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Would you rather read On a rainy day on your porch or On a sunny day by a small cove 1 month ago 55 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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Junge junge junge du -_- 1 month ago  
depends 1 month ago  
urmomhehexd 1 month ago  
you sick f*ck mwahahaha 1 month ago  
This is music for the villains, sophisticated children A$AP in the house, now we're finna run the building 1 month ago  
Her music sux but taylor swift is kinda cute ngl. 1 month ago  
I mean unless you're wearing something fetish-y or trying to have a quickie.. I don't think anbody does that 1 month ago  
Is the back part supposed to go in the butt? lol 1 month ago  
- the giraffe and acne 1 month ago  
How do you even live if you don't want to open your eyes.. that sucks 1 month ago  
Never been in one lol 1 month ago  
Anxiety can be a b*tch 1 month ago  
lol ok 1 month ago  
weebs 1 month ago  
tbh 1 month ago  
Bad luck mate 1 month ago  
Edgy 1 month ago  
The Nightmare Before Christmas! Has more than just one world to explore and live in 1 month ago  
At least it's edgier and I don't have to say that Im cleaning off carcasses like some sort of vulture 1 month ago +1
Cleaning up roadkill just seems like a sh*tty job in general 1 month ago  
Both are filled with cgi but at least Alita had a bit more soul to it 1 month ago  
hell no lol 1 month ago  
Absolute degeneracy 1 month ago  
:3 1 month ago  
A blonde guy drives a car while looking very moody. Good soundtrack 1 month ago  
Not gonna marry and b would be so depressing lol 1 month ago  
My mom 1 month ago  
Define 'bad' lol 1 month ago  
4sure 1 month ago  
a would suck 1 month ago  
The whole concept of heaven and hell doesn't make sense. If you spend enough time in a certain enviroment you will get used to the conditions it has. What im trying to get at is that ''eternal bliss'' cannot be achieved since good must contrast with bad in order to be distinguishable. It's all the same without the opposite 1 month ago  
urmom 1 month ago  
thats messed up lol 1 month ago  
What a lovely first question to answer 1 month ago +3

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