younger 2 years ago  
B is basically su lol but A can be good too 2 years ago  
Sexism seems to be clearing out well in my area but racism i still a problem 2 years ago  
there's a gear at the top right corner of every question. I f the you click it and the question is yours you'll see "Edit" and there you go 2 years ago  
nah your sticking with the one you chose 2 years ago  
lol no I'll use a randomizer don't worry 2 years ago  
And if you think we can't 2 years ago  
What do you mean purple is great! 2 years ago +1
hehe lol 2 years ago  
the heat is the reason for the bugs 2 years ago  
yeee! 2 years ago  
That image is from Chicken Little XD 2 years ago +2
That escalated 2 years ago  
Crystal gems 2 years ago  
B is really overwhelming 2 years ago  
I wish 2 years ago  
Yes! 2 years ago  
sex not gender 2 years ago  
When I was five I had one called Robo-Granny, as in robot, lol 2 years ago  
Where did you get the drawing from B? 2 years ago  
what's right is an opinion there is no right or wrong for all people 2 years ago  
why isn't a at 100% 2 years ago  
Yeah but I don't have it 2 years ago  
Well if it's a you can move faster but with b you can cover more area but if I was on the other team then a would be more fair 2 years ago  
YOU MIGHTY GOD!!! HOW? 2 years ago  
you're right 2 years ago  
I am 2 years ago  
if only you had anxiety you would understand 2 years ago  
I have two hands 2 years ago  
the hell 2 years ago  
ah my twelve year old days 2 years ago  
who even cares about gender anymore f it I'm rich 2 years ago +1
:( 2 years ago  
this needs more likes 2 years ago +1
looks better 2 years ago  
omg of coarse 2 years ago  
just look at the profile picture 2 years ago  
I loved that game 2 years ago  
misclick dang it 2 years ago  
wheres both? 2 years ago 2 years ago  
Because I am stupid 2 years ago  
That's really sad 2 years ago  
hehe I'm still fine 2 years ago  
hey it's jaiden :D 2 years ago  
I've done both 2 years ago +1
he's pretty annoying 2 years ago  
I don't know I could name a few things but whatever you know you best 2 years ago  
I don't think that's insanity I think that's something else, how old are you? 2 years ago  
I'm no expert but I have developed a mental disorder it's nothing anyone should worry about right now and it is different from being born with it but it does help to see someone about it 2 years ago  
Go get some help trust me the sooner the better 2 years ago  
I shouldn't be laughing huh? oh shoot sorry 2 years ago  
OH! I see what mean lol sorry XD 2 years ago  
nah I don't think you'll go insane 2 years ago  
sure 2 years ago  
Adoption are already born babies anyway, but just strait people could be bad for population too. Too many people and little space or food and etc. leaving may people to die out. 2 years ago  
yes! 2 years ago +2
wtf? 2 years ago  
I don't really care 2 years ago  
I know that's why I trust you and I just said that lol 2 years ago  
so your only about 13? that's pretty young to be on this site but I trust you kid 2 years ago  
ew no 2 years ago  
Actually no they could be a yandere, yes I am a weeab. 2 years ago +1
Pepsi was always better than coke-a-cola 2 years ago +1
District 3 (M cat was on my lap it was a misclick lol) I think I'll lose immediately : / 2 years ago +1
I see what your doing 2 years ago  
How old are you? 2 years ago  
At least he would be nice to me 2 years ago  
Nah that's perfect for me, but for some reason crazy people like the heat 2 years ago  
Both games are pretty decent I just can't stand the *those* fans, you know which ones I'm talking about. 2 years ago +2
the rubber duck 2 years ago  
what are friends? 2 years ago  
my eyes would hurt 2 years ago +1
meh I'm a man of chance (jk I don't like gambling) 2 years ago  
well it's 50/50 so not exactly inevitable 2 years ago  
Well if it's fake I think they should be punished whether or not I like trump but at most being jailed for year 2 years ago  
dude chill 2 years ago  
nice! a sweet side of rrrather 2 years ago  
so soft 2 years ago  
I appreciate the under payed job of a janitor 2 years ago +1
I hate b 2 years ago  
wtf 2 years ago  
fake tans look strange 2 years ago  
rgb(50, 64, 86) or rgb(255, 172, 71) 2 years ago  
true 2 years ago  
oh there is just a smaller range of photos you can pick from because of size restrictions 2 years ago  
Thanks BTW 2 years ago  
That damned auto correct, and I really was bored I think of weird things when I'm bored. 2 years ago  
good choice 2 years ago  
It better be garnet 2 years ago  
possibly yes 2 years ago  
same 2 years ago  
lol I guess you're right 2 years ago +1
How it will look when it grows back I guess 2 years ago  
wow cool 2 years ago  
I don't care not interested... 2 years ago  
It just happens sometimes okay! 2 years ago  
Aww that picture of pearl is so adorable ^u^ 2 years ago +1
For the gods! 2 years ago +1
I used to like purple, then orange, then green, now gray. 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
Internet, money, the corpse of my enemy. jk pencil 2 years ago  
If you do it because you'll fell guilty then it's not selfless. 2 years ago  
I thought you gave me the wrong link, I thought you where trying to show me proof 2 years ago  
Mexicans are such cool people XD 2 years ago  
I just wanted to correct you I didn't want to start anything thing you're the one who took everything the wrong way just stop arguing. 2 years ago  
I'm pretty picky about mine, I need a nice girl and one who doesn't think I'm a nerd XD 2 years ago  
then stop posting them 2 years ago  
