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My name is Mason. Im 15 years old. I'm from Compton New York.

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That's terrible. Whoever wrote this question should be banned from writing questions. 3 years ago  
I have rad tattoos so tattoos. 3 years ago  
They didn't say you couldn't be double your wait in muscle and height. 3 years ago  
Oh my gosh. The latter happened to me a week ago. 3 years ago  
I am already handsome or so my gf says so intelligence will win 3 years ago  
It doesn't mean you won't become elderly and infirm. 3 years ago  
I'm gonna marry my true love when I finish college. 3 years ago  
Mental age means wisdom 3 years ago  
I am and her name is Amber. She and I are gonna get married when I finish college. Give a thumbs up if you believe in true love. 3 years ago  
I am not sycophantic so I would live in a world with no problems and no Trump. 3 years ago  
Offends people every time he opens his mouth. 3 years ago  
I do because Donald Trump is a braying jackass that make 3 years ago  
I actually am great at most styles of dancing so I pick singing 3 years ago  
Neither I'm a guy 3 years ago +1
Still good sex and that is the story of my life 3 years ago  
I know 3 years ago  
My best friend turned into my gf(I am the first man to escape the friend zone) 3 years ago  
Who cares about her hair you can still bang the f**k out of her 3 years ago  
My gf actually likes bask submissive and breath play 3 years ago  
It refers to cum shots and spitting or swallowing the cum 3 years ago  
Would it count as an affair? Or a threesome? 3 years ago  
I love my truck almost as much as my gf so the truck. My two loves United at last 3 years ago  
Pitbull 3 years ago +1
I love my pitiful Jag 3 years ago +1
Is the enemy lesbian? 3 years ago  
I'm already a lesbian lmao 3 years ago  
My gf already spanks me 3 years ago  
I've eaten both 3 years ago  
Long tongue good for going down on my gf 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
I've done pickle juice before 3 years ago  
I'm a girl so my legs are like that for all cute guys. Btw I'm knock kneed if you catch my drift 3 years ago +2
I want to meet him to kick his stupid ass 3 years ago  
I'm bi and the girls and guys would be all over my sweet tight [email protected]!y 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
I could never have my girl go down on me agian 3 years ago  
YES I am so sad Rick Reordan is done with the whole series. Annabeth was my favorite character 3 years ago  
I love sex I'm 27 and I am happily married to my tight pussied little sweet lips and I could not live without sex 3 years ago  
I have a joke. It was cold out yesterday and I saw a politician with his hands in his own pocket. 3 years ago  
So yeah 3 years ago  
I've done the cliff and me and my girlfriend stay under pretty long since we have a breath play fetish and have sex under water. Very brutal but fun 3 years ago  
I picked black is that racist? 3 years ago  
I had my first when I was twelve with this hot girl named Emma. I looked mature for my age and I told her I was 15 she was 13 so close enough 3 years ago  
I am a sociopath and there is a history of Schitsophrenia so I'm screwed anyways 3 years ago  
I don't use either 3 years ago  
Once 3 years ago  
I eat paper 3 years ago  
We could have sex just for the hell of it 3 years ago  
House gets all the girls and you don't need Internet if you got girls 3 years ago  
I'll do my girl wherever we even did it underwater once 3 years ago  
My granny is an old b*tch 3 years ago  
Before and after there is time to seduce and once sex commences the goal is to make your partner cum 3 years ago  
Sex is where a guy takes his penis and a girl opens up her legs so he can insert his penis into her vagina 3 years ago  
Sex so much I love my kinky gf 3 years ago  
Hell yeah an party those things are crazy 3 years ago  
I will second that 3 years ago  
Same 3 years ago  
Find me one sexy Greek girl 3 years ago  
Spanish girls are hot 3 years ago  
I give my lesbian partner some good ass sometimes and she goes in their wouldn't want to deny her 3 years ago  
