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Hey peeps! I love you all. Every last one. Intensely and forever.

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    That was really easy  
    AAGH my Grangma will beat the living sh*t out of me, but she's a b*tch  
    Yeah being mentally handicapped sucks so bad I'd take any physical handicap  
    If my son was gay we could squeal over his dates together!  
    Meh if it disappoints my family it probably disappointed me too +1
    WHO CLICKED FOR KLAINE!!! Also there's nothing wrong with that. Really bro. 21st century.  
    BILLIONAIRE in 1776. That was some serious sh*t back then. That's like owning the world  
    Also I believe that all gods ARE real, but real in the same way as Albus Dumbledore. We hold their teachings in our hearts, and through our love we make them real. My gods and Goddesses are personifications of energies. However the Christian God seems to be more of a source of comfort in a terrifying world. In that case I think it's fine that people believe in Him, as long as they don't put others down for having different opinions.  
    How the hell is this racist lol  
    Ugh if God was real me and all my friends would be going to hell...  
    The woods are just trees, the trees are just woods, I have no fear nor no one should!  
    I had to walk two miles in heels once...NEVER AGAIN  
    Hell now that I've recovered I'd give anything to have just been fat and happy. +2
    I believe in reincarnation, so Earth is my heaven. :)  
    Glee has Klaine, so it is automatically better +1
    If I forgot myself no one would be able to tell me who I was...  
    Heh I recently discovered Wicca and now I actually am religious but I am so used to clicking the other one lol  
    Tomatoes are gross  
    Just break up with them  
    Well Glee has Klaine, brainer.  
    Quality is better than quantity  
    I could NOT handle immortality  
    1) That is because of dicks like you my good sir. 2) There will always be straight guys. 3a) You don't BECOME lesbian you are born that way 3b) and what is wrong with that?! 4) WHAT TJE F***ING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! THAT MAKES ZERO SENSE! A WOMAN, UNLESS SHE IS MENATALLY ILL WILL NOT COMMIT SUICIDE JUST BECAUSE THERE ARENT ENOUGH GUYS OUT THERE!!! As a survivor of major deppressive disorder I take extreme offense from that.  
    My good friend what does that have to do with gay marriage?  
    If god thinks being gay is wrong, then why would he make people gay?!  
    Hey, the Burger King is sexy.  
    Let's see, one life or one hundred... Some sick people chose the puppies.  
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