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My name is Mason. Im 15 years old. I'm from Compton New York.

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    That's terrible. Whoever wrote this question should be banned from writing questions.  
    I have rad tattoos so tattoos.  
    They didn't say you couldn't be double your wait in muscle and height.  
    Oh my gosh. The latter happened to me a week ago.  
    I am already handsome or so my gf says so intelligence will win  
    It doesn't mean you won't become elderly and infirm.  
    I'm gonna marry my true love when I finish college.  
    Mental age means wisdom  
    I am and her name is Amber. She and I are gonna get married when I finish college. Give a thumbs up if you believe in true love.  
    I am not sycophantic so I would live in a world with no problems and no Trump.  
    Offends people every time he opens his mouth.  
    I do because Donald Trump is a braying jackass that make  
    I actually am great at most styles of dancing so I pick singing  
    My best friend turned into my gf(I am the first man to escape the friend zone)  
    It refers to cum shots and spitting or swallowing the cum  
    Pitbull +1
    I love my pitiful Jag +1
    I want to meet him to kick his stupid ass  
    So yeah  
    I've done the cliff and me and my girlfriend stay under pretty long since we have a breath play fetish and have sex under water. Very brutal but fun  
    I picked black is that racist?  
    I had my first when I was twelve with this hot girl named Emma. I looked mature for my age and I told her I was 15 she was 13 so close enough  
    I don't use either  
    We could have sex just for the hell of it  
    House gets all the girls and you don't need Internet if you got girls  
    I'll do my girl wherever we even did it underwater once  
    My granny is an old b*tch  
    I will second that  
    Find me one sexy Greek girl  
    Spanish girls are hot  
    Morgan's get good sex  
    I have to have my legs to pound my gf hard  
    Living underwater would be great for having awesome sex with my gf  
    My mom died when I was eight but my dad would give me a pat on the back for giving my gf such a big B==D to rock her (.) hard  
    I have no secrets  
    Acting gets you all the girls  
    Already use the punching bag  
    No it's not  
    I have an aqua erotic fetish  
    That's what my girl friend where's when we have sex  
    T shirt and no bra is sexy  
    I'm get good lesbian porn channels  
    Already have dish  
    I have both but I can't live without my keys  
    I don't watch tv anyways  
    Monkeys are so messy so pug  
    Testicle cause I could still have full sex  
    An adult cause I could have all the sex I want  
    I have an underwater pleasure fetish that I share with my gf  
    My birthday is on Christmas  
    I would never be able to game agian  
    My significant other so I can go down on ber  
    I sky dived and had very kinky sex with my gf  
    Sorry but I'm already middle class  
    I always have both in Canada  
    I might be stuck in the elevator with my gf or a hot girl and be able to have some fun in the elevator  
    Worms are harmless  
    I'm a girl and I've done that with my Bf or close enough since ophe once did me after putting a tennis ball up my ass  
    I've eaten my own poop and my girlfriends because my girlfriend and I can get kinky  
    Not gay but we hid it from my sister and my mom  
    I've done that with my dad when I was younger  
    Pubes will hurt  
    I smashed my foot recently so it is close to the tooth pick. I broke my to and shattered sever ankle bones  
    No one said I have to be a creepy homeless guy  
    Kidney stones already feel like pissing broken glass  
    I hate my mom she's a b*tchh and she hates me  
    I did as a gross sex thing with my gf by eating her ass inside and out so a  
    I've eaten crickets before in Asia so crickets  
    I love sex  
    I've already done that lol  
    I've already done the two girls one cup one  
    I've gone down on her in her heaviest day. she liked it and she has a weird bodily function fetish  
    She would probably smell better than the ugliest smelliest girl  
    I'd would rather not answer  
    So I've eaten worse from her  
    I'd rather eat the crap besides I already eat my gf's ass and pussy  
    The shirked would kill me.  
    That way my wife and I could get jiggly right there  
    Duh I choose internet  
    I am a Jew so there is no option for me.  
    No that's horrible  
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