Dang it 2 years ago  
3 days, I'm FINE! 2 years ago  
I wish you could flag someone for spam on this site 2 years ago  
Both are annoying 2 years ago  
I would be dumb if I was racist 2 years ago  
XD you get your facts from a song. Okay my turn to give you a link. 2 years ago  
I'm confused 2 years ago  
wrong link? 2 years ago  
singing 2 years ago  
I think you confused what they mean lol XD 2 years ago  
oh, ew 2 years ago  
You die and live, simple :) 2 years ago  
depend on your definition of "you" 2 years ago  
How the h--- did you get to eat donkey IN MEXICO?!?! 2 years ago  
I don't like it 2 years ago  
Might as well be either, people say I have a dark sense of humor :-/ 2 years ago  
This is kind of cool 2 years ago  
oh thanks 2 years ago  
Who's being exicuted 2 years ago  
4 votes :( 2 years ago  
TARO BOBA TEA!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
Girl in B doesn't look that bad, just too much make-up. 2 years ago  
Transgender? 2 years ago  
Either way the population number is doomed 2 years ago  
Is there a difference 2 years ago  
I always liked black licorice, I don't understand why it's so hated. 2 years ago  
I found a fellow fan of SU 2 years ago  
The lion looks like he's going to sneeze XD 2 years ago  
Depends 2 years ago  
well oops 2 years ago  
Use the mattress like a shield 2 years ago  
When I was like 3 2 years ago  
Super Mario Galaxy, memories... 2 years ago  
Keep Beach City Weird (I'm kidding) 2 years ago  
No offence I just like Warcraft 2 years ago  
Notice me senpai 2 years ago  
Only if it's gala 2 years ago  
#takeajoke 2 years ago  
is this supposed to be a pun. hooking? 2 years ago  
#notheydon't 2 years ago  
FEAR ME! 2 years ago +2
Write that on my grave 2 years ago +3 2 years ago  
I don't really like coke... 2 years ago  
there is more to japan than fish 2 years ago  
I can't really see, please use better lighting. 2 years ago  
I don't know any of these humans 2 years ago  
I don't care 2 years ago  
Mr.Ducky wants to say hi! Oh no Mr.Ducky drowned. 2 years ago  
I'm better at shooting than punching 2 years ago  
Can the maid cook? 2 years ago  
That's personal information but I have the mind of a 12 year old I'll tell you that. 2 years ago  
Canada please come and save us! 2 years ago +1
In my bed staring at my laptop, life is beautiful. 2 years ago  
I witnesses all of the the deaths of my enemies so I can laugh at their suffering... 2 years ago  
Sometimes it's okay to quit if you already tried you're best. Honestly I think the idea that you can accomplish anything if you set you're mind to it only works in some ways. 2 years ago  
I hate everyone :) 2 years ago  
What a hard question, sorry I have to go with B. 2 years ago  
"Killing means life and life means killing" Said I, the over dramatic nerd. 2 years ago 2 years ago  
The next toph 2 years ago  
The answer I put for that question was wrong. 2 years ago  
What are you saying, I'm totally an normal person! 2 years ago  
Martin Luther king cuz why not, link, Dipper, Iron Man, Garnet, Jim, James theoddonesout, GoldenMoon78. I sound like a 12 year old fan girl : / 2 years ago  
live your dreams 2 years ago  
Dang it bigfoot 2 years ago  
I don't know A 2 years ago  
I don't have any friends... 2 years ago +1
Not willing to risk my life yet but I don't want to be those stupid bystanders who take a photo just for likes. 2 years ago  
Air civilization, wounder if that'll work out like the Air Temple 2 years ago  
B wasn't that bad 2 years ago  
Anything to get the gossip girls away from each other 2 years ago +3
Follow your dreams just not that dream! 2 years ago  
For some reason I feel like wine is way too fancy 2 years ago  
Not really a night club person 2 years ago  
same 2 years ago  
Don't like it but it looks good on her so meh 2 years ago  
Artists don't have bosses 2 years ago  
Dang it 2 years ago  
I made a mistake, this is #5 2 years ago  
true though 2 years ago  
I commented 2 years ago  
it's fine, it happens 2 years ago  
it already is green 2 years ago  
Already am one of them 2 years ago  
it's more common so of coarse people can help you 2 years ago  
Miss-click I could help so many people if I had O+ 2 years ago  
Well that depends... XD 2 years ago +1
What's so bad about being gay? I'm not but what's wrong with it? 2 years ago +1
You Americans 2 years ago  
I wonder how it's like to have to sit down just to pee 2 years ago +1
0 ._. 2 years ago  
Oh look it's my heart, dead on the floor. 2 years ago  
I have no friends 2 years ago  
Crickets taste pretty good, not sure I would like it in soup though 2 years ago  
Don't worry even though I'm not I have nothing against that 2 years ago 2 years ago  
Kinder Eggs, all I have to say 2 years ago  
Not a girl, but if I was I'd want to look like A 2 years ago  
acting? 2 years ago +1
Didn't know that but i am glad whatever war is over 2 years ago  
My arch enemy's lips are poop. 2 years ago  
Roommates -_- 2 years ago  
I don't know either but that painting is just, wow 2 years ago  
I saw a spider 2 years ago  
Happy Birthday? only song I really know 2 years ago  
I'd be Slender Guest 2 years ago  
Your 15 and your still not old enough for a girlfriend. 2 years ago  
I was was talking to another person when a girl came up to me and I put my hand on her to stop her and make her wait. Then I turned around to see that I was putting my hand on her boob for 30 seconds as she was just standing there awkwardly, she didn't even tell me -_- 2 years ago +2
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