Morgan's get good sex 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
I have to have my legs to pound my gf hard 3 years ago  
Living underwater would be great for having awesome sex with my gf 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
My mom died when I was eight but my dad would give me a pat on the back for giving my gf such a big B==D to rock her (.) hard 3 years ago  
I have no secrets 3 years ago  
Acting gets you all the girls 3 years ago  
Already use the punching bag 3 years ago  
If my parents were as young as they wee when I was a teen I would get into my parents. My actual mom was hot but she died when I was 5 3 years ago  
No it's not 3 years ago  
I have an aqua erotic fetish 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
Penis 3 years ago  
That's what my girl friend where's when we have sex 3 years ago  
T shirt and no bra is sexy 3 years ago  
I'm get good lesbian porn channels 3 years ago  
Already have dish 3 years ago  
I 3 years ago  
I have both but I can't live without my keys 3 years ago  
I don't watch tv anyways 3 years ago  
Monkeys are so messy so pug 3 years ago  
Both? 3 years ago  
Testicle cause I could still have full sex 3 years ago  
An adult cause I could have all the sex I want 3 years ago  
I have an underwater pleasure fetish that I share with my gf 3 years ago  
My birthday is on Christmas 3 years ago  
I would never be able to game agian 3 years ago  
Her 3 years ago  
My significant other so I can go down on ber 3 years ago  
I sky dived and had very kinky sex with my gf 3 years ago  
Sorry but I'm already middle class 3 years ago  
I always have both in Canada 3 years ago  
I might be stuck in the elevator with my gf or a hot girl and be able to have some fun in the elevator 3 years ago  
Ants 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
Worms are harmless 3 years ago  
I'm a girl and I've done that with my Bf or close enough since ophe once did me after putting a tennis ball up my ass 3 years ago  
I've eaten my own poop and my girlfriends because my girlfriend and I can get kinky 3 years ago  
Not gay but we hid it from my sister and my mom 3 years ago  
I've done that with my dad when I was younger 3 years ago  
Pubes will hurt 3 years ago  
Hell yes to that brother I will die a happy man if I am a male whore 3 years ago  
Yah 3 years ago  
Oh damn strippers can do some crazy things 3 years ago  
I smashed my foot recently so it is close to the tooth pick. I broke my to and shattered sever ankle bones 3 years ago  
No one said I have to be a creepy homeless guy 3 years ago  
Ever 3 years ago  
I'm straight but I had one encounter with the cutest girl wver 3 years ago  
Kidney stones already feel like pissing broken glass 3 years ago  
I hate my mom she's a b*tchh and she hates me 3 years ago  
Hell yes I have a hot cousin and have fantasised about doing both 3 years ago  
I did as a gross sex thing with my gf by eating her ass inside and out so a 3 years ago  
Same 3 years ago  
I've eaten crickets before in Asia so crickets 3 years ago  
I have a chance to escape and if I have to die I will die with a pretty hot girl 3 years ago  
I love sex 3 years ago  
I've already done that lol 3 years ago  
I get both a lot so I'd pick diarrhea 3 years ago  
Hell yeah even if I was a straight girl and not a horny guy I'd pick the boob 3 years ago  
I've already done the two girls one cup one 3 years ago  
I've gone down on her in her heaviest day. she liked it and she has a weird bodily function fetish 3 years ago  
She would probably smell better than the ugliest smelliest girl 3 years ago  
I'm a guy and I say lick that butt shut and you can sex her ass 3 years ago  
GAAAAIY 3 years ago  
I'm just not gonna coment 3 years ago  
I'd would rather not answer 3 years ago  
So I've eaten worse from her 3 years ago  
I'd rather eat the crap besides I already eat my gf's ass and pussy 3 years ago  
The shirked would kill me. 3 years ago  
That way my wife and I could get jiggly right there 3 years ago  
Duh I choose internet 3 years ago  
I am a Jew so there is no option for me. 3 years ago  
No that's horrible 3 years ago  

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