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    What is this site even  
    Neither, I don’t have a foot fetish  
    Get a haircut  
    Why is it Minecraff +1
    My dad’s an alcoholic control freak  
    I have autism anyway.. soooo  
    I already caught them having a threesome once  
    Cookie Monster my perfect man  
    About to die just reload my old save  
    Both my nans are dead but they weren't annoying. I loved them both.  
    I'm actually a bit European Jew (in my DNA) and you shouldn't joke about that crap. Grow up.  
    There's no nothing wrong with gay people. Also, since I'm a girl, it'd be obvious..  
    Haven't read the books, so I'll say films. I like reading though.  
    why is the queen the rich one lmao  
    Personality over wealth  
    Newton Faulkner, Ben Howard.. yeah I'll go with acoustic  
    I don't want kids lol  
    can't play splatoon with one arm (I had a nose bleed earlier and needed to hold something in my nose and I couldn't play so that's proof)  
    I already have one lmao. I'm using my phone rn  
    I don't care  
    I'm ten right now, so it's the exact same.  
    I'm a girl so a woman would userstand me  
    I went to watch a movie with my dad once and it was empty. It was really nice.  
    i sleep, real sh*t?  
    woopum gangnam style  
    Unlimited fillet steak  
    rip I mean the to click Justin Beiber but didn't read title lmao GET RID OF BEIBER  
    All people would see is me playing Splatoon lmao  
    When they say Mentally Never Age, I see it as always having the knowledge of let's say a 4 year old. Or was I wrong and I picked a dumb answet  
    I'm 10 and I prefer older. Today's music is absolute crap.  
    I'd rather stop the holocaust because LOADS of people died in that. 9-11 was sad, but the Holocaust was worse  
    lmfao wtf  
    I'd like to help people. Sometimes with lawyers you're helping let's say a murderer get away from his crime so no, id be a doctor  
    My computer has a virus so eh take it (well my laptop does)  
    Never said you had to do.. it  
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